If you love having your family and friends over at your home, be it for a short weekend stay or holidays, you might already have some wonderful ideas on how to entertain them. However, if like most people you love the company but dread the work, cooking, and the endless decisions you have to make, including the decorating and cleaning. Here we have listed some simple home decor tips that will not only help you entertain your guests but also help you leave a great impression on them.

So, this year if you expect a visit from your friends and family members, use these home decorating hacks for planning and organizing ahead of time so you as well as your guests can have a great time.


10 Simple Home Decor hacks to plan ahead for House Guests 

  1. Clean & Organize 

Whether you are decorating for festivals or guests, cleaning and organization is the first step for ensuring that your home looks decorated and de-cluttered. So if your schedule includes entertaining guests in the coming week, you should start cleaning your home.


  1. Offer a Small Gift

Make your guests feel special with a welcome or goodbye gift and let them know how happy you are to have them visit your home. It can as small as their favorite snacks displayed in their bedroom or a small souvenir if they are visiting you for the first time. As a goodbye gift, you can also gift them, photographs of your memories together during their time in your city. Explore our photo frames online to capture your memories in our frames.


  1. Plan Ahead

Entertaining even your close cousins can be quite hard if you are just sitting at home. So, assemble indoor games, books, movies lists, and flyers of your local attractions and museums to give your guests some great options to entertain themselves even when you are not at home.


  1. Plan Every Meal

Planning meals and scheduling cooking is a great way of ensuring that your guests are fed on time. Whether you are eating at home or a restaurant, make appointments ahead. Also, if you know that your visitors are good cooks and will be living with you for a while, we suggest you make the most of it by cooking together or having them cook for you. Family members will especially love this. And also thanks to food delivery apps, you are just 30 minutes away from your meal so don't stress it. Just make sure that you have enough serveware and kitchenware available at all times.


  1. Don't Even Try to Do it everything yourself 

Houseguests often feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable; especially close family members and friends, when the host does everything from cleaning, working, to cooking not allowing them to even take their plate to the sink after the meal. Relax a bit and let your guests loosen up and do their thing. Make them feel the “mi casa es su casa” effect. No one will judge you if your kitchen is not sparkling after cooking for 6 people or if their sheets are not ironed every day. Take help when someone offers, and even ask for it if no one is helping you set the table or wash the dishes.


  1. Think about Play Time

If kids are also included in your guest list, make sure to keep some indoor games like puzzles, chess, crosswords handy in your home, so that they can survive the week without getting bored.


  1. Prepare a Guest Room

If you have an extra room, give your guests some private space to make themselves at home, by stacking it up with some snacks and a mini-fridge to make it as comfortable as possible. You can also personalize the room for them by hanging your pictures together, or adding planters and plant stands in it if they like foliage. And even if they are taking the couch make sure they have everything they need and are able to sleep comfortably.


  1. Step out of the House

Extra people in your space can make you feel overwhelmed, so don't be afraid of stepping out and doing your own thing, be it having drinks with friends during weekends or your morning jog. You don't have to stay with the guests 24/7.


  1. Have Fun Outside

Depending on where you live and the weather, you can consider going for a picnic, bike ride, ice skating, hiking, or walk. You can also help them explore the new town, local cafes, stores, and cultural aspects.


  1. Keep it Casual (Well, unless you are maybe meeting your girlfriends/boyfriend parents)

Instead of stressing over their stay or being the perfect host, help your visitors explore your town or city while doing all the things you love, while eating your favorite food be it takeout or your homemade chicken.

We hope these home decor hacks will help you make your guest feel more comfortable and special! Leave a comment below on how you plan when your relatives are visiting.

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