There's something utterly comfortable and rejuvenating about spring and including that comforting warmth in your home decor can create an uplifting mood in your space. After months of chilly weather, we all want to embrace the energy and trends that come with the new season. 

When we think of spring we instantly imagine beautiful fresh foliage on trees and colorful blooming flowers. This season incorporate the vibrant vibe of spring in your interior using a splash of colors enjoying its felicity all year around.

If you love foliage in general you can infuse tropical or bohemian home decor themes in your home and get greeted by a happy feeling all year round every time you step into your colorful home. 

According to Emily Henderson, a leading interior designer hints of colors contrasting to the base color of the room helps create a vibrant and more energetic aura in the space, making it more welcoming and inviting. 

So, read this blog and get ready to turn your home into a euphoric sanctuary filled with colors using these home decor trends.


7 Ways for Introducing a Colorful Splash of Spring in your Interior

  1. Paint your Walls with Vibrant Color Palettes

Turn your home into a tropical sanctuary by painting your walls green, in the popular color of this season. Home decor enthusiasts are in love with the green color. So, if you are planning a paint job this year, you can experiment with green palettes, or add wall accessories in this color to match your beautiful succulents. As, green offers an excellent backdrop to a nature-inspired interior. You can also create a contrast with shades of blues and white for creating vibrant coastal vibes. 


  1. Redecorate your Vases

A spring-inspired decor is incomplete without a display of flowers. Explore Gold Vases on our home decor online store to add a hint of glimmer to your decor while displaying fresh or artificial flowers in them. As the season change, you can switch the flowers according to the season. This way you will be able to create dynamic displays throughout the year. 


  1. Spread Greenery

Indoor plants have become very popular in the last 2 years; use these natural greens to instill a radiant and fresh aura in your home decor 24/7. Indoor plants not only look aesthetic displayed in any room of your home be it your bathroom or living room, but some of them also purify the air, which is definitely going to benefit your health. 

Explore our online home decor store to buy plant stands for new greens and succulents. 


  1. Play with Colorful Fabrics

Fabrics like curtains, cushions, and carpets are great for inserting contrasting colors in a room; apart from the color they also help in adding more layers, textures, and patterns in the room. You can use these interiors to give your home decor a joyful charm. You can pair dark fabrics in rooms with bright walls and bright layers in rooms with darker color palettes.


  1. Express Color with Frames

There isn’t anything classier than a dash of color spread across a room in a complementary order. Use colorful art and photo frames to highlight the walls and the corners in your space and make a statement with subtle insertion of neon, sparkle, and sequins. You can explore a beautiful selection of handmade photo frames on our home decor online store, as well. 


  1. Hang a Painting

Paintings are conversation evoking and mood uplifting. It often also becomes the focal point in the room, hence adding a big bright abstract painting on your wall will definitely help you achieve the perfect spring vibe, especially if you opt for the scenery of a flower field. So, scroll through social media and find yourself some amazing upcoming artists and choose a colorful piece that resonates with your persona. 


  1. Spread Some Light

Ditch dark lampshades for bright colors, and change your curtain into light shades to allow more light to enter and spread in your room. The season of color is radiant, and you can’t possibly mimic this effect in your home decor with limited access to light. You can switch your candle scents from pumpkin, and use floral fragrances to give your senses the full experience. Apart from this, you can also add bright accents in your space like mirrors, candle stands that bring more light into your space.