5 Housewarming Gifts that will make their Space Extra Special

Moving into a new home marks the start of a fresh chapter that is not only special for the person living there but also the people in their life. This is one of the reasons why guests struggle with finding the perfect housewarming gifts for the occasion. Decorating a new home can be tricky, and it’s often the gifts from friends and family that add a warm touch to their home. Sometimes the new homeowners ask you for what they want and sometimes you have to observe and find a functional housewarming gift that requires your utmost patience. From home decoration items to functional kitchenware accessories and home organizers, explore these tasteful housewarming gift options from Casa Decor that any new homeowner will love to receive. 


5 Housewarming Gifts from Casa Decor for their New Home

Prairie Garden Bowl Set – Sustainable & Functional

You can never have too many bowls in a home – you need them for everything from your breakfast to after-noon and mid-night snacks – not to forget they are also required for storing the leftovers. Making this bowl set a very thoughtful gift, the fact that it’s sustainable and eco-friendly is just the cherry on the top.  Explore our sustainable serveware collection to shop for handmade housewarming gifts.  


Helix Wooden Candle Stand – Scene-Setters for their new home 

Illuminators symbolize brightness making candle stands a great gift for new starts. Also, if your friends love candles this housewarming gift just becomes 10 times better. Handmade with wood featuring beautiful carving, this candle stand will instill a rustic charm in their home, setting the scene for their different moods when paired with a candle. 


Bar Accessories – For all their weekend escapades

Sometimes simple gifts are better than buying the host something that they clearly don’t want. If you know that the new homeowner has already shopped every home decor accessory they need or is complaining about the new space being cluttered because of all the gifts, maybe don’t buy them the lazy Susan that you really liked at the mall. Instead consider minuscule and functional accessories like coasters, bottle openers, and wine stoppers. These functional bar accessories will be easy to store and will come in handy as they entertain all their loved ones in their new home. Available with initial inlays and scripted words, you can use our bar accessories as a personalized gift as well.


Catalpa Leaf Aluminum Tray - Let them Explore the Beauty of Nature

Moving into a new home often calls for a lot of celebrations and parties. First, there is the struggle of moving, and then hosting so many celebrations – making serveware accessories a very useful housewarming gift. 

These mini-platters are perfect for serving small portions of food and can also be used for organizing trinkets. The leaf shape and silver finish also make them a gorgeous home decoration item that will look stunning on your friend’s new furniture. You can also explore a wide variety of cake stands, lazy Susan turntables, and decorative trays on our home decor online store.  


Home Decor Accents 

Home decoration accessories are a classic when it comes to gifting. Be it Diwali, Christmas, wedding, or a housewarming party – sculptures, vases and accents make the best gifts. Consider buying the new homeowners a home decor item that resonates with their taste and personality. If the host likes flowers buy a vase, if they follow Feng-Shui explore the wildlife and buy them an animal accent. Explore our home decor products online to find the best housewarming gifts for your loved ones. 


Gifting Advice: If you are close, make sure to ask the host, what they want, it’s always better to buy something they want in their home than a random home decor product. Also, instead of the aesthetic of the products while shopping for a housewarming gift, consider its functionality. This way the new homeowner will really appreciate your gift, as opposed to keeping it packed in the storage. 


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