Despite having the world in our smartphones, we can all agree that we are all drawn to the timelessness of old-fashioned paper maps and the allure of vintage globesThis is why there are so many Pins and pages dedicated to vintage globes and map decor on Pinterest and Instagram. Whether you are a traveler or have wanderlust or not, we all have a list of places we would like to explore. And these home decor products are a beautiful way to remind and motivate us of these plans. 

From reminding us of our favorite locales to inspiring new adventures and new vacation plans, maps and globes add a simple dose of worldly character to our homes and desks. Thanks to the variety you can find these home decoration items in modern, abstract, and vintage designs to suit your aesthetic and decor accent. Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of globes online designed to satisfy your wanderlust and curiosity. Check out our collection and read through these unique ways of decorating globes in your home and give your space a well-traveled update!


4 Unique Ways of Decorating your Home with Globes and Maps 

Curate a Collection

With variegated hues and their curved forms, globes function as sculptures and home decor accents in your home—especially when displayed as a collection. You can match the pieces or mix them in different designs to add an old-world charm to your shelves, desks or lend an antique allure to your corner vignette. However, make sure to make the display seem cohesive rather than cluttered. Explore globes online in different colors and sizes to create a more interesting and eye-capturing display. 


Go Bold with your Selection

We are sure you must have seen people decorating their homes with globes, but seldom do people add maps to their decor. Well, let us tell you why you need to hop on this trend. From scripted prints to abstract artworks –first of all, do your research on the variety of map designs available online. When we think about maps our head goes straight to our school days; and no, we not talking about those maps. Based on your style you can find a lot of variety of colors, sizes, and designs. You can frame a continent or city map that you like or mark the places on a world map you want to visit and frame it on your walls. It will not only motivate you to go there but also start some interesting conversations. Instead of the standard maps, you can also opt for paintings to give your living room walls an artsy twist.

A single large map covered in neutral hue or rendered in vibrant colors can create a major impact, in a studio or living room. They can be displayed alone in the entryway or next to a sofa. When it comes to prints and maps online, presentation is the key that elevates it to a high-art level, so, select carefully. Globes are also available in different sizes so you can also go all out with our tripod globes online. 


Go Vintage 

Explore our wooden base globes online and pair them with our vintage candle stands to indulge in the 80’s flair. The timeless touch of wood will introduce a classic charm to your table while the candle will illuminate the right amount of light on the home decor items surrounding it, to create a magical look. You can also pair them with a black lampshade or a lantern and unite these antique accessories with contemporary decor to give it a surprisingly modern feel.


Embrace the Mix

For creating an eclectic look infused with a sense of curiosity and adventure - work with both maps and globes to fashion a well-collected display. Or pair our globes with metal accents and other vintage home decor products like photo frames, artifacts, etc to give your tabletops a timeless touch. Consider decorating an assortment of colorful globes and framed maps amid stacks of books, terracotta pots, and lush greenery of indoor plants, to introduce a playful touch to your interior.


Use these tips and explore our globes online to create a beautiful display in your home. 

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