Decorating your home decor can be a challenge, especially if you are dealing with big spaces. So, if you are intimidated by a big bare wall in your house, we completely relate with you.

Finding the balance is a major issue while decorating large walls, as small pieces look teeny tiny on them and large home decorations can make the display look awkward. You have to find the balance of color, size, shape, and symmetry with different home decor products to turn your wall into an accent display in your home. 

Not to forget that big art pieces can be quite expensive, and making that sort of investment limits you from experimenting with interior design. Large pieces demand major commitment in terms of space, and style as well.

From leaning mirrors to photo frames and open shelves you can use a wide range of home decor items for making this blank space more aesthetic and functional. 

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of creative and budget-friendly ways for you to spruce up your walls and match any style. Whether you prefer a classic gallery aesthetic or love something modern or off-the-wall home accessories - we have rounded up some awesome home decor tips that will help you decorate large spaces elegantly.

First of all, make sure to consider the location of this blank canvas in your home and decorate it accordingly. If the space lies between your entryway or entertainment areas like dining and living room focus on decorative elements. However, if it is located in your bedroom, kitchen, or personal space, focus on function and cover the wall with multifunctional home decor accessories like wall shelves, hooks, etc to organize your space.

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  1. Your Book Collection

If you are a bibliophile and have a hard time getting rid of your precious books once you have read them, we are sure your storage is filled with books. Utilize any large wall in your home with enough space to create a massive bookshelf that can hold your existing collection as well as the ones that will come in the future.

For maintaining a decorative aesthetic add home decor items like bookends, globes, sculptures, etc on it. Arrange the shelving system in an order that helps add more colors, visuals, and textures to your space through the book covers. The colorful arrangement will create a nice visual interest on the wall, helping you achieve the Pinterest look.


  1. Potted Plants

Bring the colors and freshness of Nature into your home to give your space a boost of oxygen - by mounting small plants onto a large wall. You can also use wall hooks to hang them or create a stylish arrangement by hanging them from the ceiling. If you don't want to create holes in your wall, you can also use plant stands of different heights to display the pots in an appealing visual setup. Small floating shelves can also be used for displaying plants. Select pots with different designs and colors to make the home decor more eccentric and chic. 


For a minimalistic look avoid pairing the plants with any other home decor products or accessories. If you want to create a botanical decor design, consider hanging creeping plants from the ceiling and arrange succulents on garden stands on the floor surface. 

CASA DECOR Style Tip: Make sure to remove the pots from the ceiling before watering them, else the wall or the surfaces of the table and shelves will absorb the water get ruined. 


  1. Large-Scale Artwork

Artworks are the first thing that comes to mind when we think about decorating walls. From expensive lavish paintings to digital abstract works, the selection of the right art piece can completely transform the theme of your home decor. Also, art being expensive you should consider different factors before investing in an art piece, as it a major investment in terms of money, style, and design. 


Explore your local gallery to find affordable and unique art pieces. Look for a super-sized painting that you can't help but stare at; so that you don’t get bored of it in a month. 

Unlike home decor items, you can't just change the painting every season. If you get bored easily, I suggest you opt for large-scale engineer prints instead of paintings, as they are very affordable, create a similar illusion, and are perfect for filling large spaces. Plus you won't feel guilty about swapping them. Also this way you can include ‘Mosalisa’ or ‘The Starry Night’ in your interior without paying a decimal of its actual price. 


  1. Unique Shelving

Instead of the classic open shelving, look for Eclectic wall shelf designs in the shape of a tree, or a variety of geometrical patterns and put it on double duty to organize your space as well as decorate your room. You can implement this home decor hack in your bedroom or study room wall for maintaining a chic yet functional feel. 

Think beyond traditional designs and order out-of-the-box wall shelves online to give the room a totally unique and whimsical feel. 



  1. Colorful Murals

Want to give your home an artistic edge? Consider painting a mural on your staircase or any other empty wall. You can hire a local artist or do-it-yourself if you are blessed with artistic skills. The Mural will help personalize your space making its interior design unique and colorful. 

You can be very creative with the selection of theme, and choose anything from a landscape image to your favorite cartoon. Murals especially look stunning in oddly shaped spaces where you can’t add any symmetrical home accessories, artworks, or furniture.


  1. Wooden Plaques and Panels

Give your home a whimsical touch with modern and trendy wall decor accessories like traditional Jaalis and scripted plaques. You can use jaalis for decorating your walls or as a partition between two sections in a room. CASA DECOR has a beautiful collection of these home decor accessories which you explore on our website. You can also shop for scripted panels to make your wall decor more Eclectic. 



  1. Open Shelving

Open Shelves are the most versatile home decor product that can not only be used in all rooms, and also serves the purpose of both organizing and decorating - making them perfect for dressing up large walls. Using open shelving you can display everything from sculptures to plants on your walls.

With a few sturdy wall shelves, you can design massive displays of your favorite photos, tchotchkes, accents, and other home decor accessories.

CASA DECOR Style Tip: - For changing the look and vibe of the wall display, simply swap the accents with the decorations displayed around your home, to keep its feel fresh.



  1. Wallpaper

Today, wallpaper is not limited to daisy prints and vintage shades, but they available in a wide variety of gorgeous geometrical patterns and abstract designs that can help you achieve any home decor style you want - from tropical wonder to nautical serenity.

Whether you want to go the traditional route and get permanent wallpaper or stick to a temporary peel-and-stick alternative, these wallpapers are available in super stylish colors, prints, and patterns that are perfect for decorating large walls. With their patterns, you won't need to worry about pairing the wall with different home decor accessories as they will add some serious drama to your space.


  1. Woven Wall Hangings

Woven wall hangings are back in style in dynamic colors, shapes, and designs that can help you create an impactful interior. You can create these woven home accessories yourself or buy them from a local craft shop to give your home a nice nautical and breathy touch.

You can not only hang them on your walls for decoration but also use them as curtains during summer to keep your home bright. A lot of makers also offer custom designs, so connect with these artists online and choose the perfect color, texture, and size for your space.


  1. A Classic Photo Gallery Wall

Create a photo gallery in your home using your childhood photographs. Instead of displaying a collage create a stunning arrangement with multiple frames. To make this display more beautiful – use the timeless color scheme of black and white photographs and frames. You can also buy designer photo frames from our home decor online store and create a colorful setup with a mix of different shades and textures. Follow the color scheme and frame hanging style of an art gallery to make the wall more fancy and appealing.



Use these home decor tips for decorating your walls with different home decor accents. You can explore our website to shop wall shelves, photo frames, plant stands, and mirrors online at