Entertaining guests at your own home is a very personal affair – you invite people into your world and make them comfortable by preparing a feast, updating the home decor, and planning out activities in advance to suit everyone’s taste. 

However, dinner is the main component of entertaining, making it important that your table decoration is on point during formal dinners. Different occasions also require different table decoration themes, while the tablescape for romantic dinner is simple, floral, and cozy, a table setting for a game night with buddies is covered in coasters, beer bottles, and takeout boxes but your family dinner table is arranged in proper order following all table etiquettes.   

Beautiful table settings not only garner a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, but they also inspire lively conversations and sets the celebratory tone for the occasion.

So, whether you are hosting a brunch, holiday party, or chic dinner, we have scrolled the interest and listed some of the best table decorating ideas given by entertaining experts around the world to help you set the perfect table for different occasions; be it casual or festive.



  1. Layered Luxe

A lot of interior designers love the layered look on big dining tables. Incorporating contrasting colors to the tablescapes using table runners, coasters, napkins and other accessories is a great way to accentuating the home decor in the dining area. 

You can artfully layer different textures, patterns, and colors together to create a personal collection. You can also take inspiration from Pinterest Boards to ace this layered look on your table. Floral fusion, plain solids, plaids, and coastal vibes are some of the themes you can experiment with based on the season or festivity. 


  1. Enjoy Date Night at your Home

As Coronavirus cases continue to rise around the world, it becomes important to stay at home and be safe. However, staying at home doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your romantic nights. You can make your dinner feel special at home by setting the perfect romantic table using the home decor accessories at your place. 

Grab the lantern or candle stands in your home and set it on your table in the center surrounding it with your expensive china and linens that you have been saving for a special occasion for breaking the monotony. You can plan this date with your partner or give them a surprise to make it more romantic and special. 

Casa Decor Design Hack: We know the idea of burning your favorite scented candle sounds tempting, but it can overpower the aroma of the food, or even worse, make your date or partner start sneezing. 


  1. La Vie en Rose

Who doesn’t like flowers? For years flowers have been used as a table decoration, so there is no wonder why this table decoration tip is in the top 3 of our list. 

If you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary you are likely to receive some bouquets from your guests, make them feel special by displaying their flowers in a vase on the dinner table. If you are selecting flowers yourself, you can use colors to keep the display classy with white roses.  

If you are not a big fan of fresh flowers, you can also display artificial ones, or use floral prints in your fabric, plates, or table accessories like coasters, Lazy Susan, etc. Flowers help create a very traditional and elegant look that combines the flavor of bohemian while still keeping it casual. You can use this look for your brunch dates, or early evening parties with your girls. 

Casa Decor Design Hack: If you are considering trying this look, make sure to adapt it in the spring season, and use floral-forward and green designs for evoking the freshness of the season on your table.


  1. Simple and Sophisticated

The simple and sophisticated table decoration look is perfect for formal dinners. This table arrangement requires very little color, and pattern, however, the focus of the tablescape is very much on making sure that every piece of tableware on the table interacts with the servings.

The idea is to include functional table accessories which are either necessary or complementary to the food. You can add a decorative element to such table setting using fancier and more elaborate dishes, platters, and plates. 

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  1. Fabulous Seasonal Gathering

We celebrate different festivals in each season, and incorporating the essence of these seasons on your table can be fabulous inspiration for creating beautiful tablescapes. We already have festive rituals and associate certain dishes with particular festivals, like turkey with Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie with Halloween. You can try to add the popular prints, colors, and textures used during these holidays in your table setting and home decor to get ready for the celebrations.

  1. Gilded Glamour

If you are looking for a minimalist luxury table decoration look, to suit your decor, you can experiment with lustrous metallic hues for creating a gorgeous table setting. You can use anything from cake stands to napkin rings, coasters, and serving dishes in silver and gold metal to ace the glided and glamorous approach.

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  1. The Socially-Distanced Garden Get-Together

If you are planning a party in the pandemic, this Socially-Distanced Garden table setting will work perfectly for you. Add a few tables in your garden with a couple of chairs, setting the food out in full display, and let your guests serve themselves while following all the social distancing guidelines.

Instead of laying the food on the table, you can give it some height using cake stands, and Lady Susan Turntables to make your food look more tempting and inviting. 

Casa Decor Design Hack: For open parties ensure that you serve food that is easy to hold as well as eat. Fancy food that requires knives and forks will be too complex to consume while standing, so keep the comfort of your guests in mind while serving the food. 


  1. Breezy Summer Entertaining

Summer is all about colors and easy-breezy fabrics. You can use colorful tablecloths and table accessories to add the vibrancy of the season and sun to your table. Summers are quite hot so make sure to add a lot of cold beverages on the table with plenty of coasters. If you are hosting an outdoor party, avoid using dark colors on the table, as they tend to absorb more heat. You can use flowers and big prints during the season with a citrus garden look. 


  1. Floral-Forward Spring Festivities

There is nothing more romantic than a table covered in flowers with the smiling face of your lover sitting next to you. This floral forward table decoration idea comes straight from Instagram. You can create this look indoors as well as outdoors – use it for celebrating an anniversary with your partner, or enjoy a cozy brunch with your best friends. 

This romantic tablescape captures the essence of traditional table displays while incorporating seasonal joys allowing you to add whatever is blooming around you. This design approach allows you to keep your table feeling colorful, chic, and creative. You can further add pastel fabrics and tableware accessories to make the setting fancier for any special occasion. 


  1. Rustic and Romantic Celebrations

Special occasions like holiday festivities and rare family gatherings should be celebrated with traditional values and family heirlooms. So, bring out all the tableware that you were gifted by your parents, and let it add an essence of love to the table. 

You can also follow your family traditions, and decorate your table, as well as home decor like your mom, used to growing up, or make dishes she used to bake you during different festivals to leave your home smelling as festive and refreshing as your childhood home.


Use these table decoration tips to create different looks, and let us know how they work out for you in the comments below!

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