Whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Despite being the most functional and important area in the house, the kitchen often gets sidelined during the home decorating process; when sprucing it up should be a priority as it is where you start your day with a cup of coffee/ tea and end it with dinner every day, it is also where you entertain guests and cook them delicious feasts. 

We all want our Kitchen to be functional as well as stylish, but in most cases, it’s either the clutter on our kitchen counters, space or the lack of creativity that prevents us from adding a decorative element to our cooking space. 

Decorating small kitchens can be complex and no, we are not suggesting you to rip out your cabinets or increase your kitchen size, these kitchen decorating hacks are doable for all; be it a renter or a homeowner. But there are some kitchen design tricks you can use for making small adjustments to the things that are already in place. 

We have listed 10 kitchen decorating ideas for helping your refresh your space. From something modern to a farmhouse-style aesthetic, you can use these home decor hacks for creating your preferred decoration theme. 

Just make sure to consult your landlord or building manager before making any changes!




  1. Paint the Ceiling

A paint job is the easiest way of changing the feel and look of any space. The ceiling is just another blank canvas that you can use to transform the kitchen into a modern restaurant-like space. Ceilings are always white, so adding a coat of trendy color to it will definitely help you earn some compliments and points for experimentation. You can further make this home decor hack fancier by adding wallpaper on the walls for a dramatic effect. 


  1. Mix & Match

Matching everything is not as fun as mixing things together. You can make small changes in your kitchen like changing the cabinet knobs in different designs, or adding a set of multi-colored kitchenware to add a fun mix of function and fashion. You can mix ceramic, with metals and filigree designs, or experiment with different decor theme aesthetics.


  1. Paint the Cabinets

Painted cabinet facings allow you to change the color whenever you want. White is a staple however you can experiment with emerald and pastel shades to blend in with the emerging popular home decor trends. This is a feasible way of changing the theme of your kitchen. You can create a color contrast with your walls or kitchen counter to give the space a more visual appeal. 


  1. Additional Shelving

If you skip cleaning or organizing one day in the kitchen, it turns into a clutter-land, thanks to the infinite cutlery and tools, you can never have enough space on your counter. 

Adding additional shelving in your kitchen not only solves these storage issues, but also helps in keeping your kitchen island free leaving more space for adding more home decor items and decorative elements. You can also use extra shelves for displaying your serveware, cookbook collection, indoor plants, or any other home decor accessory that is ideal for your kitchen. 


  1. Multi-Level Counter Stands

Anything that offers a space solution is a must-have for the kitchen. 2 and 3-tier stands are great for organizing the spices and fruits in the kitchen. They ensure that everything is in its place while keeping your counters empty and clean. 



  1. Use Dark(er) Hues

Most homes come with light brown or beige kitchen cabinets, you can use dark colors in your hardware choices and paint preferences to add a nice color pop. Shades like black, forest green, and navy are very popular right now and will help you design Insta-worthy cabinetry. You can use gold and silver knobs to pair them with your dark cabinets for creating a chic look. 


  1. Bench Hack

If you have an open kitchen and there is no sitting space around the counter, you can consider investing in a wooden bench. These benches are quite compact and much smaller than dining table sets, making them perfect for small kitchens. Plus, they are very feasible and you can always move them in different rooms, or use them as thrones for your collectibles or house plants. 


  1. Stage Dishes for Show

If your counter space is limited to preparation and cooking, you can strategically display your every day cookware on the island to make it look intentional – By putting a stack of serveware, tools, and dish-towels in an organized fashion to look like a still painting, you have staged for aesthetic and function. 

In a similar way, you can use tall cake stands and Lazy Susan to make more space in the kitchen by displaying fruits on the top and condiments like spice, sauce, and pickle jars under it. 


  1. Go Clutter-Free

De-cluttering is the crucial step of any home decoration hack. You need to know how much space you have in order to decorate it. So, if you want everything in your kitchen to be accessible, you should start by arranging the boxes stacked up on your microwave and fridge. You can use a pantry closet, if you have one to store all the stuff out of sight. You can also simply get rid of the things that you don’t need on a daily basis. If you live alone, maybe don’t have a dinner set for 12 members out on display.  


  1. Use Geometric Patterns and Mirrors

For smaller kitchens, you can incorporate geometric patterns for creating an illusion of a wider space. You can use geometrical wallpapers, or floor runners to freshen up the space. 

Mirrors are quite popular in the home decoration realm for making your space look wider than it is. However, it is not common to have mirrors in the kitchen which makes it experimental and bold. So, you can still create an aesthetic display by placing a beautiful mirror on your kitchen walls. 


These creative hacks are affordable and easy to implement, use them for redecorating your kitchen and improve your cooking experience.

Let us know if you have any other tip for decorating small kitchens from your experience in the comments below.

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