Have you been itching to take a trip to a farm or go on an animal safari? Well, you can bring the grasslands and the jungle to your door, by simply decorating your interior with a horde of animal sculptures. Celebrate the glory of the panther, in the form of a home decor accent, or add a Jumbo elephant following your spiritual beliefs. Or teach the children how to chill, hanging a monkey in front of their closet. Choose quirky decorative pieces, and add your spirit animal in your space, accentuating the essence of your personality in every room. Animal figurines, not only look amazing as decorative accents but also catch the visitors’ eyes, starting conversations that automatically break the ice. Get creative and animal-happy including a selection of animal sculptures, figurines, and statues in your space. Here are some animals whose majestic designs will make your space shine in its glory!

1. Owls
The owls are known for their keen sight and intelligence. You can explore our collection and order owls sculpture not only in the form of home decor accents but also as hooks. It’s amongst the few animals that make the room feel very neutral, as they are mostly available in metal pieces and have a lot of detailing around the wings. If you have a very focused-nature, you can add owl decorative accents in your living room or bedroom to represent that side of your personality.

2. Butterflies
Who doesn’t love butterflies as an aesthetic? Even if you are not so fond of the insect, you won’t mind decorating your home with their colorful designs and patterns. You must have seen people incorporating butterfly designs mostly in linens, tablecloths, etc. But instead of going for the obvious colorful choice, you can also use subtle home decor accents even shelves with butterfly designs made up of metal to create a classic rustic look. Butterfly designs despite being connoted with females can be fairly unisex, especially if you select decorative pieces made of metals.

3. Jaguar
Nothing screams power and elegance like a jaguar ready to attack its prey. These wild cats will do wonder for your decor. Explore our collection of animal figurines to shop for a jaguar metal sculpture.

4. Dogs
We all love dogs! Well, most us of do. And even your parents or landlord doesn’t allow you to keep a pet; you can bring this companion and add little warmth of your favorite fluffy animals in your home. Dog sculptures can be used for decorating homes as well as offices, depending on your choice.

5. Elephants
We have a wide collection of elephant accents, artifacts, and bookends. Elephants are not only considered auspicious in several cultures, but also have a spiritual significance. You can place elephant sculptures in any room, from your living room to the home office.

There are several other animal figurines and sculptures that you can use as home decor accents, for accentuating your interior and adding a fun character in your space. Explore our collection of animal-inspired home decor interior and bring in the unique and exquisite charm of jungle safari indoors.

Note: You can buy any animal you like, but it is important that you use animal home decor accents in moderation and place them in rooms where appropriate. Buy small accent pieces so that they blend nicely with your interior. Avoid investing in furry animal decorative pieces, as they might end up looking like a toy. Go for classy, chic, and accents that are up of metals.