We are all guilty of keeping our formal spaces accessory-free. When we think of work desks and office spaces, we don't associate them with home decor products and accessories. We focus on minimalism and utilitarian designs, while selecting accessories for our office desk. However, the markets are flooding with multifunctional home decor items that offer both function and aesthetic - all you have to do is explore the internet a little bit. Banish the basic beige and black and white desk accessories and include practical yet colorful pieces that fit more into your personality and can help you achieve better productivity. Here is a list of 7 functional and aesthetic home decor accessories that are perfect for decorating your office desk while keeping it organized.


7 Functional Accessories you can use for Decorating your Work Desk 

  1. Desk Organizer

An office table is covered with all types of files, documents, pen drives, data cables that can clutter your surface within seconds. So, it's only rational if we start with desk organizers. Desk organizers come in different designs, colors, and structures with multiple compartments for holding everything from your mail, files, pen drives to stationery that inevitably accumulates on your table. These organizers prevent these sundries from creating a mess. Many of us juggle with more than one or two electronic devices plus chargers and other cables. Some of us even like to take notes and keep a batch of sticky notes and notebooks on our desks and all of this; can turn into an overwhelming amount of clutter within a month.

Casa Decor has a wide variety of home organizers and desk sorting accessories that will help your manage your space in style. From wall pockets, to file sorts and stationery organizers you can find plenty of practical modern desk accessories for taming your electrical devices.  With these table accessories, you won’t have to hunt for a pen or an important drive or mail as everything will be laid out in front of you in an organized way. 


  1. Table Lamp

Everyone prefers different light settings in their space while working on a computer or on specific creative projects. In a shared working space obviously, you can't make these changes to the lighting of the room but you can certainly include a lamp on your desk to get better light. 

Apart from its functional purpose desk lamp will also look like a beautiful decorative on your office table. And if you are working on your home office you can add different light settings in the room based on your profession; if you are a social media influencer or a creative person include mood lighting to keep your mind in an imaginative trance and if your job requires you to sit in front of a monitor, make sure that the room has enough light – so that you don't put pressure on your eyes. Lamps are great for study rooms, office desks, and other formal spaces. So, instead of solely relying on overhead light add a lamp on your desk to make a stylish statement while reducing the strain on your eyes. You can buy lamps online for different purposes like directional light for detailed desk work and reading.

Casa Decor Style Tip: Find lamps that fit with your office interior so your desk doesn't stand out. 


  1. Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great way of keeping your loved ones and favorite memories close to your heart. From your boss's desk to the intern's table if your office doesn’t have a no-accessory policy, we sure everyone has a photo frame displayed on their desks. These classic desk accessories come in different colors and designs, so you can make them feel formal despite it being a personal accent. You can also get creative and think beyond the family photograph and add images of things that take you to your happy place, be it a location, a dish, or an art piece so that you can stay happy and optimistic even after a long day of work. Consider using colorful digital frames or landscape photographs from your vacations to decorate your desk with these home decor accessories. Look for images or quotes that inspire and motivate you.


  1. Coasters

This table accessory is a must-have for your office table. You don’t want the hassle of cleaning the coffee stains every time you enjoy a cup of any hot beverage. Most offices have flimsy paper cups and let’s be honest they always leave a whole ring stain. Even if you have an office mug, beverages are prone to spilling. So, add these home decor products and prevent these stains and spilling accidents. You can explore our home decor online store to shop for a wide variety of coasters.


  1. Decorative Accessories: Animal Figurines, Globes, and Sculptures

Working continuously during a 9-5 job can get extremely boring. While it’s important to stay productive, you should also have some desk accessories on your table that either helps you pass time or motivate you. For example, you can display a globe on your office desk, to inspire yourself to work harder so that you can go on your dream vacation, or add a figurine of your dog to give you company on your desk. The options are unlimited, just choose items that make you smile and highlight your personality.

Casa Decor Style Tip: Instead of colorful elements opt for, metals, and solid dark tones, to maintain a formal aesthetic.


  1. Bookends

Apart from keeping your books in place, these home decor products can also do the double-duty of organizing your files and decorating your office table. Available in animal shapes, abstract figures, and sculptures, these multifunctional pieces are perfect for people who prefer minimalist decor. 


  1. Invest in an Indestructible Plant

If you feel awkward displaying home decor items like sculptures and photo frames on your desk, you can consider including small plants on it. The natural green leaves will add color and freshness to your cabin making you feel energetic and creative giving you extra doses of oxygen. 

Studies show that plants can help reduce stress, keep you healthy, and maintain air humidity in your space. Plus, by keeping a plant on your desk you will look forward to going to work and watering the plants. These accessories also feel like real companions that inanimate accents never will. Beyond the plant, pots can also add a decorative element to your work table. Plant potters and flowers vases are available in several cute and geometrical patterns that you can explore based on your taste and preference to give the decor a whimsical or luxurious touch. If you are decorating your home office you can go crazy with plants however, if it’s your office desk make sure to invest in low maintenance plants like succulents that don't require much light or water so that they can survive even during holidays and your long vacations.

Casa Decor Style Tip: Instead of displaying the plants on your desks, you can also put them on plant stands and wall shelves and save more space on your work desk.


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