All interior designers know that illumination is the crucial element for accentuating any home decor design scheme. A well-executed lighting setup using—LED lights, dimmers, old-fashion DIY, and lanterns— is essential for jazzing up any humdrum space, and enhancing the ambiance of your home.

Bad lighting can royally screw up a flawless architecture, you can spend millions on your home decor, displaying the finest artworks and sculptures, but they will not shine if you don’t have proper lights, lamps, and illuminators at your place.

If you are not going to highlight your beautiful and expensive cabinetry, furniture, countertops, and wall coverings, with proper lighting, nobody is going to see it or appreciate it.

Casting the right light in any interior is like crafting a work of art. Here are few secrets from some of the best interior designers in India on how to work with lamps, candle stands, and other illuminators for sprucing up your home decor:

  • Ambient lighting from flush ceiling fixtures or recessed casts can help brighten up space, creating an overall relaxed glow in your interior.
  • Task lighting focuses the spotlight on specific objects and areas like desks or kitchen counter
  • Accent lighting, including track or rail lighting, highlights textures, sculptures, paintings, or other home decorations. Lamps can also help create this focus.
  • Decorative wall sconces, including wall fixtures, are helpful for casting indirect light.
  • Small accent lampshades, with LED bulbs, add extra pizzazz to fireplace mantels and bookshelves.
  • Floor lamps add an upward glow that can be functional as well as decorative.


10 Creative Ways of Using Lighting to Illuminate your Home

  1. Go Classic with Lamps

Lamps are classic illuminator used for adding drama and light in any space, be it your dining area or bedside table. You can order lamps online according to your space and display them at a height on a table to allow them to spread the light into as much area as possible.

Lampshades can be used for different purposes. This is why they come in varied brightness ratio, so change the bulb if want a brighter/ dimmer light in your space.


  1. Natural Flickers (Candle Stands & Lanterns)

Create a vintage look in your home using candle stands and lanterns, adding drama using old fashioned way by lighting up your favorite scents. In the last decade, candles have made a major comeback. Everybody is on this trend, Forbes, Vogue can’t stop talking about candle scents and we can’t stop buying them and making them a part of our home decor

Natural flickers instantly set the mood in any space, making it cozier, fresh, and romantic. You can explore our beautiful collection of lanterns and candle stands online at our store. 


  1. Dress Shades

This very creative trend on Pinterest founded by interior designers includes dressing up the chandeliers with fabric shades and glass for creating a casual or a more glamorous look.  

The shades offer a better flow of light without being overbearing making the space comfortable. Covers help in directing the light down effectively, and the right shade pattern help accentuate the home decor. This is a great way of upgrading old chandeliers. You can place them in your living room or bedroom. 


  1. Use Multiples

For a more trendy and modern look, instead of hanging one large chandelier, use multiple illuminators. You can order a couple of lamps or electrical lanterns online and hang them on the ceiling above the dining room table or living room. This will create a dim glimmer in the room and add funky visual flair to your space. You can also hang them above the center of your home bar to create a restaurant-like vibe. 


  1. Multi-Purpose Fixtures

Light fixtures are available in all types of practical configurations, especially when you are looking for lights online. You can create any design you want with a cluster of wine glass chandeliers that also doubles as a storage unit for the wine glasses. 

You might have already seen this trend on either Instagram or Pinterest. The look, light patterns, and reflections will depend on the type of glasses you will hang upside down. Crystal glasses help create a more classy look while textured glasses will reflect beautiful patterns around the home. 


  1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects

Create your own lamps and natural flickers at home using these DIY hacks online. You can use DIY hacks for fashioning your space, by simply lighting a candle on a glass vase or create a new lamp cover for your old lampshades. You can also use glitter as reflectors for illuminating the space.


  1. Dimmer Delights

The best way of making a major change in your space instantly is to replace its lighting. And dimmers are great for making subtle revamping changes. You can find a variety of dim lights and lamps online that would help adjust the light in your space to a more cozy and comfortable mood. Dimmers are easy to install and often are amongst the most underutilized lighting options yet if use them they can help make your home decor more dynamic. 


  1. Smart Lights

Smart lights are all over the internet, and so efficient and functional, especially in our sedentary lifestyle. Available with a wireless lighting control system, you can shop for these lights online on Amazon or Flipkart. While some of the lights come with motion sensors and are completely automatic others can be turned on with a brush of the hand. 

These small smart lights are perfect for stairs, wardrobes, and cabinets. You can also get them in any size you like and make your home decor more modern and trendy. 


  1. Colorful LED Lights

Strips and strings of LED lights are perfect for personalizing your space, especially if you are on a budget. Using them you can also add a mix of colors in your room while creating special effects around the wall art in your space. You can order different type of string lights online, so start exploring and get some inspiration from Pinterest. 


  1. Think Eccentric & Out-of-the-Box

Create a fantasy look by hanging pendant lamps via chains, cords, or poles from the ceiling instead of displaying them on your bedside nightstands. You can order a collection of hanging lamps online or revamp your old ones based on your electric skills. This will not only help accentuate your home decor but will also make your room look taller while lending it a glam new look. 


Final Tip 

So, once you have decided which type of mood or tone you want to set in your decor with the lighting, we suggest you put your focus on the details and start exploring lamps online. Most types of lights online come in a feasible range, unless you are going for chandeliers. Even if you choose to make it a DIY project, ensure you get the electric stuff checked by an electrician and let the professional handle the technical part.

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