Spring starts-off with some of the best celebrations of the year which are followed by summer break and a lot of parties, making it important for you to get ready with a tablescape for hosting the most memorable get-togethers.

Here in this blog, we have listed some home decor style tips that will help you decorate your table like a 5-star Michigan restaurant during gatherings. From linen checklist and centerpieces to platters and cake stands, we have listed everything you need to upgrade your tablescape and serving game.


  1. Colorful Linens

The linen checklist for a table includes napkins, tablecloths, table runners, and mats. The first step for creating an aesthetic table begins with the selection of beautiful table linen. It is on the first layer on which everything will be placed on. You can experiment with muted modern shades like cream, beige, black, brown, and white, or select a color that blends in your home decor. 

Casa Home Decor Hack: Avoid opting for loud prints or flashy colors when buying table linen. You can use all these different tablecloths to create a contrast with each other.  

However, selecting muted-tones is better as it will highlight the serveware, food, and other decorations displayed on the table. 


  1. Decorative Centerpiece

Use sculptures, artifacts, and home decor accents for styling your dining table that resonate with the philosophy of cooking. You can also use decor elements like a vase or a lantern or a combination of all three if there is enough space. 

Casa Home Decor Hack: Display fresh floral arrangements in the vases to create an eye-catching and attractive display.


  1. Add Unexpected Table Accessories

Don’t forget to include functional elements like coasters, napkin rings on your table! Table accessories give the dining surface a more polished look. These decorative tablewares help organize the table in a stylish fashion. You can select these items based on a similar design or a common theme for adding a personal meaning to the table setting. Some ideas for using these decorative items include:

  • Animal theme: Use coasters with bird inlays and pair them with napkin rings with mini-bird figurines 
  • You can also shop for holiday-related themes like fall leaves, reindeer, pumpkins, or small Christmas-inspired designs in these products. 
  • You can also match these functional items with decorative displays like vases, flowers, or sculptures.
  • Explore our home decor online store to find alphabet coasters and personalize the sitting arrangement with your guest’s initials.


  1. Functional Decorative Platters

The way you serve food on the table plays an important role in making it appear tempting and tasteful. Explore the collection of serveware on our home decor store online and set-up the most beautiful table. 

You can use cake stands to display the main dish or the dessert or turntables like Lady Susan, for making more room on the table and making dishes accessible to all. Lady Susan will also let you to display different condiments, allowing the guests to add any flavor they like.  


  1. Add Wax, Wick & Drama to your Table with Candles

Add a festive touch to your table by including vintage-style tea-light holders and candle stands. From movies to TV dramas, we have been told that there is nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner. So, make your guest feel special by lighting some candles around the table. 

You can use a candle stand for creating a royal look and tea-light holders for adding a pop of color to the tablescape. When placed strategically candles will create sparkle on shiny objects, highlight the food, and cast a warm glow in the room. 

Home Decor Hack: Avoid using scented candles on the dinner table as fragrance might feel strong to some guests. Scented candles will also clash with the food’s aroma, so avoid them.

If you have a big balcony or terrace consider setting up this candle-lit dinner table there for making the night more special.


Use these home decor style tips for elevating the dining experience of your guests by styling a table that makes everyone feel special. 

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