The season of love is here, and couples are going crazy searching for the perfect date ideas and gifts online to make their lover’s Valentine’s Day special.  

There is no denying that it is the most meaningful day for lovers, especially if you are a romantic. Most couples like to go all out on this day, and so, their Valentine’s Day gifts can include a simple date night surprise to wedding rings. People like to celebrate love by exchanging beautiful gifts to make the occasion more special and memorable. 

This is the reason why selecting gifts can be overwhelming for couples but don’t worry, we are not lagging on presenting you some great gift ideas that will woo the heart of your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife; we have a gift for all types and kinds of love.

Be it your first Valentine’s Day together or 10th in a row - gift your partner with something that they can cherish forever from our home decor collection, and turn these pieces into a legacy of your love story.

Although we believe love should be celebrated every day, it’s still nice to treat Valentine’s Day as a special occasion and this is why we have created a list from our home decor collection that would be the perfect creative Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner.

You can encourage your partner’s new hobbies by gifting them plant stands, cake stands, or a jewelry stand. There are a million things you can buy for your lover apart from the usual chocolate, teddies, and bouquet.


5 Best Valentines Day Gifts for Her

1. A Fancy Table Setup covered in her Favorite Sweets

Surprise her with all her favorite sweets and treats, by setting a beautiful table with our designer kitchenware that consists of cake stands, pastry platters, Lazy Susan, etc. These serve ware will stay in your home forever, every time you use it, you will be reminded of this day. You can even bake a cake on your own and make her feel super special. However, don’t bake anything on your own if you’re a bad cook.

2. Give your Amateur Gardener a Plant Stand 

A lot of us have taken a liking towards gardening, if your wife or girlfriend is one of them then gift her, a plant stand from our home decor store online.


3. Surprise her with a Mystery Box

There is nothing more exciting than getting a mystery box, explore the beautiful glitter box collection on our home decor online store, and fill it in will all her favorite things from candies to jewelry and see her swoon over the surprise.


4. Gift her a Meaningful Decor Accent

All couples have pet names for each other and there is always some inside story behind them. This valentine’s day make your gift a little personal and gift her an animal accent or sculpture that resonates with your private joke from the wide selection of artifacts in our home decor store.


5. Create a Cozy-Corner for her in your Home

2020 has been hard on all of us, staying inside; working from home has made all of us a little cranky. So, instead of spending your energy on buying jewels, give her a thoughtful gift by creating a separate space in your home exclusively for her. No, we are not suggesting building a new room. Just use the lonely corner in your home and decorate it with her favorite art, plants, chair, and candles. We guarantee this gesture will touch her heart. This is one of the best Valentine gifts any girl could have. You can order everything you need to create this corner from a home decor store online, so don’t worry.


5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 

1. A Feast of His Favorite Food

Handmade gestures are always more special than store-bought goods, so if you are a decent cook, prepare the favorite meal of your partner, and set the perfect date dinner table with our kitchenware collection. This idea is great for all the foodie couples out there. However, like baking, don’t cook if you are bad at it, just order in food from your favorite joint, and get his favorite whiskey or wine and spend the evening cuddling and giggling with each other.


2. Bar Accessories

If you and your partner love drinking, you can gift them some cool bar accessories from our home decor online store, like fantasy/gothic bottle openers, wine coolers, coasters, or wine stoppers.


3. Globes (or a Surprise Holiday Vacation)

If he likes traveling and exploring and doesn’t own a globe, this will be a thoughtful gift for him. Surprise him with a globe and maybe a trip to any location where he puts his finger on the globe if you have the budget.


4. Adventure Bike Accent

Men love their bikes, at times a little too much, but some of us girls find it cute, and adore them for this. So, this valentine’s day surprise him by taking care of his bike by getting it washed, and also gifting him Casa Décor’s bike accent artifact. You can also give his bike a makeover if you religiously know what your man prefers but do it at your own risk. Then later you can end the day by going on a long drive on the motorbike.


5. Photo Frames

Pictures capture the essence of love beautifully. So, this year pull out all of his secret snaps that you have been clicking through the years and frame them creating a memoir of your love in your home, and see him tear up a little, looking at your effort. You can shop for different photo frames from our home decor online store. Photo frames are the most popular valentine gift amongst all age groups, so anyone despite their age can gift them to their valentine.


Explore our home decor store to shop for more Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her!