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8 Rustic Home Decor Elements That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

8 Rustic Home Decor Elements That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

With the invasion of art in the contemporary world, the décor concept has procured new heights. Where some people choose to dig past to take out salvaged art to express themselves, on the other hand, there is another section of society which favours modern art and has come up with the progression of further introductions which are one of a kind and unquestionably determines their fantasies.

Whichever way one defines art, the only conclusion drawn out is that art remains omnipresent.
Everyone who appreciates art finds inspiration in everything and intends to share the art pieces with
everyone. Casa Décor is one such curator of art and offers artistic home décor designer pieces to
capture space as designs are inescapable from art forms. At home, art does signify comfort.

Anticipating perfection is trifling where art is concerned as the natural materials have their unique
qualities and attributes. Cracks, unevenness, natural colour and texture, further enhance their rustic and
one-of-a-kind character.

Having drawn inspirations and raw materials from nature, Casa Décor offers 8 Rustic Elements. Imbibed
with a sense of understated and quite luxury, these pieces are professionally handcrafted in fine quality
natural material.
1. ANIMAL HOOKS: An owl or a reindeer figurine on a wall hook is an appreciation of art in the
decor. Handcrafted in iron with utmost detailing and painted in distressed green, the metal
hook infuses rustic vibes into the home and adds a storage solution.

2. ARTEFACTS: Rustic and reflective, the timeless duck sculpture in wood is handcrafted to add
some character to your space. These little artefacts are a must for a fun-filled interior.

artefacts by casa decor
3. AGATE KNOBS: Introducing the agate masterpiece to your cabinets and drawers and bring that
ultra- lavish touch to your hardware. You would love to touch your cabinets again and again with
the dazzling ornament fitted on your hardware. So get these knobs into your home today!
4. CONCRETE MIRRORS: The Concrete Wall Mirrors, in different geometrical shapes, are additional
proceeds on creativity to enhance the whole interior. Professionally designed and constructed in
concrete, these mirrors blend well with various home decor settings. Pair them all together for
an uplifted decor set up.

Wall Mirrors By Casa Decor
5. TRUNKS: An ordinary wooden trunk with extraordinary attributes of traditional henna art which
evokes a vision of simpler times while intricate detailing at every corner of this trunk makes it a
ultra luxurious. It makes a sturdy case to store your possessions in an artful trove. The added
feature is its eloquent shape accompanied by wheels. The warm hue of natural wood adds to the
6. DOOR KNOCKERS: Art at your Doors. A metal magnificence added to the home handcrafted with
finest of details on a lion face with distress finish on the door knocker. Ideal for every home and
door decoration. Each piece is crafted with sturdy material to stand the test of time. The
exclusive door knocker makes a versatile gifting masterpiece.
7. Metal Photo Frames: Transform your home into an empire by adding this splendid decorative
photo frame. The tarnished metal frame is an absolute specimen of royalty in any home with an
exquisite traditional designing in a geometrical pattern.

Photo frames By Casa Decor
8. Marble Initials: Design and details both blended to make awe-inspiring personalized and
freestanding alphabets to add opulence to your home and make space your own with the

personalized monograms in sturdy marble. They also make thoughtful gifts which are perfect for
each age group. Hanging hardware is fixed at the back.

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