As the number of Omicron and covid19 cases rise around the country, the chances of us facing another lockdown also increase. And if you are somebody who has been celebrating your birthday or a friend's birthday in lockdown for the last three years, we are sure you have some birthday home decoration hacks to make their day as special as it would have been without all these restrictions.

There are so many people whose birthday plans had to be canceled due to the lockdown. But these people didn’t give up and ended up celebrating intimate birthdays by dressing up their interior with different festive home decor items. And now when we thought that the pandemic was under control, the lockdown was implemented again and again! So we have created this list with some lockdown birthday ideas that will help your lovelies feel special. From planning house parties and setting up a beautiful interior to ordering thoughtful gifts or cutting cakes virtually, these birthday celebration ideas will help you make them special and cherished. 

So, Use these tips for decorating your home decor for hosting great house parties, and finding some excellent gifts that will definitely put a smile on the birthday girl/boy's face.


1. A Midnight Surprise Party

Whether it's your friend’s, or family member’s birthday, plan a midnight surprise for them to make them feel extra special. Prepare everything from home decoration, cake to booze and start their birthday with a blast. In case it's your friend’s birthday you can also give them a surprise by giving them a cake at midnight, by simply ordering it or visiting their place.


2. Send Sentimental Gifts

If meeting them is an issue, consider sending them meaningful gifts that they can use and cherish. From plant stands to dessert platters and photo frames, we have a functional collection of handmade gifts online to cater to their different hobbies and passions. Although you can't step out, you can definitely buy a present for them from our home decor online store.


3. Celebrity Video Messages

Thanks to the internet, today you can pay the birthday boy’s or girl's favorite celebrity to wish them a happy birthday. Being in a pandemic, the things you can do for surprising your friends become very limited, making this a unique and great option for making them go gaga.


4. Birthday Decor

If you have a key to your friends' place or you live with them, consider decorating their home with birthday decoration, while they are out or working in the next room. Decorate their room with balloons, strings, and other wall decorations to make their day extra special. Explore our cake stands online to make the cake-cutting ceremonies extra special.


5. Plan a Virtual Birthday Party

The new mutation of covid19, omicron has canceled a lot of our plans, so if someone in your family or friend group had to cancel his or her plan during this time, consider connecting with all of their friends and planning a virtual party for them. You can either record messages in advance and assemble a video or create a zoom meeting with all their favorite people. To show extra effort, all of you can add birthday home decoration in the background and get ready with cakes on your cake stands to sing happy birthday as they blow candles on the video call.


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