Every homeowner tries to follow the latest home decor trends to keep their interior chic and up-to-date, whether its kitchen design trends or creative home decoration ideas; these occasional updates can help in changing the aesthetic of the space by giving it a refreshing look. 

So, if you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, changing the cabinet hardware, or making some DIY kitchen updates this year for refreshing your cooking space – you must be curious about which home decor trends are getting the most hype in 2021. 

Thanks to home decoration themes like Contemporary decor, Shabby Chic aesthetic, people have started embracing more colors in their interior, shifting kitchen designs away from the classic white and neutral shades. Modern homeowners are not shy of experimenting with brighter bolder colors in every corner of their house be it kitchen or living room. 

From the color to layout, this year is going to be the turning point of kitchen designs. In this blog, we have rounded up some of the biggest trends interior designers expect to see in 2021 kitchen designing style. So, if you are hunting for some inspiration for your next big kitchen project, you have come to the right place. 



  1. Go Dark in the Kitchen

In the past decade, kitchen design has been dominated by mostly neutral colors and whites. Now it's time to embrace the natural cabinets, colorful tones, and dark granite – instead of painting everything white you can explore Pinterest and create a colorful kitchen. White is finally going to take the back seat this year. 

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers are covered in bright colors, changing to a darker tone will instantly change the feel of your kitchen. You can get beautiful black marble or midnight greens countertop and pair them up with earthy walnut cabinets.

CASA DECOR STYLE TIP: Implement this look without the whole renovation by painting your cabinet into darker shades. 


  1. Invest in Organizers

As we all are forced to buckle down and stay put in our houses, we are all looking for ways to make our space more functional. From wall hooks to baskets, there are a variety of kitchen organizers online, that you can buy to make your cooking experience more convenient. 

You can explore our website to find a variety of kitchen organizing accessories like tissue holders, baskets, trolleys, and hooks. You can also install wall shelves in your kitchen to keep your the counter empty and clean. 

Instead of storing everything on the counters and drawers update your organizing style with multi-utility accessories.


  1. Try Open Shelving

Open shelving is not a new concept, but you can expect it to become quite popular this year. Since everyone is at their home because of the Pandemic, and cooking at least once a day, there has been major cluttering in our homes, especially kitchens. Some of us were hoarding supplies while others just have lost their will to clean. 

If you too have made a habit of stocking up your pantry to the roof every time you step out to buy groceries. You must naturally be afraid of having zero storage space because of all the piled-up food and supplies – this makes open shelving seem like a great idea. 

Open wall shelves also combine beauty with function, giving you extra space to add a decorative element to your kitchen, while keeping everything organized. Also, unlike closed cabinets, since open shelving is always on display, this kitchen design trend will force you to keep your kitchen clean and de-cluttered. 


  1. Swap-out the Hardware

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways of revamping a kitchen is to update its hardware. Different designs and materials become popular every year, which you can use to follow the latest interior trends. 

If you want to make a bold, eye-catching statement in your kitchen select knobs and pulls in contrasting colors, form the background. For instance, if your cabinets are black you can opt for white ceramic knobs, gold pulls, or shiny glass knobs, so that these finishes highlight on every door. Interior designers have predicted that homeowners will be embracing unique and dramatic hardware designs, which you can explore on our website. 



  1. Keep it Natural

Another major cabinetry trend you can expect to witness this year is the reemergence of natural wood. While most homeowners liked to cover their cabinet wood with layers of paint and wallpaper – with farmhouse decor getting popular in 2021, we are going back to basics with natural brown tones. However, if don't like the idea of an entirely brown cabinet, you can consider a wooden island or a mix of marble and wood. 

Even in serving ware, with the growing awareness, people will be investing more in sustainable kitchenware, so you should also start shopping for wooden bowls, trays, and platters


  1. Add Some Art in Your Kitchen

We never associate art with the kitchen, well this year it’s about to change – thanks to Farmhouse Decor. 

The farmhouse decor combines natural elements with an old-school aesthetic which includes wall plaques, scripted wall art, etc. So, don’t be shy of adding quirky pieces in your kitchen to give it a decorative element. If you want something simple you can install a ‘Coffee’ sign over your espresso machine, or a ‘Kitchen’ sign right at the door.  

If you want to make things a little fancier you can also find a dish portrait from your local gallery to add more grace to your kitchen. This decor hack will allow you to insert more personality in your kitchen while giving it a subtle makeover without any renovation. If there is exposed shelving in your kitchen you can display the art on it, leaning it towards the wall to create a more laid-back vibe.


  1. Organize your Counter with Platters 

Multi-Utility and functional goods are going to be the focus of 2021. Instead of placing your cake stands in storage and lazy Susan on the table, where nobody uses it – display it in your kitchen to make more room for organizing your spices and other condiments in style. Make the most of your three-tiered cake stands by nicely displaying all your daily use necessities on them.


  1. Decorate your Kitchen with Old Plates & Trays

You must have seen people decorating floral plates on their walls. You too can imitate this design by using the old floral bone china to decorate your walls and add a fancy chic vibe to your kitchen. And you can also use fancy platters and trays on the counter for displaying fruits or organizing kitchen towels or knives. This kitchen trend focuses on keeping your cooking space decorated and organized. 


Try these Kitchen Decor trends in 2021 to give your space a functional and stylish makeover. Explore our website to order trays, cake stands, baskets, etc!

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