Our Story

Founded in 2008, CASA DECOR is more than just a Home Decor Brand – it's a culture and a lifestyle, where the focus is not just on transforming spaces and moods but also changing lives in the process.

Celebrating the imperfections in the art of handicraft and the imitation of nature, the aesthetic beauty of our collections don’t come at a cost of the artists or the planet.

Our factories are located at the heart of the handicraft market in the country in UP and Rajasthan, where we have a team of 5000 plus artisans creating the most beautiful modern rustic art.

Our Collections

From home essentials destined to become a part of your routine and ornaments that let you express your personal spin on textures and tones that will make the heart of your home a contemporary sanctuary or a relaxed place to gather, Casa Decor’s collections are where style meets quality and your idea of comfort becomes a reality.

With a kaleidoscope of color and devotion to the smallest details, all our products are handmade from ethically sourced raw materials. From elegant furniture to harmonizing accents, and mood-making accessories – it’s all here for a home you’ll love.

Shaped with culture and a modern sensibility, our pieces appeal to more than just eyes and are designed to become a functional necessity in your home.

With our every piece we strive to strike the balance between ingenuity, art, and function that captures the rustic charm of our ingenious tradition without clashing with the modern trends.


Inspired by the love for Indian tradition and handmade artistry, Casa Decor was established with the vision to motivate Indian audience to decorate their spaces with Indian handicrafts.