It’s very easy to get lost in the haven of home decor tips on websites like Pinterest and Instagram, on which every swipe loads better, more awesome hacks and home decor products. Most of us spend hours scrolling down these pages and videos of DIY hacks online.

However, when it comes to implementing them, it can confuse amateur designers, because most of these hacks either include products that are very hard to find or are super expensive which goes against the whole concept of online home decor tips. We expect these hacks to be affordable, easy, and efficient.

So, we have listed some of the best home decor tips on the internet that will help you upgrade your home without making any drastic changes or hefty payments. With these home decoration ideas, you will be able to change the look of every room in your home be it your living room or kitchen.


11 Affordable and Easy Home Decor Tips for Sprucing up your Space

  1. Re-Style a Bookshelf

No matter if you love reading or not, we all have a bookshelf in our space, whether it’s in the form of a clean-lined ladder or inky stained wooden wall shelf, or a modern library layout. Bookshelves look gorgeous in contemporary spaces and add a traditional touch to the home decor

If you are a book lover we recommend showcasing your collection of your books with some eclectic bookend designs or cacti plants. You can also add sculptures and vases in the set to pop some color into the mix.

However, if you don’t like books, you don't necessarily have to fill this space with books that you don’t even touch, instead, you can set up your board games, Jenga, or your record and CD/ DVD collection to give it a retro feel. 


  1. Change the Pillow Fabrics

Be it your bedroom or living room, you can use pillow covers for adding color, texture, or layers to your space. Go online, and explore the variety of covers and interior fabrics available on home decor online stores for introducing a new feel to your space. 


  1. Change your Curtains

This decor tip will instantly change the feel and aesthetic of your room. Just change your curtains, picking out a unique design and you will feel like you entered an entirely different place. 

You can try beads strings or thread curtains for decorating your living room and dark shade curtains in the bedroom, as a dark room helps you sleep better. 


  1. Add Some Color on Your Open Shelves

Open shelving is great for making instant and easy home decor updates. You can decorate your shelves with colorful pieces that stand out opposite to your neutral palette. You can decorate these shelves in your living room with crystals or metal sculptures. 


  1. Update your Powder Room

Most of us use our powder room in a hurry, overlooking the mess we leave behind every day. However, you can strategically design this space in a way that will help accentuate your decor, also make it easier for you to access the stuff you use daily.  

So, always ensure that the mirror in your powder room is clean and the counters are de-cluttered. You can order home organizers and hooks from home decor online stores in case you struggle with keeping the space organized. Also, you can hang eclectic artwork in this area to give it a fancier look. 


  1. Organize your Surfaces

You can instantly elevate the look of space by simply organizing the surfaces in your home and de-cluttering the tables in your dining area, study room, living room, and bedroom. 

Cluttered tables not only look messy but also divert the attention from the centerpiece, failing your attempt to decorate your furniture. 


  1. Simply Tidy Up

You can have the best looking home on the planet, but nothing in it would be highlighted if it’s cluttered all the time. Currently, there are a lot of home decor and interior designing websites online that sell beautiful shape-shifters and multipurpose organizers

Different rooms require specific organizing schemes, like shelves and side tables, work best for the living room, trolleys and counter baskets can be used in a kitchen, hooks can be used for organizing coats and umbrella in the entryway. 

So always ensure to focus on functionality while shopping for home decor products, be it decorative or kitchenware. 


  1. Color-Block Your Wall

Giving your paint a regular touch-up is a great home decor tip for reviving the color. However, you can also use the color block trend on your walls for making a graphic statement.

Use a hardware tape for sectioning your wall into half horizontally or vertically, and apply a different coat of paint in one section, and voila you will have trendy walls. You can use this home decor tip for painting indoor or outdoor walls, using contrast shades or pastel hues to create a unique understated statement.


  1. Add Patterns & Layer with Rugs

You can use this decor tip for decorating your living room. Rugs and carpets create an eclectic feel to the decor making the look more majestic. You can explore antique designs, whimsical fabrics, and dramatic patterns online at a home decor store for decorating living rooms and use furry rugs in your bedroom. These layers of rugs will create a beautiful visual in your space and will add a variety of textures, colors, and prints to it. 


  1. Install New Lighting

Lighting also plays an important role in accentuating your interior. Most interior designers pay a lot of attention to the lighting, as it helps highlight the key features and accents in any space. You can use natural light by installing mirrors, or place lamps and candle stands systematically around your living room or dining area for making the space cozier. You can also use different light colors for setting up different moods during various occasions and make your home decor party-ready at all times. 


  1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Another popular home decor tip that kept popping on the interest includes a sense of symmetry. Based on several blogs, you can make a dramatic change in your home decor by simply rearranging your furniture. This change is comparatively more visible in living rooms because it either opens up more space or help in highlighting different corners or the center. You can try moving your couch and chairs to a different side to create an arrangement that accentuates and elongates your space rather than making the living room look smaller. 


If you are running on a budget, these tips will definitely help you change and spice things up in your decor. For more ideas or products explore our home decor online store at