We all collectively spent the majority of 2020 and 2021 sheltered in the comfort of our homes, which created a spotlight on our spaces, making us all a little more concerned about the latest home decor trends. From 1-minute interior hacks to DIY home decor trends we are all guilty of spending every day scrolling through social media exploring this genre of content. 

And with the extension of lockdowns, as most of the dining tables in the homes turned into work desks, and living rooms transformed into multifunctional spaces that emphasized on working, entertainment, education, and hospitality, gradually everyone in your family took over different spaces in the house to do their own thing.

So as we continue to live in these uncertain times in 2022 as well; we have some home designing tips and home decor products that will help you stay entertained and be more comfortable in your space. 




Although the world is optimistic, thanks to the availability of vaccines – with the growing number of cases; people still don’t have any hopes of traveling in 2022. This means we all will be spending most of this year also sheltered in our homes. However, we can update it to meet our new needs. 

Naturally, major changes would be avoided because of the necessary requirement of handymen which will go against the pandemic guidelines. However, you can still make small in your home like changing your furniture, to give it a new feel or make it more comfortable. For instance, if you rapidly had to create a small home office in your house, with a dining chair, you can invest in a comfortable piece to make it more functional. 

Since everybody is staying at home, relaxed cozy furniture is going to become the new home decor trend. As some of you might have realized while spending months on your couch last year that midcentury furniture is not as comfortable as it looks. So, this year invest in comfortable and cozy home decor items online.



2020 tested the functionality of everything in our homes be it side tables, which were being used as laptop tables while working from home, or art pieces that were rearranged for video calls, or wall shelves and multi-layers baskets that offered extra space for hoarding sufficient grocery for limiting store visits. 

Following these events, it is likely that people would want to create a living space with more comfortable, usable, and functional pieces. As we spend more time at home, it’s natural that we would also look for ways to entertain ourselves so, adding games tables, creating more seating areas and a multipurpose library that can allow everyone to pursue different activities while staying in the same room – will be on top of our revamping list. 

Also, it is necessary to have more seating areas in the home, as house parties are becoming more popular because of safety reasons. Based on the predictions of interior experts home decor enthusiasts will be investing a lot more in kitchenware and bar accessories as they will be hosting a lot of house parties in 2022. Explore a wide range of entertaining home decor products online on our home decor online store.



When you start to spend a lot of time at a place you start to notice all the imperfections and clutter in it. No matter how much you clean when you spend every day in your home it always seems unorganized and crowded. One of the best ways of dealing with this illusion is to invest in minimal furniture and home decor accessories. 

Luxe Minimalism is going to be amongst the primary home decor trends this year. Since most of us are learning, working and multi-tasking in our homes – bringing minimalistic designs and natural materials like marble and wood will add a sense of serenity to our personal space. Whites and other light shades are going to take over home decor brands online. 



Be it furniture or wall paint, neutral tones are always popular amongst interior designers. So, if you want to paint your walls, or try a new DIY home decor trend you can consider mixing strong colored accessories or furniture with neutrals walls in your decor. 

Experiment with pattern play and stronger colors to make a statement and bid farewell to the gloomy vibes of 2020 and 2021. If you have taken up gardening as a hobby, you would definitely love to include green color and a botanic theme in your decor. Explore our outdoor garden collection online to buy a beautiful range of garden stands, planters and more.



As mentioned above, comfortable seating, layered furnishing, and rich tones will be popular this season. These elements would look exceptional with high-style accessories like artifacts, sculptures, and home decor accents.

Gold and silver will give your home a touch of glamour, if you are going for a minimalistic look. These statement pieces will also look great in your Zoom backgrounds, so consider accessorizing your video-meeting room with more artful, bolder, and personal accents in 2022. 



Staying in has become the new going out! We are all trying to adjust to these unfamiliar changes that came with the pandemic and looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Last year has definitely changed the way we celebrated small joys.  

From karaoke machines to Bigger TVs and better sound systems, most of the party-animals in our lives have turned their homes into a lounge where they can hang out with friends, enjoy blockbuster movies, and still host crazy parties, all in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Many of us also turned our rooftops and balconies into entertainment areas for hosting dinners and low-key get-togethers. As we host more celebrations in our homes we are appreciating the dining areas more, which may influence the way we style our kitchens and select its design to offer more sitting space. Also, as we miss the ambiance of our favorite restaurants and movie theatres we will strive to create a similar theme in our home modifying everything from furniture to lighting to make it look more fanciful. 


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