Figuring out ways of adding felicity and light in a gloomy dark room is always a challenge. Usually, most people don’t really acknowledge the dark sections during the house hunting phase, and by the time they notice them, they have already moved in. Thankfully, there are several home decor tips online that you use for brightening up your dark rooms. There are several home decor accessories that can help decorate and transform your space into a brighter abode.

Finding the perfect lighting options can be confusing because of the endless options of lights, lamps, candleholders, and other accessories on websites of home decor online. Lighting is also fundamental for enhancing the interior design of your home, so make sure to add enough light that can accentuate your home decor, and also compliment your style.

We have listed some tips that will help you brighten your room especially if it doesn’t have any windows or source of natural sunlight. You can use these tips for any room from your kitchen to the living room.


  1. Place mirrors near light sources

Home decor enthusiasts have been using mirrors for creating an illusion of a larger visual space and brightening dark rooms for centuries now, even before interior designing was a concept. It is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to home decoration. Strategic placement of mirrors can help in reflecting the natural sunlight in the entire space.

For example, you can place a giant floor mirror near your window for amplifying natural lighting. Similarly, you can use mirrors with table lamps for creating a similar effect.


  1. Candles Stands, Fairy Lights, and other ambient light sources

You can use large candle stands or fairy lights if you want to add more light in the room without overdoing the luminosity. You can find a variety of wooden candle stands on our home decor online store. They will help create a cozy ambiance in your space. Candles also have a therapeutic feel and old classic charm, using which you can add just the right amount of luminosity in your room. Use warm light colors like yellow for creating an intimate atmosphere as it can transform even the most rugged industrial interior feel cozy and chic.


  1. Pick Minimalist Furniture

Stuffing oversized furniture in an already-dark room will cast more shadows, making the room seem darker. For avoiding this, explore minimalist furniture on our home decor online store and select pieces that don’t take a lot of space and block light from spreading. Also, make sure to leave ample space between the furniture – all the empty sections will allow light to spread.


  1. Don’t Overdo the Wall Art

Avoid creating overly busy accent walls hanging dozens of art pieces. Select minimalist wall art deco over heavy patterns.

A common mistake new homeowners’ end up doing is overdoing their walls when it comes to decorative accessories like paintings and art pieces. Even if you are living in a mansion with huge rooms, as long as an area struggles with lighting, you should keep the walls bare so that the light can easily reflect. Explore the wall accessories on our home decor online collection and select simple pieces that decorate the walls without dominating the space.

A single piece of a large dark wall painting or a photograph collection can impede all the efforts of brightening your space. For dim-rooms, pick only up to 3 wall art pieces just for setting the right mood; and try to select bright colors.


  1. Use Lampshades & Lamps

Instead of aiming the lights randomly in any way, try illuminating it towards the corners. This will put the focus of light in a narrow area creating a soft ambient felicity that will offer minimal luminosity. You can explore and order lamps from our home decor online store. You can place these lamps on the floor or table for infusing brightness in every corner of your space with a warm glow.


We hope these tips will help brighten up your dark rooms! You can buy most of the items listed above from our home decor online store.