An artwork is a vital ingredient for adding character and instilling an element of curiosity in home decor. Home decorating can be confusing but selecting an art piece can actually make you lose sleep, whether it is an art print, painting, or a vintage photograph, choosing the right piece can be a very intimidating process. Because you expect people to judge your taste based on your art selection and you also want to make an impression on your guests. 

So, to help demystify this process, we have explored the internet and scoured articles of several art specialists and interior designers to create a quick home decor guide on how to choose praise-worthy art pieces for your home.



  1. Gauge Your Style

You don’t have to be edgy and invest in a piece you can’t understand or don’t find captivating. Art is subjective, and that the most beautiful characteristic of art. So, try to find artworks that blend well with your home decor as well as your taste

 You can explore local galleries around your area and support local artists, or browse through social media and home decor online stores to find some unique pieces. There will definitely be a few pieces that are going strike a chord with your heart. Connect with their artists, and if you are curious you can learn more about the pieces before making the purchase. And trust us – you want to know a little about it because the art piece will start lots of conversations in your home. 

Remember you don’t have to be an art major or art connoisseur to buy art, there is no right or wrong way of appreciating art, anyone can delve deeper into it if they find a piece that resonates with them. So, explore as much as you can. 

Caution: If this is the first painting you have ever bought, you are likely to get obsessed with the design style and color schemes, so don’t come to us when your home decor starts looking like a haven of art connoisseurs, because you have been warned. 


  1. Choose Contrasting Styles

Artworks come in a variety of color schemes, so make sure to select pieces that stand out on your wall. Avoid matching the painting with the wall; try to create a contrast with your home decoration and opt for pieces, which highlight in that shade for creating an eye-catching display. 

In case your heart is stuck on a piece that is similar to your wall paint, you can always add other wall accents like mirrorswall motifs, etc, to make it more aesthetic and seamless. 


  1. Plan Ahead

Before investing in the artwork, eye-up your home and decide where you want to hang the painting. Figure out if you want to display it solo as statement pieces or create a cluster of paintings, like in art galleries. 

In both scenarios, it is recommended that you scale the artwork. If you want to display it as a solo piece, make sure that it is big enough to grab everyone’s attention. And if you are going for the gallery look, create a mockup of the artworks to see how different sizes and styles look assembled together and rearrange them accordingly to create a masterpiece. 


  1. Invest in High-Quality Glass and Framing

Artworks can be quite expensive so, if you are investing in an art print instead and saving some money, make sure that you spend extra on good quality glass and frame for elevating the look and feel of the printed art piece. Even good quality prints will look distasteful and unsophisticated if wrapped in bad quality glass and frame. The frame will also help you accentuate your home decor so make sure to purchase it according to your decor theme.


  1. Try Mixing the Mediums

Most interior designers like the conjunction of a variety of art mediums in a wall gallery as it creates a beautiful chaos. This type of dramatic effect on a wall gallery is perfect for minimalistic and modern homes, especially if the walls are white and grey. 

For instance, you can use a gold wall sculpture and surround it with vintage photographs, and black and white art paintings. It is a great way of creating visually appealing displays with multiple artworks in big spaces. 

Note: Play with the color schemes in moderation, as too much color in everything can divert attention from the wall. Also, always select artworks with contrasting mood tones to your wall decor theme. 


Hope these tips can help you select the right artworks for your home!

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