Explore these home decoration tips for styling your home like a celebrity without spending a fortune!

From 73 Question Interviews with Vogue to MTV Cribs, fans love seeing the lavish homes of their favorite celebrities. Be it their home design or interior, we are all a little fascinated with their style. And with so many reality TV shows on Netflix, you can’t help but be influenced by celebrity home designs. Who wouldn’t want to live in the comfort of the latest technology and be surrounded by the softest fabrics and luxury interiors? 

While imitating celebrity home decor design can be very expensive and out of your budget, you can definitely take some inspiration from their house – after all, they are designed by well-known interior designers in the industry. 

Celebrities hire famous interior designers and brands to customize their home decor and buy the most expensive ornamentation for their house. As a result, making their abode an example of an ideal home for everyone!

Naturally, people feel tempted to imitate their homes, but these temptations are shattered because of the eye-boggling budget constraints. Don’t worry; we have explored some home decoration tips that will help you adopt the celeb home design style without spending the expensive celeb price tag.


7 Home Decoration Tips for Styling your Home like your Favorite Celebrity

  1. Look for Affordable One-of-a-Kind Home Decor Items 

The homes of your favorite celebs are loaded with designer brands, which are too expensive for your pockets. So, instead of dreaming about their crystal collectibles and grand sculpture selection – look for elements and home decor ideas that you can incorporate into your space.

For instance, the story-book wall is the most cherished spot in Parineeti Chopra’s home. This idea is very easy to adopt, you can even do it as a DIY project. All you require is the covers of your favorite books. Similarly, the walls in Hrithik Roshan’s home are also covered in fantastic quotes. These wall stickers are available in a variety of options, which you can explore to find your preferred sayings. Art Foliage is quite popular amongst Hollywood celebrities, so you can also seek inspiration from them and introduce plants in your decor.  


  1. Look for Replicas

Just like fashion brands, the knock-offs of several high-end home decor brands are also available in the market. So, consider getting these duplicate artworks and home decor accessories for decorating your house like a celebrity. If you don’t want replicas, you can look for similar designs from local artists. Most of the time, designer products are overpriced so you are likely to find some beautiful artworks in your local galleries.

For instance, you can follow Aamir Khan's footsteps and introduce vintage Indian furniture, warm lighting, and earthy tones in your space to create a traditional rustic charm. Instead of buying an original or replica you can also consider hiring craftsmen for creating any design you like, and save a lot of money.


  1. Follow a Theme 

If you have seen any show or YouTube video concerning interior designing, you must have noticed how the final home design follows a theme, wherein every small object compliments the other, be it wall paint, furniture, carpets, fabrics, or home decoration accessories. This harmony between colors and patterns automatically gives off a luxurious vibe.   


You can follow one theme in your whole home, or experiment with different styles in various rooms. Make sure that you stay constant with one theme; it could be in the form of color, selection of accessories, or the design of furniture.

If you are currently in the middle of moving or designing a new home, I highly recommend you to explore ‘Architectural Digest’s YouTube page and seek inspiration from different celebrity interiors. 


  1. Imitate the Wall Decor

Decorating walls can be a confusing task, so following the footsteps of your favorite celeb, whose house was designed by a top designer, is not really a bad idea. One common thing about most celeb homes is that there is always a big painting or their own portraits hanging around their homes. You too can express this self-love for yourself, by hanging your pictures or a big painting of a face. If you are afraid this home decor hack might make you look like a narcissist, you can always look for artworks instead.


You can also create an accent wall like Arjun Kapoor, whose home features a brick wall background adorned with wooden shelves which is decorated with stacks of cassettes and books. Wall shelves are great for showcasing collectibles as well as organizing.



  1. Invest in Unique and Quality Furniture

Because celebrity decor is branded and expensive, it exudes quality and finesse, which is the prominent reason why we admire it. When celebrities design their houses, they don’t necessarily wish to make it look like a magazine – like anyone, they want their home decor to stand out! Making personality and individuality the key elements!

While there is nothing wrong it copying a sculpture or paint hack, copying the entire scheme of a celebrity home can be a bad idea. Different individuals have different needs. You should remember this while reading these magazines and watching these designing shows. Sometimes replicas can be cheap because they compromise with the quality, and you should never compromise with quality when it comes to furniture. 

Furniture is anyway expensive, so make sure that you explore different designs to find your own unique taste. Even two celebrities don’t have the same sofa set!


  1. Add Some ‘Bling’

Make your home shine with some “bling,” just like celebrities. You can use accents, initials, or chandeliers for keeping your space always bright and glowing. 

Yes, modern lighting is trendy, however, nothing compares to grand chandeliers. If you have a big living room or dining space, consider installing a chandelier to give your room an aesthetic vibe. They look beautiful when turned on and, even without the light they do a great job of decorating your space. You can use the chandelier as a reflector, and burn a candle under it to create an exquisite ambiance. 

While celebrity homes often have big chandeliers everywhere, bathroom, kitchen, study room, we don’t recommend that if you have a small space. You can explore your local markets and home decor online stores for buying chandeliers at an affordable price. 


  1. Get the Latest Technologies

Technology plays an important role if your want to embody your version of a celebrity home and lifestyle at your home. Whether it’s an audio-controlled home system, high-tech kitchen appliances, virtual assistant, or TV streaming devices – having more control will help you improve your lifestyle as well as make your home more futuristic giving your guests a Matrix vibe. 


Incorporate these home decoration tips in your decor, and let us know, which celebrity home decor design you like the best in the comments below!