The most awaited time of the year is finally here. The Christmas season is associated with warm cozy blankets, joy, classic holiday movies, piping hot cocoa cups, and festive home decor that really gets you into the true spirit of Christmas. And well GIFTS of course!

While it is a difficult task to sit and wait for presents, it is far more daunting to step out in the cold and search for unique gifts for your loved ones. But you know what’s more frustrating getting gifts for your colleagues and friends, within a specific budget. Or becoming a Secret Santa of a person, you don’t know much about.

But don’t worry! We have rounded some Christmas gift ideas that will definitely make you the unbeatable Secret Santa at the party and your recipient will be so grateful, they would wish to be on your nice list even next year.

In most cases, when given a budget almost everyone buys completely random things, like a bunch of candy or a random piece of home decor accent. But with this thoughtful list of Christmas gift ideas, you will be able to impress everyone.


  1. Fay Wooden Candle Stand

A combination of wood, wax, and wick, is exactly what everybody needs in their home decor during the Christmas season. Our Fay Wooden Candle Stand is perfect to add a jolly and pleasant glow to any space. The beautiful traditional wooden carving on this candle stand will add a festive to the recipients’ home decor even when they don’t light the candles. You can order this Christmas gift at our home decor online store at just Rs 999.


  1. Hand Placid Aluminum Bookends

Because everyone loves rock and roll! Crafted from premium metal, showcasing hands with too cool for school gestures in silver nickel finish, this bookend pair may not instantly evoke the Christmas-y feel in the recipient’s home decor but will definitely make them want to keep this gift. You can order this product as a Christmas Gift via our home decor online store at


  1. My Dear Marble Coasters

Nothing speaks of Christmas Decor more than reindeer motifs around the house. Gift your friends and family with these coasters to make all their drinks feel extra jolly.

The product is available at our home decor store online and is very affordable, which makes it perfect as a Secret Santa gift under Rs 1000.


  1. Golden Tree Napkin Ring

What can make you feel more Christmas-y than ‘Christmas Tree’ themed home decor? Fashioned from metal and food-safe products showcasing a tiny golden Christmas tree, our Golden Tree Napkin Rings are perfect for fanciful meals.

Again, you can find the product home decor online store and get it as a Secret Santa gift under Rs 1000.


  1. Wooden Terrazzo Cake Stand

Because everyone in Santa’s nice list deserves cakes, cookies, and marshmallows, and of course these sweet servers are perfect for proudly displaying any type of treats!

With a smooth surface and a classic monochrome combination, our Wooden Terrazzo cake Stand has an artistic appeal to highlight all sweet treats and snacks. These cake stands make great gifts for people with a sweet tooth or a love for baking. You can order this Christmas gift at our home decor online store at just Rs 599.


  1. Pet Feeders

Well technically, this is not a Christmas Gift directed towards the recipient but their pet. These pet feeders are designed for home decor enthusiasts who like to keep everything fashionably coordinated in their decor. The only condition to this is that you make sure that the person owns a pet. Most animal lovers will love this present, as our fluffy friends are usually ignored during the festive season.

The fine detailing and craftsmanship of this pet feeder collection make it safe for your pet as well as blends well a variety of home decor.


  1. Golden JOY Bottle Opener

Because it’s the festive season and there will be parties to host and bottles to pop open! Golden JOY Bottle Openers make perfect gifts for your friends who love to party and entertain in style. You can order this thoughtful and functional secret Santa gift from our home decor online store at just Rs 299.


  1. Cream Frost Photo Frame

When in doubt, a classic photo frame is always a great gift idea be it Christmas or a Birthday because everybody has precious memories that they would like to frame! Our Cream Frost Photo Frame is a beautiful piece of home decor that will add an enchanting touch to any place it is added into.

This is also an ideal gift option if your Secret Santa Budget is set at Rs 500. You can order this product cuddled up in the warmth of your cozy blankets from our home decor online store.


  1. Artistic Cosmic Blue Globe

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic canceled all our 2020 travel plans and now that it’s the last month of the year, you can surprise your friends with a home decor accent that can revive their traveling spirit. This colorful depiction of our planet is the perfect gift for souls with wanderlust. This makes it a very thoughtful Christmas gift.

Globes are also an essential home decor accessory for the fall season. You can order this product from our home decor online store at just Rs 399.


  1. Initials

Be a thoughtful secret Santa and gift script home decor accents or alphabet Initials to your friends and family. These personalized gifts will put a smile on their face, and they will definitely add it to their home decor.

These initials and script accessories are available at our home decor online store and are very affordable that makes this collection perfect for Secret Santa gifts under Rs 1000.


Order these thoughtful and functional Christmas Gifts from our home decor store online, and get up to 10% off on our festive sale!