Indian home decor scene is like everything else that is Indian – filled with colors, cultural motifs, and traditional designs. The Indian interior design scheme is not shy of colors, patterns, and patina.

Indian Interior Design style is a fusion of several cultures that were mixed together in the past centuries. From Mughal influence and intricate carving in northern monuments to temple motif architecture in the south, history has blessed India with a rich interior and architectural design. 

Indian home decor products are heavily influenced by all these beautiful interior art sources. In the end, Indian home decor items are just as multifaceted as the culture. From sculptures to Interior design, Indian homes are a contemporary mix of tradition and evolving design. 

Making this traditional interior design style very beautiful and complex, which can overwhelm you? However, implementing it is much simpler than one might think. There are just a few home decor tips that you need to follow to add a Desi vibe to your decor - which we will be listing in this Indian Interior Design Style Guide.



  1. Be Generous With Colors

A mix of beige, red, and gold for a bold regal effect, and Neutral bright and varied colors for a simpler aesthetic – these are just some of the hallmark shades of Indian interior design themes. 

The freedom to select any color may tempt you to go crazy with the Palette, but note that too much color can create an overwhelming visual chaos. Indian home decor is all about color but it also preaches balance. So, experiment with earthy tones like rich browns, burnt oranges, and ochre yellows for your floors and walls.

Choose pinks and yellows for achieving a fluorescent effect on the bigger spectrum like curtains, or table cloths and startling greens and blues on smaller elements like chairs and pillowcases to highlight them. You can also create a bi-color theme – by using neutral shades as the base color and use bold and peppy colors for the home decor accents.


  1. Nothing Looks as Rich as the Natural Wooden Furniture

Indian decor celebrates and favors the natural solid wood design. Hence, most furnishing in these homes features natural, dark wood patterns. It is a core element in Indian home design that reflects a sense of colonial nostalgia. Several family heirlooms feature solid hardwood furniture. Also, handcraft still being a prominent preference; it’s natural for people to opt for these pieces. 

So, if you want to create an authentic look with this design, make the most of Indian craftsmanship and select traditional pieces with beautifully carved legs, armrests, inlays, and carvings that work in ivory and metal. Use ornate centerpieces like sculptures and complement them with understated furniture. You can explore a vast variety of uniquely distinctive Indian furniture pieces like jharokhas, footstools, wooden chests, and birdcages.

Note that quality is the primary factor that adds the element of luxury in Indian home decor products, especially wooden furniture. So, make sure you invest in premium quality wood. 



  1. Think Inlays and Carvings

Indian home decor market drives the majority of its income from handicraft – part of the reason why home decor items made with meticulous inlays and carvings are always in high demand. Typically, traditional heavy carvings are more prominently found in heirlooms and antiques.

However, traditional Indian cabinet designs can be introduced in open kitchens for creating a great combination of aesthetics and functionality. Brightly painted accents, wall hanging and furniture embellished with inlay work using stones, mirrors, metal, or ivory can help give your home a royal vintage vibe. 


Pair carved and embellished pieces with solid wood furniture to lighten up the mood. A lot of Indian modern homeowners like to mix traditional home decor with modern design and they do so by adding home decor accessories with carving and inlays. If you have any family heirlooms you can use them to decorate your home and pay homage to your ancestors and culture.

Infusing Indian heritage, sculptures, yarns, and art pieces, in the home decoration is getting very popular across the globe. While some elements are difficult to incorporate in all types of decor, carved home decor items can help you add a Desi touch to your home.


  1. Create Informal Spaces in your Home for Casual Gatherings

Create an intriguing and beautiful space dedicated to entertaining! Indians have a lot of festivals and they love celebrating, so they design their homes with versatility including enough seating space to hold big as well as small gatherings. Indian homes also include informal spaces that allow people to have relaxed interactions. From pooja ceremonies to festival gatherings and weekend parties, Indian home decor design has a space to suit everyone's needs. 

Use high chairs, divans, sofas, and footstools to maximize space and create different levels for seating. Include a home bar packed with all bar essentials to create a party area in the home. 


