From permanent home bar designs to portable and temporary in-house bar solutions, in this blog, we have listed some brilliant decoration hacks that will help you to host the best cocktail parties. 

Making your home your sanctuary means introducing a tad-bit of luxury throughout your space. And for some, an addition of a home bar can offer them this luxury and take their space to the next level. 

The best news is that you don’t need thousands of dollars or a whole room for creating a functional and stylish home bar. Whether you want to imitate a lavish in-house bar or create small bar set up for entertaining – we have home bar design ideas for every home; be it a portable cart in every room, or a nook dedicated to bubbly giggles and chatters. 

But before we focus on different home bar designs, here are a few functional things that you should have in your bar: 

Bar Accessories: Bottle Openers, Wine Stoppers, Wine Openers, Cocktail Mixers, Ice Bucket

Tableware: Coasters, Tissues, Trinket Trays, Snack Bowls

Drinkware: Different glasses for each type of drink you have in your cabinetry from wine to whiskey 

Alcohol: No bar is complete with alcohol, so make sure to keep your alcohol collection on display


Now that we have covered this, here are some ideas that will help you create an amazing cocktail bar in your home for hosting the best parties. 



  1. Create a Fully Functional Home Bar

If you are adding a custom home bar in your home, make sure it consists of all the essentials. A fully functional home bar design features wine shelving, cabinetry, hidden storage options and also comes with a small sink. This project requires labor-intensive commitment and is perfect for homeowners that want to include a permanent home bar in their space.

Keep scrolling if you are looking for temporary home bar ideas!


  1. Consider a Standalone Bar

If you don’t want to undergo a whole renovation but still want something that looks intentional, you can consider dedicating a standalone shelf to your home bar. Include cabinetry around the shelf to make it more spacious and decorate it with bar accessories. You can use this space as a bar during parties and a pantry during the dry days. 


  1. Paint it Moody and Dark

If you already have an indoor bar or at least the cabinetry for it, try experimenting with the colors, and imitating the restaurant bar look, using dark and moody shades. You can combine sleek black paint with mirrored tiled backsplash for giving your cocktail bar a high-end feel. This DIY home bar design idea is very affordable and doesn’t require you to hire any handyman, just cover this space in dark shades to give it a moody, luxurious feel and make it look like a real bar.


  1. Create a Cozy Comfortable Nook

You know, what’s better than a luxury home bar? A cozy nook in your home, designed perfectly according to your preferences and comfort for unwinding after a tiring day. If you have space; dedicate a room to this home bar design and set up a Boho corner with a comfy couch, chairs, and fluffy rugs. Add a small bar cart in the mix and deck it with all the essentials for opening, mixing, and serving drinks. You can use this space not only as a bar but also as a cozy relaxing zone, where you can sit with friends, cuddle with your partner or read a book alone.


  1. Add a Mirror

Mirrors not only help accentuate your home decor but also give your home bar a commercial feel. Adding a mirrored backsplash will make your space look larger and give it a nice modern decorative touch. You can use mirrors inside your glass shelving to highlight your bar accessories as well as give an illusion of a bigger space. You can also add mirrors around the bar, to give it a nice unified look and also cover the empty sections of the wall around the shelves. 



  1. Hang the Bar on a Wall

If you don’t have enough floor space to include a proper bar counter, you can still introduce a bar in your space by adding a bar shelf unit in the area where you entertain your guest the most; be it a living room, dining room, or another area. If you have an open kitchen with an adjoining dining room, creating a bar unit near your kitchen can also be quite functional.  


  1. Add Wine Storage

It’s natural for wine connoisseurs to have beautiful cabinetry, showcasing their wine collection. But lack of space or home decor ideas can often prevent them from showing off their collectibles properly in their space. From Cabinets to shelves and hanging racks there are a lot of ways in which you can create your dream home bar setup. 

You can create an elaborate wine vault by hanging a wine rack and a stackable storage unit to keeping the wine boxes. Once this structure is ready, you can paint and decorate it to blend in with your home decor. 


  1. Deck Your Bar Cart

Whether you have a home bar or not, having a bar cart around your home, especially if your love hosting parties, can be a great idea for serving guests in different rooms. With a bar-cart, you can basically introduce a mini-bar in every room. So, invest in a multipurpose cart with multiple layers and display the bottles on the lowest section, glasses above it and bar accessories on top and your portable workstation will be ready to mix drinks and serve everyone in the party.


  1. Think Vertically

With this DIY home decor hack, you can introduce a bar in your space by just using floating shelves. This idea is perfect for bachelors for creating a party hotspot in their homes. Work with the available space, by installing multiple floating shelves on your wall to make room for glasses, bar accessories, and bottles. Instead of accessorizing, you can add a mini-fridge next to it, and voila you are ready to host girls or boys night-out every weekend. 


  1. Create a Real In-Home Bar

If you have the budget and space to create a luxurious home bar, then what’s stopping you? Dedicate a big room for creating the most epic entertainment zone in your house. Fill the area with a big bar counter, disco lights, a karaoke system and all the other things you like. Why go out when you can entertain people in your lavish bar? The speakeasy and disco-like feel of this space will be perfect for hosting parties right now in the pandemic in the safety of your home. 

Hope these home bar design ideas will help you create your dream setup. Make sure to explore CASA DECOR to shop for a variety of bar accessories at!