From entertaining guests to accessorizing home decor – decorative trays can be used in a variety of ways to fulfill functional as well as organizing purposes in your space. After all, these serving trays are the hardest working tableware in our homes. Be it special occasions, festivals, or a movie night with the residents in attendance, trays allow the homeowners to create a beautiful presentation for the special recipes of their kitchen. While some trays are suitable for carrying drinks and cutlery from the kitchen, others allow you to serve specific types and portions of food on the table. 

Sadly most homeowners don’t think about investing in a beautiful collection of decorative trays. You might have seen people flaunting their silverware or bone china sets but seldom do we see homeowners focusing on the selection of these home decor items. Besides serving innumerable purposes beyond transferring foods from the kitchen to different rooms, these serving essentials also add a theme and decorative element to the dining tables. Whether you are a couch potato or a frequent party host; serving trays are of immense importance to everyone. Depending on the design you can serve anything on these platters. 

So, if you don’t have a nice serving tray collection in your home, let this blog be a sign for you to get one. From wooden platters to nature-inspired handmade trays you can buy beautiful home decor accessories from our website.  


Types of Serving Trays

Decorative as well as serving trays are available in a wide variety of materials and designs like wood, melamine, plastic, bone china, metal, etc. However, being a sustainable home decor brand we only make eco-friendly kitchenware either made from premium wood or metal ensuring that each and every item used in the production process is kitchen-safe. 

The internet is flooding with variety, so it can be a bit confusing when you look for serving trays online because they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials, each piece prettier than the other. So, make sure to consider how you want to use them and what you want to serve on them to select the right shape and size. Also, check out the size specifications while buying trays online. You can visit CASA DECOR to buy the best designs. 





Drinks at the Bar

Add a decorative touch on your bar counters with our serving trays that will not only act as a platter for snacks and drinks but can also be used as a trinket tray for holding the beer bottle caps during big gatherings. Plus, an open display of snacks on the counter will allow the guests to help themselves and grab whatever they like, which will also reduce the host’s work making your party a success. 


Use them as a Table Centerpiece

Take your home decor up a notch by matching the metallic trays with your interior, and styling your table with a ‘Festive Bling’. Pair gold and silver trays will darker tabletops and wooden platters with glass tables to unite everything together. You can also pair these trays with our serveware collection to complete the set

Since all the products on Casa Decor are handcrafted by experienced artisans and feature intricate carving, you can use these home decor items as a decorative or trinket tray to organize the Knicks-and-knacks on your table. 


Fruit Platters

Be it your next brunch, garden party, or picnic date, arrange freshly cut fruits on our wooden platters and show off your plating skills. Rather than presenting the fruits on a bowl or a rather simple plate display them in decorative trays to make any occasion seem more special. You can also display uncut fruits on these serving accessories to accentuation your kitchen or home decor. 


Assortment of Cheese

Flat trays are often used for serving cheese in restaurants; you too can copy this technique to create a beautiful and welcoming table arrangement. From mozzarella to Gouda or other favorites you can display a variety of assorted cheese on these platters and your guest will definitely love you for the options. 


How about some breakfast in bed?

Want to put a smile on your better half’s face? Surprise them with breakfast in bed with flowers, and a romantic note and serve them their favorite food on our trays. Be it pancakes, sandwiches, or eggs and coffee, our decorative trays can make even the simplest food look exotic. Right now, especially during the pandemic, we all need these loving gestures, so plan it out and thank us later! 


Tea and Coffee

A cup of tea or coffee is incomplete without cake, biscuits, or cookies; you need to have one of these items to feel content with the flavors of the hot beverage. You can not only serve hot masala chai or creamy cup of coffee on these trays but also accommodate the drinks with some go-to snacks for making their sips more memorable. If you are having a tea party with your girls, consider adding cake stands into this mix to make your table decoration more eccentric. 



Baked Treats and Desi Sweets 

You can use different trays in varied sizes and shape to offer a wide range of sweets to your guests. Use decorative trays with depth and smaller structures to serve moisture-filled rasgullas and use oblong trays for serving bread, cake, and biscuits to make your home decor inviting and dining experience special. 



Since there is no limit to what you can serve on a decorative tray, snacks are rather an obvious choice. Still, you can add an element spice in your decoration theme using a mix of gold and silver metal trays during special occasions. 

Whether you are hosting Christmas dinner or a Holi party, you can serve snacks, and drinks all the other munching on these trays. For organizing big gatherings you will, obviously, need a lot of platters and trays to transfer the food from the kitchen - display a table aesthetic inspired by your home decor, and shop for these home decor items online on our website. 


Consider using Decorative Trays as ‘Pooja Thalis’

In Indian tradition, people often host prayer ceremonies (‘Poojas’) before starting anything auspicious. It’s a beautiful way of taking God’s blessing and celebrating small joys. 

Make these small celebrations in your home more special by using our leaf trays for these auspicious occasions. The trays will not only act as a beautiful platter for ‘prasad’, diyas, etc but also help in accentuating your home decor. You can use these trays during Diwali or any other festival to add a metallic glow to your decoration. 

You can explore these home decor products online on our store. We recommend our Gold Haze Olive Leaf Platter for this function, as it features a gold finish with an intricate design of a leaf that is considered to bring good fortune and a flat surface that allows you to display a variety of things on it comfortably.   




The beauty of decorative trays makes them versatile and very useful accessories in any home. While such trays come in handy for serving food and drinks, they also make your tea date experience more delightful. So, don’t forget to complement the table setting with our cake stands, wooden bowls, and Lady Susan turntables! 

Let us know what you think of this blog, or if we missed anything, in the comments below, or tell us about the creative ways in which you use decorative trays for serving or decorating your home.

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