Motivate your spirits by celebrating small joys indoors with these creative home decor themes!

If a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary has fallen in the ill-fated months of self-isolation, quarantine, and lockdown again this year, you must feel little to zero enthusiasm for celebrating it. 

With everything going on around us, it can get a little depressing. And these small celebrations can do wonders to uplift our mood and lend us some hope. 

Just because you are in lockdown, doesn’t mean that you have put a pause on the fun. You can still celebrate your birthday with your family, by using different home decor themes for setting the right tone for the celebration. It might not be how you imagined getting married, or celebrating your kid's first birthday, but making the most of what you have at your premise is better than skipping the festivity. 

While the Corona Virus has become a big party pooper and led to the cancelation of big celebratory events in our lives like marriage, birthdays, etc, you can still host the most epic party of the year by adding an indoor bash to your agenda. 

Why, you ask? Well, an intimate gathering will allow you to share a delightful day with your family, which will automatically lead to some memorable moments. 

Amidst this chaos of Pandemic, here are a few creative and fun home decoration ideas for hosting a quarantined birthday, anniversary, and life-changing celebration. 

Go through your storage and take out all the festive lightings, home decorations and fancy serve ware to create a restaurant-like interior at your home.   

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate your own birthday or a loved one's special day, we have listed some tasteful decor themes in this ‘Quarantine Party Edition’ that will be perfect for a variety of indoor gatherings. 


5 Ultimate Home Decoration Themes for Throwing the Best Quarantine Get Together

  1. Retro-Chic for Silver and Golden Jubilee

A lot of our parents will be celebrating their 25 or 50 years together in quarantine. You can make their day special by planning a retro retreat in your home and take them back in their 20s. Send in invites to all the family members to get vaccinated and come join this celebration in retro attires.

You can also transform your home decor into a retro theme by adding in black and white check prints on the table in the form of coasters and serving platters. You can explore our home decor online store to buy a variety of ’60s and 70’s style home decor accessories and make this party a hit. 

Polka dots, Mix and match geometrical prints, and gold galore all belong to the 50’s glam design, you can translate these prints in your dining area where you can display all your parents’ favorite dishes. Don’t forget to create a retro-playlist for the party. Also, you can consider ending the party by re-watching your parents’ wedding video. 


  1. A Pastel Themed Birthday Party

Organize a pastel-themed birthday bash, by covering your home decor in softer tones of pink, lemon yellow, and mint and also cover your table in this feminine shade. 

From cake to your dress, add this color on everything to click Instagram-worthy images, and set goals for how one should celebrate their birthday during a lockdown while following all the rules. Don’t forget to order balloons, silver string curtains, and party poppers for decorating the home.  


  1. Tradition Spin 

If you have a patio or a big terrace, you can consider using the string lights stored in your home from all the festivals to set up a bright and beautiful outdoor seating arrangement in your home. This way you can have dinner with your family under the stars in candlelight, and dance with your friends all night in the fresh air. 

This home-quarantined home decor idea is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other types of celebrations. You can also add a music system in this mix, and play old Sufi songs to set a romantic mood. 


  1. Bring in the Royalty for Celebrating all the Firsts

Pandemic has caused a lot of people to cancel their dream wedding and get married in their homes. While it is a big bummer, you still have your partner with you, so celebrate these special occasions with an intimate gathering. 

From flowers to desserts and the main dishes bring in all the things that you planned for your wedding in your home, and serve them in your finest plates and platters. 

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from celebrating these firsts. Be it your child’s first birthday, first ‘A’ in his online class, or your first job. Celebrate these occasions by decorating your table with your favorite food and share it with your loved ones. 


  1. Celebrate the Weekend, without a Reason 

In times like these, it’s important to check on each other and find ways to smile. You don’t always need big groups to enjoy. Invite your close friends, or siblings to enjoy a cozy evening, and just lay in the room with dim lights and soothing music. 

You can talk about how everyone is feeling while enjoying your favorite dishes and drinks. The best way to incorporate this cozy and calm home decor aesthetic is by using a lot of throw-in pillows and blankets on the couch. 

For making the evening more fun you can also install a Karaoke machine or put on a video game, and do all the things you love. You can apply this comforting home decor theme for celebrating a birthday as well as small achievements with your family and lads.


We hope you were able to find inspiration in these quick-to-complete and attainable home decoration ideas for hosting the cozy lockdown house parties. Hope you don’t forget to celebrate your joys and organize an intimate affair every chance you get in a safe environment. 

Shopping Advice: We recommend you to place your order in advance from our home decor online store, as delay is expected in delivery across the country because of the current conditions. So, start planning now, if you want to celebrate something next month.