When we think about wall decor our mind goes straight to artworks and paintings, however, there are a variety of home decor accessories and other creative things that you can use for decorating and adding a personal touch to your space. 

When it comes to decorating walls, framed pieces are just the tip of the iceberg. From your photographs to creeping indoor plants and scripted wall plaques, the internet is filled with ideas on how you can instill a spice of life onto your walls. 

We have listed some of the most stunning wall decor accessories online that will instantly give your home an instant update. 




  1. Tapestries

Once reserved only for old-musty walls of the ancient castles, Macramé aka – wall tapestries –are getting popular in the interior design world again. In several cultures, people use hand-woven tapestries as an alternative for framed artwork for accentuating their home decor. You too can use them for adding more color to your home. They often feature more exaggerated and eclectic colors and textures that will create a beautiful Bohemian aesthetic in your decor, while covering a big portion of the wall space. 

If you are considering jumping onto this hype train, we recommend you place them in your entryway or hallway or use them for creating an accent wall. That way all your visitors will be greeted by this unique sight.


  1. Photographs

Photo frames are a classic wall decor accessory and you cannot go wrong with them, especially if you displaying your black and white picture in a silver frame. However, you can create a beautiful wall story with your photographs without confining them in frames. From threads to metal layout hangings, there are a lot of ways of displaying your memories. Explore Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas.

And if you want to stick to photo frames, try to experiment with colors, textures, and designs. Create a fun arrangement with colorful frames, or stick to a theme by combining two frame colors. You can shop for a diverse range of handmade photo frames online on CASA DECOR. 


  1. Scripted Art

Instead of focusing on pretty things introduce whimsical pieces in your home, and let them reflect your home decor style and personality. Walls are our canvas, we can fill them up with whatever we like, so don’t be shy about hanging quirky, funky scripted artworks in your home. From inspiration quotes to online memes and lyrics of your favorite band, you can find scripted art in a lot of variety online, so get creative while decorating your walls. Explore our home decor online store to find scripted wall decor accessories.    


  1. Hooks

Gone are the days when hooks were limited to a round-ball and geometrical designs – today you can find hooks in animal shapes and mini-sculptures that look nothing less than a work of art, so use them for adding more color and life to your walls.

Not to forget, hooks are also a functional wall story option, and combined with a design they serve a dual purpose in your home. They can help organize your surfaces while keeping your walls stylish. You can go to CASA DECOR to explore a variety of animal hooks online



  1. Mirrors

In the interior design world, it is a well-known and tested axiom that mirrors help in making spaces look larger. So why not use this knowledge to add an element that can help make your space look bigger and brighter? 

You can hang a mirror in every room from the hallway to the living room. You can consider displaying decorative mirrors in your living room above the seating area to illuminate more light in the room and highlight all the home decor items. For creating fancier displays create a systematical arrangement by hanging multiple mirrors in different shapes or a single line. 

Note: Small mirrors look good as organic clusters, while larger mirrors look better when they are displayed alone. 


  1. Plants

Plants are good for everyone, be it you, your home, or our planet. Being available in different colors, sizes and shapes just make these natural leafy greens more decorative and pretty – making them the perfect decorative element for any home. 

Depending on the plant, you can use succulents and hang them on a hook for adding a burst of green to your walls. Or you can invest creeping house plants, and construct a wireframe around the wall, for allowing it to create a drapery of leaves on the entire wall. You can manipulate the plant’s stems to grow in certain directions by wrapping them around the wireframe structure –and after it a little care and in a few weeks you will have an Instagram-Approved plant wall. Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of colorful wall planters online that will look stunning in your space.



  1. Plates

You must have come across a plate wall story on Pinterest or Instagram. This visual display will make your home look like an art collectors’ haven. For imitating this look you can either buy bone china plate sets and screw them, or buy decorative plates from home decor online stores that come installed with hanging hooks. 

If you want something fancy you can invest in limited edition collections of fine china dishware and display the finest and most beautiful designs. Given the design options of home decor accessories in the market today, you can find modern patterns on plates that will be perfect for decorating your walls in an artistic and creative way. 


  1. Wall Clocks

Thanks to technology and modern devices like our smartphones and digital AI, we don’t really put much attention on our clocks. However, let me tell you, in the past decade the clock industry has come up with some brilliant designs that will add a timeless charm to your walls. 

You can experiment with a lot of designs from big vintage wall clocks to minimalistic abstract clocks. It's time you bring back the focus on the clock in your home and get more punctual. You should display a clock in your entryway, living room, bedroom, and dressing room so that you can do things according to the scheduled time. These home decor items are not only necessary but also can be quite aesthetic.     


Use these Home decor accessories for accentuating your wall decor and let us know if you have any other creative tips. 

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