It’s time you make some changes in your kitchen, and upgrade your cooking and serving style. The modern innovations have made cooking extremely easy with advanced kitchen accessories and gadgets; however, there are few things everyone should have in their kitchen according to professional chefs, which we have listed below that help in cooking as well as serving.

So, if you are still using old plastic bowls and chopping boards that you used in university or cheap knives that you brought from a random store a decade ago, your kitchen accessories are due for these upgrades.


  1. A Set of Sharp Knives

Knives are the most important and used accessory in the kitchen, you need them for cooking everything whether it's meat, veggies, or a sandwich.

However, seldom do people use the right knife for performing specific tasks. Depending on the texture and sturdiness of the product, you need different knives, like butcher knife is used for cutting meat and tends to be sharper, while a fruit knife is smaller in size. So, order these kitchen items online, according to your daily use and requirements.


  1. Chopping Board

Like knives, chopping boards are an equally essential kitchen accessory for making your kitchen functional. Apart from cutting veggies, fruits, meat on these boards you can also use them for slicing pizza, sandwiches, desserts, sushi, etc.

So, instead of ruining your plates and kitchen counter, invest in a chopping board. However avoid buying plastic cutting boards, as the plastic can mix with the food, instead, look for wooden or marble chopping boards. Marble boards not only look exceptionally good but can also be used as a platter or tray, making them a must-have kitchen item.


  1. Sustainable Wooden Bowls

Whether it’s your mid-day snacks or weekly salad diets, invest in sustainable serve ware to make your bites healthier for yourself and the planet.

Switch to ceramic and wooden bowls, instead of plastic and other toxic materials. We recommend buying a set of wooden bowls in different sizes, so you can use them for different purposes.


  1. Cake Stand

What’s the point of creating a beautiful cake, or a batch of rose muffins, if you can’t brag about it, and display it on an equally fanciful throne? Serve ware is also a part of kitchen accessories, so ensure you have a collection of festive platter ready whenever you make your delicious delicacies.

You can buy cake stands in different designs and patterns from stores of kitchenware online or offline.


  1. Coasters

2020 has made us very comfortable with the idea of house parties, and made coasters our best friend, as they prevent the surfaces of home from staining every week; minimizing our cleaning stress.

Coasters are a must-have kitchen accessory in every home, whether you like to host parties or not. They prevent your expensive furniture from spills and stains while looking pretty on your table. Coasters serve the purpose of both a decoration and functional utility in your decor. These tableware accessories are available in a variety of designs, which you can explore online.

Note: Whenever shopping for kitchen items online or offline, make sure that the products are made from good quality and food-safe material.