Decorating your home is a very precise and personal exercise. Just like browsing houses, you explore a variety of furniture, lights, accessories online and offline to select each piece and decide what items will go into each room. From rugs to kitchenware – everything you include in a house makes it your home. 

However, even though you are free to include whatever you want, there are still a couple of essential home decor items every home should have. We have listed some of these home decor accessories in this blog, which you can add in your home if you already haven’t. By having these accessories in your home you can ensure that your space always looks best despite your home decor design style


7 Home Decor Items Everyone Should Have in Their Home

  1. A Tray

You might wonder why trays are on this list, everyone obviously has it in their home. Well, trays can be great and multi-functional for a couple of reasons. The first one is obviously, that they are great for serving snacks and drinks, but they can also be used for organizing the minuscule trinkets in your home or a throne for all the corral accessories on your table surface. Decorative trays lend a sense of organization to ornamental vignettes. Plus when you place multiple items on a gold leaf tray it instantly looks better, instead of looking cluttered. Also, the varieties of designs in the markets also make trays a decorative accessory in their own right. 


  1. Statement Decorative Lighting

At least one room (preferably the entertainment area) in every home should have a great light setting. It could be a sculptural table lamp, a statement chandelier, a chic floor lamp, or a vintage sconce. Unique pieces are great conversation starters and also instill a wow factor in your home interior.


  1. Something Vintage

Be it a vase, furniture, or decorative accessory, every home despite its home decor design style needs a hint of something timeless and vintage. Vintage pieces, especially if they belong to your family instill a sense of history and culture in your space that you cannot find in modern home decor items.


  1. Books

Sadly, we are living in an age when books are slowly becoming less common in homes. Gone are the days when there were libraries or at least bookshelves in every home! So, if you love books and enjoy reading, you should definitely include these vintage stories in your decorating scheme.

If your scroll the home decor section on Pinterest you will see how much interior designers love books. Books add a natural vintage charm to the room; they also look timeless displayed next to plants, and accents. You can use bookends from CASA DECOR for organizing books and giving them a more aesthetic look. 

Keeping books on tables and surfaces around the room is a great idea for filling the empty spaces and shelves, and also encourage reading. 


  1. Window Treatments

Empty and bare windows seem impersonal and cold. So, make sure to put some window treatments on every window in your house before moving-in; be it blinds, drapes, or shutters. 

These home decor items are essential for decoration as well as your privacy. You can find tons of designs of drapes based on your personal style, window shape, and interior style online and offline. 


  1. A Ottoman or Small Bench

It is always better to have extra seating in your home than getting awkward around guests when there is no place to sit in a particular room. Ottoman and small benches are a great portable addition to your furniture collection, as they are usually light in weight and can be easily moved to any room. So, you can keep these versatile pieces in your living room or bedroom. You can also get an ottoman with a hidden storage option and keep your store bags, hats, or other stuff in it. 


  1. Personal Art

Artworks are great for adding personality and color to your living space. It’s even better, if you hang rare pieces that are not mass-produced or available in every market. You can visit your local galleries and explore the works of young artists in your area and choose art that resonate with personal taste. You can also hire a local artist to create a painting that is completely unique to you.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting; you can also use personal photos and frame them in a black and white scheme to give the wall hanging a classic look. The idea is to add pieces that are close to you and that you won’t find in any other home.