While floor cushions and rugs also lend warmth and comfort to space, they can also be utilized liberally during game nights or pooja ceremonies. Traditional Indian pieces like Jhoolas or swing can add a playful vibe to your space allowing your family to come together. These swings can be added in the garden or in the entertainment areas indoors to create an aesthetic and functional attraction for kids and adults in your home. 

Big dining tables, plenty of seats, and the aroma of traditional dishes – are all you need to make your party a hit in an Indian home.


  1. Fill up your Nooks and Niches with Knick-knacks

Since India has a wide variety of handicrafts, you can explore different designs of accents and artifacts to decorate your home. Some popular choices include clay pottery, masks, diyas, metal sculptures, candle stands, lanterns, animal figurines, crockery, decorative boxes, paintings, and photo frames

If you want to give your home decor items a Desi feel, just buy products in brass and oxidized metal to achieve the vintage flavor. You can also look for functional brass and metallic accents to save space. Think of metallic flower trays, carved lady Susan, metal cake stands, and more.  Handmade kitchenware is often very gorgeous; so, consider using it for creating beautiful table arrangements in your home.


  1. Use Fabrics with Indian Designs, Prints, and Patterns

When we think of Indian fabrics we think of Rajasthan prints and tribal patterns. Filled with color and covered in a variety of shapes, images, and designs. Just like handmade home decor products, India is also historically famous for its gorgeously handcrafted fabrics. Moreover, you can use these fabrics in your home in a variety of creative ways including bed sheets, cushion covers, throw-in sheets for divans, carpets, tablecloths, and flowing drapes for windows.

Use fabrics with ikat or dabu prints for decorating your cushions or upholstering your centerpieces for achieving a beautiful Indian interior design. These fabrics are perfect for summer as they are made from cotton. Fabrics with a simple or plain design like Khadi and pure cotton can be used as chair covers.

Every region in India has its own design language. Gujarat prints are very different from Rajasthan and UP, so, explore the popular patterns in different regions to find prints that go well with your current home decor style.


  1. The Quintessential Room Dedicated to Worshipping

When it comes to decorating a Pooja room, nothing beats the elegance and beauty of white marble. Adding a place of worship inside the house is a major characteristic of Indian interior design. Despite the religion, you will find an altar or room dedicated to the lord in every Indian home, whether the homeowner is a Christian or a Hindu.

Being a place of purity the home decor of this section is designed with a traditional interior and is often divided by panels or wooden jaalis.


  1. Decorate the Walls with various Folk Art Forms

Just like its culture, the country is also enriched with beautiful art forms. Based on your region, you can find beautiful folk paintings for your walls. You can use these paintings to add a traditional touch to your home decor theme.

Just like the flavor of the food, the local art form also changes within a few 100 km in India. From Warli paintings in Maharashtra to Madhubani art in Bihar, these local art forms are filled with their unique charm. The good news is most home decor stores (India) celebrate this diversity and have collections dedicated to them, making it easier for you to order them online.

Greek-inspired sculptures are great, but if you want to add a traditional touch to your home you have to explore the affluence of local art forms, and include them in your home interiors. Explore local galleries to find one-of-a-kind home decor items for your space, made by local artisans. This way you can also support local artists. For making a bold statement hire these artists to create an accent wall in your home painted with desi motifs.


  1. Include Sacred Plants for Vastu 

Indoor plants are officially making a comeback and are included in all the home decor trend lists online. From money plants to bamboo stems there are a lot of plants in Vastu and Indian tradition that are considered to bring prosperity to your home. Nature is worshiped in India; so naturally, plants are an important component for not only decoration but cultural beliefs.

You can consider getting a small lotus plant or Tulsi plant in your home to bring a flow of positive energy into your space. However managing these can be quite difficult, so instead, you can also include air purifiers, succulents, and other low maintenance plants in your home to make your decor look fresh and colorful. Explore our home decor online store to shop for plant stands and buy beautiful thrones for your herbs.



  1. Jazz It Up with Jaalis!

Wooden Jaali aka carved wall panels are a versatile piece of Indian decor that can be added to different sections of your home to serve diverse purposes.

This quintessential jaali pattern is available in a lot of designs. They are carved differently in specific regions. In the Indian Interior design scene it can be used as doors, windows, room partition, wall panels, and as a divider for the pooja room. Make sure to explore this beautiful home decor item on our website.



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