Amazing Animal Accents: 5 Fauna-Inspired Home Decor Accessories Perfect for your Space

The Flamboyance in our taste is a reflection of our personal style in fashion and home decor that draws us more towards specific themes. However, fauna-inspired Decor is preferred by most homeowners in one way or another as we all have a spirit animal, we associate with. Everybody loves animals, no matter how terrified we are of some of them. While some resonate with their personality others admire their form. Be it ‘The Wall Street Bull Statue’ or Henri Rousseau’s painting ‘Tiger in the Tropical Storm’ – For centuries artists have taken inspiration from wildlife to carve and sculpt the most famous and exquisite art pieces known to mankind. So, its natural homeowners are also attracted to animal accents and wildlife-themed decor. From accents depicting the elegance of birds to intricate sculptures highlighting the playfulness of domestic pets, Casa Decor presents a beautiful collection of animal-inspired home decor items that will help you accentuate your space.  

Popular Picks: 5 Fauna-Inspired Home Decor Accents from Casa Decor 

Trunk Call

Inspired by the beautiful art and handicraft of Rajasthan, our Gold Elysian Elephant Sculpture beautifully highlights the pride of the animal with its trunk held high. Place this home
decor item at your entrance and let it welcome your guests in its gold galore. Holding great significance, according to Vastu and Feng Shui, these Elephant Accents will instill positive vibes in your space and also bring prosperity.

All Seeing Owl Wall Hooks  

A functional wall accessory that looks like an animal accent, these Distressed Wall Hooks from Casa Decor, are designed with modern homeowners in mind. Available in 7 different colors these ting owl sculptures will not only maximize the space in your home by helping you organize but also help you add more color and an artistic touch to your walls. Buy them in sets to accentuate your home decor with a colorful and functional layout.

Floating Fishes 

This Floating Fish Artifact is a result of our artisans’ intricate work and creativity. Hand-carving combined with inspiration from the sea, this accent is perfect for instilling nautical vibes in your home decor. Display it next to your aquarium for whimsical visuals or decorate it on your bookshelves to add a modern rustic charm into your space.

Regal Jaguar

Resembling an active stance of a Jaguar, ready to attack, this Black Jekyll Jaguar Sculpture is designed to exude a powerful aura in your home. Accessorize your entertainment area or home office with this intimidating animal sculpture to create a stylish display.  

Silver Swan Bookends 

Draw more focus on your books with these Love Pair Aluminum Bookends. Handmade with metal, featuring the elegance of silver, these accents resemble the calm energy of the swans. According to Feng Shui, these birds are considered the symbol of love and when kept in pairs can enhance togetherness and romance in a married couple’s life. Display these home drcor products in South-West corner to re-energize love in your life.  

Can’t have pets? Explore our collection of animal accents and sculptures online to bring the whole safari indoor. Go to to buy our home decor products online!