These home decor tips include disinfecting techniques, laundry tips and more that will help you keep your home covid-free.  

As we step further into 2021 and the Coronavirus cases continue to rise, around the world we all need to follow the safety guidelines more religiously and also find ways of keeping our homes Covid-free.

Pandemic is showing no signs of relenting, so staying safe and protecting ourselves and our families should be our number one priority. While we are packed in the safety of our homes, we still come in contact with other people when we step out for weekly chores or host small gatherings at our place. 

Thankfully vaccines are available in the market, however, it is still wise to respect the guidelines and follow all possible precautions for ensuring that you or your loved ones don’t become the next victims of this virus. Staying home and practicing good hygiene is the first step towards protecting your home. 

However, because of everyday needs and a little support, you are likely to go out or invite people into your home. And once someone comes inside your space you can stop them from touching your home decor and interiors. While these contacts can’t be prevented, you can still take measures to ensure that you don’t bring Coronavirus in your home after attending a gathering or with your grocery. 

How can you do this? Read these home cleaning tips approved by healthcare practitioners to keep your home covid-free!



  1. Disinfecting Surfaces

As we are all aware that COVID-19 can persist on surfaces like metal, glass, and cloth for hours or prolonged periods up to three days. And we have been taking measures to disinfest and sanitize frequently touched surfaces several times a day since the start of 2020. However, somewhere between the pandemic, we have become a little lenient towards the virus. Remember how during the start of the virus we used to spray the entire home decor with a sanitization spray after we entertained guests – we have all stopped taking these measures; when the current condition demands it the most. 

Consider disinfecting mobile phones, door handles, keys, cabinet knobs, kitchen counters, entryway area, computer keyboards, refrigerator door, and TV remotes at least twice a day. Make sure to sanitize any new product you receive in your home, be it parcel, mail, or delivery. Also always spray disinfectant around your home interior after someone visits your home.

Just take a clean paper or cloth and damp it with alcohol-based disinfectant for wiping down the accessories and surfaces in your home. 

You can also consider antiviral painting solutions if a painting job was listed in your to-do things this year. This will add a protective layer of disinfectant on your walls protecting you from the miscellaneous dangers of the virus.

Note: Be careful with electronic products, and do not apply soaking wet tissues on them. Also, if possible try to wear disposable gloves while receiving deliveries and cleaning your home. 


  1. Laundry Tips

Avoid shaking the laundry while collecting it, as the germs settled on the surface can rise and spread in the air. It’s better if you can use a washable (reusable) plastic laundry bag. Dedicate few outfits for outside visits and keep them separately from your towels, and bed linen. Wash these daily use fabrics in your washing machine with the highest temperature setting. 

Covid19 Cleaning Tip: Use bleach for white fabrics, and add a cap of antibacterial solutions like Dettol or Savlon to the final rinse. Ensure that each wash cycle goes on for at least 30 minutes. In case anyone in your home has caught a cold or fever, wash their laundry in a separate batch. If possible, let the clothes dry in the natural sunlight, as the sun’s heat is an excellent disinfectant for viruses.


  1. Washing Dishes

If you are using a dishwasher, make sure to operate it at the highest temperature level setting. You can also use a disinfectant soap if you want to be more cautious, however, basic soap mixed with hot water will effectively kill the majority of germs. If you are washing the utensils by hand make sure to lather each surface for at least 20 seconds. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves while cleaning. Avoid leaving the dishes in the sink and dry them immediately after washing to prevent germs from breeding. 

Covid19 Home Cleaning Tips: Dishes used by sick individuals in the house should be kept and cleaned separately. 

Now that you have so much extra time, you can also schedule a cleaning day for your wooden kitchenware. 



  1. Handling the Trash

Trash cans are home to germs and bacteria, so, during these times or in general use garbage bins that come with lids and are operated via a foot pedal. This prevents you from coming in direct contact with the bin, and the lid prevents the germs from spreading outside. Don’t let cleaning napkins, tissues, or any outdoor packing get accumulated in the bin. Empty it every day! 

Covid19 Cleaning Tips: You should wash and disinfect your garbage bins regularly, and avoid putting wet food or garbage in them. You can use trash bags to keep the bin clean and handle the waste. 


  1. Invest in Air-Purifying Plants and Devices

One of the worse symptoms of Coronavirus is that it can affect your breathing, decreasing the oxygen level in your body. This makes it very important that we try to improve the quality of air in our space to stay healthy. Although plants were already popular in the home decor industry, so some of you might already have them, but air purifying plants like Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Devil’s Ivy, etc are great for keeping the air fresh in your home. 

Viruses may linger in the air, through sneezing, coughing, or even breathing, hence, having air purifiers in the home helps reduce the risk of indoor transmission. If someone in your home has any prior lung or breathing issues you should definitely invest in air purifying machines. By using these natural and mechanical air-purifying techniques you can keep your windows open without any worry. Air purifiers are also advised as you are using a lot of disinfectants and chemical cleaners in your home, which are polluting the air quality in your space. 

Covid19 Home Safety Tip: Try to use organic filters and cleaners to reduce air pollution. Vinegar contains 5% acetic acid. Acetic acid is known for being effective in killing flu germs. You can mix vinegar in hot water and vinegar, and spray it in your home.

Some other indoor plants may also include bamboo palm, philodendron, areca palm, and rubber plant. They help in keeping the pollution levels low and remove toxins from the indoor air. You can also get an Aloe Vera plant for improving the oxygen levels in your indoor air. 



This checklist includes the suggestions offered by home cleaning experts that will help you give your home a deep cleanse.

  1. If any covid19 patient visited your home, make sure to disinfect and vacuum all the carpets, sofas, and drapes in your house that may have come in contact with him. 
  2. Clean all corners, under the bed and sofas
  3. Thoroughly clean all kitchen machines including oven, mixer-grinder, microwave, and dishwasher
  4. Clean your kitchen surface, drawers, and cabinets
  5. Clean and disinfect your entryway regularly
  6. Clean your refrigerator monthly
  7. If you have some extra time on your hand, get rid of the useless things in your home 
  8. Organize your Space and Storage
  9. Wash the linens around the home frequently
  10. Put Mattresses and cushions in the sun


We hope you follow these home decor tips for keeping your home covid-free! 

And lastly, don’t panic! These tips are for your safety, and by following them and keeping your home clean, you can minimize the risk of infection. 

We are all in this together, so let’s Stay Home and Stay safe!