Wedding season is already here, and we are sure that you have been invited to a couple of them, making you wonder - what wedding gifts will suit which couple? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with this selection.  Casa Decor presents an exclusive list of stunning and sustainable home decor products that will make beautiful wedding gifts for the newly wedded couple. From wooden boxes filled with memories to accents that symbolize love, bless the new couple with meaningful gifts this wedding season. 


5 Wedding Gifts to Make their New Start More Special

Love Pair Aluminum Bookends 

According to Vastu and Feng Shui beliefs, a pair of swans is considered to be the symbol of love togetherness, and romance, and its placement in the bedroom is said to sustain the warm energy in a couple’s life. Gift this beautiful bookend set to the new couple to bless them with an abundance of affection and romance. 


Silver Aluminum Candle Stand 

This candle stand set would be perfect for all their romantic dinners and movie nights at home. Pair this candle stand set with the new couple’s favorite scents to make this wedding gift more personal.  


Cocoa Acacia Wooden Bowl 

Be it dessert, oats, or salads, this beautiful wooden bowl will come in handy for preparing and serving a wide variety of meals. This way the couple will be reminded of you every time they use this bowl. Fashioned in premium wood, this kitchen-safe bowl effortlessly enhances the look of the kitchen and dining table bringing a vintage charm indoor. You can also gift them our Prairie Garden Wooden Bowl Set to make their kitchenware collection more sustainable and functional.


Royal Selection Lazy Susan

Since the new couple will be hosting a lot of dinners, why don’t you help them impress their guests with this gift? Serving accessories are a great gift for most occasions, be it a festive celebration, housewarming party, or wedding. The new couple is expected to entertain both sides of the family. And with some of the relatives meeting them for the first time, it’s important the couple makes an impression. Our Royal Selection Lazy Susan Turntable is a must-have entertaining accessory that will not only make serving convenient but also add a royal charm in the new groom’s and bride's home, with its intricate white patterns. Explore serveware accessories and other home decor products online on our website to find thoughtful gifts for the newly wedded couple.


Boxed in Beauty Wooden Box Set 

Featuring a bedazzled look, this wooden box set is perfect for new brides. It will make a great wedding gift for a sibling or a close friend. You can fill this box with your memories together, or some souvenirs that hold special meaning to you. You can also cover the box with chocolates with a special surprise inside in the form of jewelry. Brides often have too many jewels that require a lot of storage space; these Bedazzled boxes will help them keep their jewels and all your memories safe and secure. 


So, this wedding season, get a little creative and congratulate the newlyweds with timeless wedding gifts that can make their new journey more special. 

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