The living room is without a doubt the most important space in your home. It is the room that is open to all, the place where you host parties, hang out and unwind. Also, unlike the bedroom, living room decor focuses solely on making an impression. Most of us want people to praise our selection, admire our collectibles, and get spellbound by our interior display. So, we often make the mistake of overdoing the home decor in this area. 

While most of us instinctively know the basic checklist, the styling game is the key to achieving the perfect look. Explore the tips in this blog to design a fabulous living room



  1. Experiment with Lighting

From crazy parties to festive celebrations or tea-time gossip sessions, you entertain different types of crowds in your living room. And each of these gatherings, require a different type of mood.

You can use lighting for creating different mood settings, for instance, natural flickers and candle stands will help create a romantic mood while a chandelier and dimmers will create a more vibrant effect, whereas just turning on the table lamps will create a laid back and relaxed vibe. So, consider having different types of light settings in your living room decor that can match the mood and also help accentuate your home decor

If you have enough space and budget, you should definitely consider adding a chandelier in your living room as it offers artful overhead lighting. Lamps provide pools of light that are perfect for creating a focused effect and warm ambiance. If you love scented candles you should explore candle stands online, and use them for creating an aesthetic look.

 You can shop for candle stands, lanterns, and table lamps on our home decor online store. 


  1. Choose Comfortable Seating over Trendy Design

Modern furniture designs on Pinterest and magazines might tempt you to be experimental and try a more futuristic look, but in most cases, there is no guarantee, if they will be comfortable. So, focus on comfort more than design when shopping for living room furniture or sitting. 

Apart from entertaining guests, most homeowners also spend a good amount of time lounging on the living room sofa, so think about such factors when you buy sofas and couches. Try to find a balance between design and comfort, but don’t make the mistake of choosing style over comfortable seating because your guests will also feel the discomfort.  

Loung-ish sofas, couches, and chairs will help create a relaxed vibe in your home, while the formal seating designs can look uninviting and feel uncomfortable. You can experiment with the fabric of the sofas if you want a change or opt for prints and colors to create an aesthetic and eclectic living room interior. 


  1. Go “Maximalist” when it comes to Tables

We are talking console tables, coffee tables, plant stands, and side tables. Tabletops don’t just come in handy while entertaining, but also offer space for displaying books, vases, home decor accents, and plants. You can use different tables for showcasing a variety of things in your living room decor. 

Tip: Select tables based on the size of your living room, use compact designs for smaller spaces while extravagant structures for bigger spaces. You can explore a beautiful collection of handmade plant stands, accent tables, and side tables on our home decor online store.  


  1. Use Home Decor Accents to Reflect “Your Personality”

While most of your living room decor is for impressing your guests, you can still add hints on your personality in the mix, using colors, and accessories, by styling it based on your preference. So, surround yourself with home decor pieces that reflect you. If you feel confused about what to include in your living room or your style you can read this blog to find out your design preference. 

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