From corporate offices to educational institutes and your home-sweet-home, flower vases can be seen everywhere accentuating the interior of different spaces with and without the flowers. These versatile home decor accessories have been used for centuries by mankind to add the freshness of spring and a burst of color to their home.

Flower vases are the OG centerpieces. However, when it comes to choosing vases people often put more focus on selecting the flower filling than the accent. Thankfully, today vases are available in designs that look nothing less than a sculpted art piece and don’t require flowers to accentuate their beauty. But then again, the number of options available online on home decor stores can turn this selection process into a daunting task for some. So, if you too are struggling with the dilemma of which Vase to choose, Casa Decor is here to help with some sustainable options from its collection.

In the last few years, natural elements like indoor plants and flowers have become a popular part of the home decor scene that automatically connects your space with nature. If you are also aiming for a similar vibe, this guide will help you in exploring different techniques for accentuating your space with flower vases.


5 Home Decor Tips for Styling your Space with Flower Vases

Experiment with Fillers

The modern home decor and interior designing process is all about creativity and experimentation. So, think outside the box and decorate your vases with other things than just your preferred flora and plant. Not only does this method look outdated but also requires a lot of maintenance. And let’s be honest artificial alternatives never end up looking as good. 

So, bring panache to your decoration style using dozens of vase-filling ideas online. From pebbles, pearls to crystals and potpourri, there are plenty of elegant options available for accentuating the visuals of a glass vase. If you have these home decor items in opaque gold metal like our collection, you can display them as an accent without any flowers or fillings. Click here to buy vases and other home decor products online from our website. 


Give Unique a Chance!

Currently, the home decor world is filled with abstract designs and unconventional textures, giving you the perfect opportunity to decorate your home with eclectic pieces. Instead of standard vase designs capture the attention of your guests with unique home decor items. Explore our home decor online store to find unique vases to create a focal point in your home. Available in silver and gold finish the uneven textures of our Silver Alchemy Flower Vase and Schizo Flower Vase will make an artistic display in your home. Pair these metal vases with dried plants or succulents to create an enchanting display.


The Larger the Better!

Oversized vases are all over the internet; invest in these pieces to brighten up your boring corners. Opt for gold metal pieces for creating a mysterious effect. You can complement these oversized home decor products with bamboo sticks, big dry twigs, herbs, and long branches for completing the look. 


Small Flower Vases for the Desk!

Make your work hours more pleasant by displaying small vases as centerpieces on your study or work desk. You can also grow a plant in this vase and feel motivated about going to the office every day. Or buy yourself a rose every day and use it for decorating this vase on your desk. It will not only look beautiful but uplift your mood during meetings and client calls. 


“That’s too many flowers”! – Nobody said it ever.

Everybody loves flowers, and if you are somebody with a garden, we recommend you to make the most of it, and bring the essence and color of some of these blooming flowers into your home. Pair them with our vases online and display them in different shapes and sizes of these home decor accents to create visual harmony in your home.   


Explore our collection and decorate your home with flower vases from to energize and enliven the ambiance of any room. Make sure to be creative and share your flower vase arrangements with us on our social media accounts.