Apart from the tableware essentials like Plates, glasses, and cutlery, there are some table accessories that can help you in setting up a beautiful tablescape while making your dining experience more convenient and comfortable.

From Lazy Susan Turntables that make food accessible to everyone to napkin rings that keep the napkins in their place, creating a fancy visual – these tableware accessories are functional pieces that will reduce your cleaning time post-dinner.

Your dining space is an integral part of your home, it’s where you share laughs with your kids and partner, and entertain guests with all the secret delicacies of your family. So, naturally, you should design the interior of your dining area and table keeping this thing in mind.

You can achieve this by decorating your dining table with tableware accessories that are functional in everyday use as well as decorative enough to entertain surprise visitors in your home. There is a plethora of dining table accessories online that you can buy according to your home decor. However, with the increasing categories in this home decor section, you may get confused about what to add and what shouldn't be considered.

So, here in this blog, we have listed some essential serving and functional dining table accessories that will keep you prepared for hosting any gathering.





Utensils play the most important role in the kitchen as well as a dining table. And different utensils are designated to be used for certain things. You can’t serve ‘dal’ on a plate, neither a beverage in a bowl, each utensil has its own role and you should follow these by heart. A good dinner set is absolutely necessary for a smooth dining experience, you can prepare the best meal but if you don't have the right cutlery your guest won't be able to enjoy it.

From metal to fine bone China, dinner sets available in a wide variety online, you just have to choose what goes well with your home decor and furniture style. Invest in fancier sets for special occasions, and select dinner sets, with patterns and colors that work beautifully with the elements of the table. 

You can also use different dinner sets to create arrangements based on the season like red for Christmas and floral for spring. Matching cutlery is a must, so make sure the design and color of plates, glasses, and cutlery compliments each other.


  1. THE CENTERPIECE: Accents, Vases, or Sculptures

Be it a coffee or dining table, every table requires a centerpiece - only with the dining area, you can get creative with the home decor products. From metallic trays to sculpture and flower vases you can order a wide variety of home decor items online for decorating this space. 

Newlywed couples can introduce a candle stand as the focal point on their table and enjoy candlelight dinners every day and frequent party organizers can make the table more functional by using designer Lazy Susan and Cake Stands as their permanent centerpiece, covering it with different condiments.

The centerpiece is an important element as it aligns and organizes all the other accessories and serving dishes on the table. It ties everything on the table - giving the setting an aesthetic feel. You can explore CASA DECOR for shopping these central elements in the form of intricate accents, ornate statues, and beautiful vases.

Casa Decor Style Tip: If you have a habit of leaving coins or jewelry on your dining table introduce a small trinket tray on it for organizing these Knicks and knacks. 



Food looks more inviting and appetizing when it is served on platters as tasteful as the dish. From cake stands to snack platters, invest in beautiful serving trays to bring attention to each dish. You can also use cake stands as a centerpiece for your table and decorate it with different desserts every day. The welcoming display will lure guests to grab a bite and devour your baked goods. Always ensure to place the main dish on a Platter to bring focus on it, so that everyone knows what to look forward to.



Lazy Susan Turntables are a great addition to make more room on the table. You can display all the condiment jars allowing your guests to dip their snacks in their favorite sauce and sprinkle their food with salt and spices based on their taste and preferences; ensuring everyone enjoys their meal. 

The rotating feature of these table accessories makes the food and Condiments displayed on it accessible to all, allowing the host to enjoy their meal without the trouble of passing things.



Often ignored on the table, coasters – are must-have tableware accessories that can reduce your cleaning distress by simply preventing the drinks from staining your beautiful table surfaces. Coasters are available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different home decor themes. You can buy coasters online in diverse designs for creating different table settings. However, ensure that you use a unifying design on the table unless you going for a geometrical or colorful look.  



A table covered in delicious food, desserts, and drinks with people of all age groups, is prone to some accidental spills and stains, making this dining table accessory a very important addition to your table. Also, with the availability of tissue at hand, you can clean as go.

Whether you are using paper tissue or cloth napkins you should always pair them with tissue holders and napkin rings to keep the table arrangement intact. 

White or plain cloth napkins are perfect for formal dinners, and tissue papers can be used during everyday meals. You can find a beautiful selection of both tissue holders and napkin rings online. While using cloth napkins, ensure that they are properly ironed, clean, and compliment other fabric-based table accessories like a table runner, coaster, etc. Again you can look at different colors to set the tone for the occasion and give the dining room a festive touch.


Remember the most important thing on your dining table is the taste of food, so don't forget to focus on it. These tableware accessories will only help add a visual flavor to the recipes of your kitchen, so, you will still have to work on the taste.

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