This blog takes a close look at how people are changing their home design subconsciously during the Pandemic and how their interior will evolve post Covid19!

The pandemic has forced everyone to reconsider the way they live and build their future. From the implementation of social distancing rules in public areas to making changes in our home design to work-from-home, we all have made temporary modifications in our home decor to swiftly accept the changes in our lifestyles that came with the sudden arrival of Coronavirus. 

As we are confined in our homes more than ever, each and every home decor accessory in our space has come under the spotlight. The way we resided in our homes has changed as our demands to accommodate in our space have increased in the new, unforeseen era. 

Based on the industry foresight many believe that these new reliances of the virus will leave a persistent mark on our lifestyle even after the pandemic subsides. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we have already modified our homes to entertain more services and activities – be it organizing more house parties or attending business meetings and ‘zoom’ conferences. We all have created mini-bars and small workspaces in our homes! 

And as the cases continue to grow, we are becoming more habitual of these new routines in our space. So, based on the current home decor trends and concepts, we have created a list of things that may change in your home design following COVID-19.


An Interior Designer’s Take on How our Home Interior will Look Post-Pandemic

  1. New Interest in Adaptable Layouts

You might have noticed how your connection to your home — both mental and physical — has never been greater; as you are spending more time there. This is likely to persist or even intensify for some after the pandemic subsides. Naturally, if this happens, you will have to design your home decor theme in a way that can accommodate a plethora of activities to suit your lifestyle. You may consider creating designated spaces for specific activities like exercise, entertainment, etc; like you might have built for your work. 

Hosting more activities in your space will require you to create a greater degree of adaptability and flexibility in your home decor as well as interior design. 


  1. A Universal Need for Private Outdoor Space

Ever since the onset of the Coronavirus, our appreciation for the outdoors and nature has greatly increased. We are all craving a vacation and have collectively turned into amateur gardeners. The simple act of going out for a walk or just sitting in a park brings us monumental joy. However, because of the condition, and these activities aren’t universally accessible. As a result, most of us have started paying attention to our outdoor spaces, be it balcony or terrace. Home designers are receiving more results for building private outdoor spaces.  

Outdoor spaces are not only good for meditation, yoga, and relaxation; they can also be used for hosting open parties! And now that we have gotten used to the idea of outdoor spaces, it will likely remain popular in the coming years. Even people with small spaces can integrate a tiny green garden on their porches, balconies, roofs, and backyards. 


  1. A Need for Home Office

Remember how your company had announced a work-from-home policy when the lockdown was initially announced and how you turned your dining room table into a home office desk? Well, you were not alone, a lot of people turned different spaces in their homes into an office. While some people ordered laptop tables and desk organizers from home decor online stores and turned their beds into a comfortable working space, others with spare rooms invested in constructing a dedicated space for work. 

This change has made companies more comfortable with the idea of allowing their employee to work from home. However, although you may not require transferring between busy roads and trains to reach your new ‘offices’, your home workspace lacks the amenities necessary for being productive, which we will see people incorporate in their home decor theme in the near future. Several companies are also predicting that remote working can also turn into the new norm. If this happens post-pandemic, functional private offices will become an integral part of every home design. 


  1. Sanitized Entryways

One thing is for sure – that sanitizers will become a constant part of people’s life, at least for the generation who has witnessed Covid-19. As restrictions are being lifted even in restaurants and malls customers are been sprayed with disinfectant before entering the premises. Residents have adopted a similar concept; anything or anyone who enters our home needs to be sanitized. 

There is a high chance we will have PTSD after the Pandemic, so we are likely to take these precautions even post Covid-19 for keeping our homes safe. Hence our entryways may become defined transitional spaces where everyone will be expected to place their bags, hang their jackets, remove their shoes and cleanse their hands with sanitizer before entering. 


  1. Smart Kitchen Design

With people spending more time at their homes, they have started cooking more which automatically increased the significance of kitchens. I mean, who hasn’t tried making ‘Dalgona Coffee’ or ‘Oven Cake’ in the pandemic at least once? These easy-to-make recipes were trending everywhere on social media, as we all turned into amateur bakers and chefs.

However, cooking can also be tiresome when you don’t have the right equipment or a dishwasher to clean the mess that you have created, making smart kitchen designs a prominent requirement for homeowners. This may include the insertion of hands-free technology like voice-activated machines in the kitchen as well as home design for controlling lights, appliances, and water faucets. 

The sudden lockdowns have also made pantries necessary and hoarding grocery a routine practice so that the visits to the store can be limited. 


  1. Air Purification Systems

Coronavirus affects lungs and breathing ability, hence the improvement of air quality has and will remain a major concern among people throughout the pandemic. Due to pollution people in metropolitan cities already paid attention to unfiltered outside air and prevented it from coming inside their homes. But as the awareness increases air purification systems are going to become a part of our home design. When it comes to home decor, India, a lot of people have included air purifying machines as well as plants in their space to improve the air quality. 

Air purification systems take the outside air and recondition it to supply fresh air in the premises. These systems work in conjunction with HVAC for making homes healthier.


If you search home decor online right now, you will find that interior designers are already exploring these approaches to develop home designs that utilize adjustable walls, portable furniture, new technology, etc for transforming the architecture of any home (apartment or house) into multiple dedicated spaces!


Let us know what changes you made in your home during the pandemic in the comments below. Explore more blogs or check out our home decor collection at!