The Interior Design of any space plays a significant role, in not only making it look more beautiful but also changing its resident’s mood. There are infinite articles online on home decoration tips that talk about the psychological importance of interior designing, and how the way you decorate your home can make you more productive and jolly.

Professional home stagers can work their magic when it comes to playing with a house’s strength and hiding its flaws while making it appealing for everyone. We all wish we had an interior designer on ‘speed dial’ whenever we are hanging new wall art or deciding the right place for a new couch, that we bought on a whim to avoid any home decor disaster. 

While some people are naturals when it comes to home decoration, others look at Pinterest boards for inspiration before making any major changes. This is why we have created this guide to help you decorate your home. There are some very creative blogs of home decor online, which even the experts should be acquainted with, whose tips we have mentioned below. 



  1. Set the Right Tone at your Front Door

Assuming you want to leave an impression on your guests with your home decor, we recommend you experiment with fun colors and glossy hues for painting your front door. Red is a popular color when it comes to entrance doors, which is also considered lucky in many cultures. Interior designers also love vibrant colors, as they look more welcoming and beautiful. 

Two other hues that add favor to big doors are orange and yellow. You can use these colors to revamp your door. You can explore interior designing boards on Pinterest for getting some inspiration.


  1. Opt for Light and Neutral Wall Paint Colors

When selecting colors for your home especially it’s a small space stick to lighter shades like beige or light gray, to allow light to flow throughout the home. Think like an interior designer and choose a color that complements and highlights the structure and assemble of your furniture. Avoid adding too many jarring transitions. Neutral walls allow you to be flexible while decorating, the walls with art or wall plaques.


  1. Living Area: Make Sure Your Chair and Sofa Compliment Each other

Think of a nice restaurant or a hotel lobby: Have you noticed how they arrange their furniture is in groupings that not only make your want to sit there but also have conversations for hours. Try to incorporate that in your living room, for getting a similar sense of intimacy and balance.

Home decor enthusiasts recommend that the furniture in the conversation area should be placed in a U-shape, with two chairs facing towards the sofa, so that everybody can make eye contact and reach the table for snacks and beverages. So, ensure to follow these home decoration tips and arrange your furniture in a U-shape. If you are considering changing your furniture, you can shop for these sets at home decor online stores.  


  1. Let the Sunshine come in your Kitchen

Currently, the naked banks of windows have become very popular, which has made to drapes, outdated. Open window dressings allow light to flow through the space giving the interiors in your space a natural elegant glow.

We understand you need drapes in some rooms for privacy reasons, but they are definitely not required in your kitchen, so avoid any fabric on your kitchen windows. If you have an open kitchen the light spread through your living room making the home decor look very warm and welcoming.


  1. Add Mirrors in Every Room

Mirrors are the magical home decor accessories that make a room look bigger and brighter due to the bounce of the light in the room. So, use this information to your advantage and hang at least one mirror in every room, this will not only ensure that you look presentable all the time, but also make your home bright and cozy. You can explore our home decor website and check out our accent wall mirror collection for decorating your space.


  1. Hang your Wall Art at the Right Height

There is nothing sadder than looking at a beautiful piece of painting that has been hanged way too high on the wall for people to notice or be appreciative of it. When you brought the artwork from the exhibition it may be hanging too high, and you might want to replicate that in your space. However, you should decorate your walls according to your space otherwise it will either go unnoticed or look bizarre next to your home decor collectibles.

Even while shopping for home decor online, ensure to check the measurements of the piece before ordering the product.


  1. Layer Your Lighting

You can never have enough lights in a home decor! Interior designers recommend people to have at least three kinds of lightings in every home:

Ambient Lighting - for providing overall illumination and setting the mood

Task Lighting – for functional purposes like working in the kitchen or reading the book in a study like Lamps, etc

Accent Lighting – for accentuating decorative and highlighting artworks

You can use these different types of light for setting up a different atmosphere in every room. You can also check out candle stands and lanterns on our home decor online store, for making your space extra cozy in winters.


  1. Use Anchor Rugs to Prevent Furniture Feet Scratches

Using rugs for adding texture and color on your floor is one of the best home decoration tips; not only does it allows you to experiment, but the right selection can turn your living room into a royal Arabic palace. Rugs are also great as they prevent your furniture’s feet from scratching your floor.


  1. Use Home Organizer and De-clutters

Home organizers are one of the best findings of home decoration enthusiasts online. Thanks to their creativity, currently there are some unique pieces available online, which are durable, space-conscious, and super functional.

We highly recommend you to check out our Clutter-Conscious Collection on our home decor online store which consists of kitchen trolleys, desk organizers, hooks on board, and stationery and letter sorters.

Often one of the main reasons why people are not happy with their interior and home decor is because it looks messy all the time. So, start organizing your place.


  1. Use Sweet Treats as a Welcoming Decoration

Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than a display of inviting treats. Most of us treat kitchen accessories cake stands and fancy trays as royalty and only take them out on special occasions. However, most of these pieces can be used as a part of the decorative setup for your living room table or dining room. Keep them displayed on the table, and let your guests help themselves feel at ease in your home. 


  1. Give Old Finishes a Makeover

We all have a couple of pieces in our home that are just timeless. No matter how rugged they look you just can’t get rid of them, while some have memories others are just beautiful. The best way to restore life into these home decor pieces is by giving them a makeover. 

Interior designing is all about having fun, especially when you are doing a DIY project. So, either add a different layer of paint on it or stick some rhinestones on it to make your furniture or home decor accents revive again. 


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