Are you redecorating your current space, or have you just acquired a new one to decorate? Well, if are still struggling to find some home decor tips for decorating the walls in your new apartment, then you have come to the right place. 

Selecting home decor accessories and assembling them can be a struggle. But nothing is more stressful than finding pieces for accentuating the walls. 

Be it small or big spaces, every home needs wall mirrors. Mirrors not only act as a functional and stylish addition to your space, but they also help create an illusion of a bigger space by reflecting light across the room. By using mirrors in your wall decor you can achieve a modern home interior design!

For many, the use of mirrors is still limited to seeing their reflection as they dress and doll-up in the bathroom. But honestly, they also look stunning displayed in between art and next to the drapery of green indoor plants. 

Since time immemorial, wall mirrors have been used as cultural archetypes, so much so they have been used in great stories like ‘Snow-white’ in ever-gentle lines “Mirror, Mirror”. And today with the variety of frames and shapes available in wall mirrors online and offline, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have become an essential home decor accent. 

Use the home decor tips listed in this blog and strategically place wall mirrors in your home to highlight the unique and exquisite characteristics of your house. 



  1. The Placement

Placement is the most crucial and technical aspect of these home decor tips, to get the most of mirror decor. A beautiful and expensive mirror can look bland and tasteless if you don’t know how to place it correctly. 

Unlike paintings and artworks, which interior designers recommend to hang at eye level, the standard for mirrors varies based on their design as well as the structure of the room. This varies because of height and reflection. 

Based on the functionality and the room the mirrors should be placed at different heights. Places like bathrooms, entryways where you observe your reflection obviously should have a mirror placed at an appropriate height. However, for decorative and aesthetic purposes, it should be placed at a height that allows it to capture the maximum amount of light. 


  1. Visual Tricks

Mirrors are known for creating a sense of space, they absorb the light in the area and make it bounce, reflecting it everywhere. Thus, they offer a dual sensation of brightness and depth. The strategic placement of a mirror in a place can create similar amounts of brightness in comparison to adding windows.

You can create such an effect by turning the mirror’s faces towards the window, giving it access to light and the bright view of the outdoors. This will bring the exterior inside your house creating a beautiful viewpoint, with the light, making your living space appear more spacious.

Mirrors build harmony between the interior and the home while ensuring that everything has its share of the spotlight. 


  1. The Art of Decorating Large Scale Mirror

We are often told less is more when it comes to design. However, this rule doesn’t apply in this case. You can use a large-scale wall mirrors or a collection of identical mirrors to create a minimalist aesthetic yet a stunning display in your living room. 

Use this home decor tip on wide and taller walls that are focused towards the window or some source of light. The assembly of mirrors will add an elegant and distinctive display to your room. This setup is perfect for hosting areas, like living rooms, dining areas, or home bar etc. You can explore the mirror collection on our home decor online store and create a beautiful arrangement with their geometrical frames. 

Note: Use this mirror trick based on the size and architecture of your space. You can explore Pinterest for getting some inspiration and a rough idea of how it looks. 


  1. Asymmetry in decorating walls with mirrors

Interior designers love asymmetry, it is also expected to be a popular trend in 2021. So, if you are skeptical about this home decor hack just imagine seeing your space divided into 20 different sections. You must have seen this decor set up in hotels and fancy restaurants. Now, while these mirrors are not ideal for seeing your face and getting ready – they do a similar job reflecting light in the room. 

The function of these mirrors is purely decorative but they definitely take the luxury quotient up a notch in your space. 


  1. “The Bigger the Better” 

Full wall mirrors might sound bizarre in retrospect but look absolutely amazing when placed correctly. Full wall mirrors are perfect for dividing walls, between the kitchen and dining area or living room. So, don’t be afraid of experimenting with large mirrors, as they can really add more depth to a small room. 

Instead of attaching the mirrors to the wall, you can simply buy one with an elegant frame and support it to the wall. This will give the room an undeniable romantic touch. You also can display them in the narrow aisles of the home, to contribute to their decorative theme. 

If you want to make things extra fancy in your home, you can add mirrors on your sealing walls instead of the sides and pair it with a dark aesthetic chandelier. 


  1. Hide Mirrors between Art/Photo Gallery

This home decor tip has been getting a lot of attention on the internet which looks absolutely stunning in long hallways and living rooms. Most of us have a wall in our home, which is either dedicated to old photographs or paintings. Add some vintage mirrors in this mix to give it an old-world charm. 

This home decor hack will fill your space with a lot of personality. Based on the photo frames you can create a similar aesthetic making them look like a part of the same collection or create a contrast by introducing modern designs between classic and vintage illustrations. 


In conclusion, if you are confused about what to add to your walls, maybe you should explore some mirror designs on our home decor online store. Mirrors are becoming very popular as interior designers are incorporating them more and more in their decorating maps, because of their functional use as well as several other features. Use the above-mentioned home decor tips to create a beautiful accent wall with mirrors. 

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