A good night’s sleep is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, getting 7 hours of sleep is considered as important as following a balanced fitness and diet regime. While some people may require more beauty sleep, the majority of us can function proficiently as a normal human being with 6-8 hours of sleep.

However, in 2020 because of home quarantine most of us have messed up our sleeping routine. And because of this a lot of people are having a hard time getting back to the routine, despite counting endless sheep or drinking warm milk every night before bed. You can get rid of the elusive pattern of your sleep by simply making some changes in your bedroom decor.

Here, we have listed some Home Decor hacks that will help you make your Bedroom Decor cozy and warm so you can sleep better. 


5 Bedroom Decor Essentials that will help you Sleep Better

  1. Invest in a Good Mattress

We spend a good amount of time in our life sleeping in bed; so, it’s only rational to invest in a good mattress. A mattress can drastically affect your life, while a good mattress will help your sleep better. A bad mattress can give you backaches. For sound sleep, you can invest in a variety of mattresses, checking different fabrics, and their comfort level based on your preferences. This is one of the most important elements of bedroom decor that you shouldn’t ignore. You can buy mattresses from different stores of home decor online, or visit a nearby shop and test them out live before purchasing.

Also, if you feel molds or dust forming in your mattress, it is time to change it, because that could be the reason why you have been unable to get a sound sleep for months.


  1. Sleep-able Bed Sheets

There are several home decor online stores that sell bed sheets and other fabrics which can help you in completing your 8 hours sleep without any unease. Most of us don’t focus on fabrics while purchasing bed sheets and it shows. Whenever shopping for your bedroom decor, try to focus more on comfort than the interior aesthetic. Instead of matching the fabric prints with your wall art or paint buy skin-friendly breathable fabrics.

In India, you can find affordable bed sheets made up of organic cotton on furnishing and home decor online websites. Cotton I considered good for skin, and because the fabric is natural and light it also helps you feel cool. You can also include 2 or 3 pillows on your bed to make it cuddly and cozy.

Another tip apart from shopping, we would like to give you, is on maintaining home decor – wash the bed sheets every 3 days for cleaning the accumulated dust, as dirty sheets can also hamper your sleep.


  1. Get a Side Table

The morning dew and the slight nip in the air are indicating that the best time of the year has arrived. Sleeping feels ten times better in winter. Getting wrapped up in your cozy blankets in your bedroom with a warm cup of chocolate milk in hand is the best feeling ever.

But you know what’s bothersome, getting out of bed in winters to keep the cup in the kitchen, because you don’t have a side table! Usually, people living in small spaces avoid including bedside tables in their home decor, to prevent the place from looking too packed. However, you can use our compact plant stands as an alternative to keep your books, mugs, phone, and even for displaying lamps in your bedroom. Home decor is about making the most of your space by using creativity, so buy a small plant stand instead of a bedside table.


  1. A Tranquil Atmosphere

By creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom decor you can decrease your anxiety and stress level, which will take you a step closer to experiencing better sleep. For creating a calming bedroom decor – soundproof your room with heavy windows and doors, de-clutter your space, and burn a scented candle before laying bed for creating an aromatic atmosphere.

You can buy candle stands on our home decor online store and burn a candle on it while going to sleep peacefully, without worrying about the fire, as they are designed for keeping the candle in place. Placing a candle stand will also create a dramatic romantic feel in your bedroom that you can use during movie dates with your partner.


  1. Dim Lighting

One of the key factors in regulating our biological clocks and our sleep is our exposure to darkness and light in our bedroom. Ensure to turn off your tube lights and turn on the light of your mellow lamp for transitioning from being completely awake to a relaxed drowsy state. You can explore different lampshades and lamps on our home decor online store, for giving your bedroom decor a cozy makeover.

If you have a habit of reading before bed, use a lamplight. Dim lighting helps in relaxing senses, so you can use the lamps’ light for completing your before-bed rituals. However, according to studies complete darkness is considered best for sleeping, so make sure to turn it off before sleeping.


Hope these tips will help your sleep better! You can explore our home decor online store for shopping some of the items mentioned above, and revamp your bedroom decor.