Belgian interior design style is all about simple yet luxurious patterns that gracefully groove with a healthy mix of new and old elements. So, if you are planning on changing your home interior you can try Belgian-style decor by mixing-in some old and new accents. Belgian decor aesthetic is a league of its own. Some interior designers compare its energy to a shabby chic aesthetic. However, while there are few similarities between these looks, Belgian decor has a more clean vibe and an exhale-inducing quality that completely sets it apart from the carefree shabby chic home decor style.

A Belgian home design looks rich and elegant, yet it exudes a welcoming and comfortable feel with the insertion of organic materials, warm neutral hues, and oversized furniture that invites everyone to sit and stay for a while. This style values timeworn elements and incorporates a modern rustic vibe by pairing it with modern and new minimalistic designs without compromising with the aspects like comfort or the homey feel that you want in your abode. So, you can introduce your family heirlooms and personal aesthetics while experimenting with this theme. 

The best part about this home decor theme is that it leaves plenty of room for you to grow, play and personalize your rooms. Whether you wish to completely transform your home decor or simply add touches of this new inviting style to your space – get acquainted with the defining elements that have caused so many homeowners to covet this eclectic aesthetic.


8 Ways of Decorating your Home Interior with the Belgian Style

  1. Warm Neutral Hues

Be it your walls, furnishings, or home decor accents, neutral colors are one of the defining characteristics of a Belgian decor theme. So, you can achieve this look by adding warmth and serenity of neutral and subdued shades in your space. 

But that doesn’t mean any neutral hues will do the job; Belgian interiors lean towards light and airy shades, akin to unfinished sylvan and natural stone, for example, you can create a stunning design using grays and beiges in this interior. So, look for accent tables with lighter colored tops, and tableware in natural tones. Explore our furniture and tableware collection to get your hands on some of these neutral home decor items


  1. Lots of Linen

Linens are the longstanding natural resource of Belgium, so naturally this stable is destined to merge into their welcoming aesthetic. A simple way of incorporating linens into your design is through covers, window treatments, and throw-in pillows. All these furnishings are necessary, hence you must already have them, just switch their covers with elegant and more neutral designs that allow light to reflect and pass through even when the curtains are closed. 


  1. Elements from Nature: Flowers, Vase, Planters & Garden Stands

From natural greens to artificial plants and flowers, you can add a burst of color to your space by introducing natural elements to it. Organic materials, like ceramics, natural wood, and stone, are a major part of Belgian designs. But rather than impeccably finished and polished furniture and accents, in a Belgian interior these elements shine more in their raw and natural form. Distressed furniture, wooden bark plant stands, and chalky ceramics are what make this style so unique and nostalgic. 

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  1. Oversized Furniture

The very idea of oversized furniture sounds so comfortable, and that is the motive of this design scheme. A big sofa upholstered in neutral-colored linen is a staple when it comes to this aesthetic; but avoid overdoing it. A Belgian interior values the homey vibe, but not at the expense of design. The oversized furniture that you would buy should nail the look of the room together, not make the decor bland. 


  1. Plenty of Patina

Patina is the best way of describing the Belgian design style sensibility. Patina describes the appearance of sheen on sylvan furniture and the oxidation on metals from years of cleaning and polishing. That said this style is the epitome of vintage, and timeworn elements that give a weathered and rich feel to a look. Gold, sepia, and antique sculptural accents and aged sylvan accessories fit right into this home decor theme. 


  1. Old Meets New

Amid all of the vintage patina, there are also a lot of new elements that make this decor design so dynamic. Old world accessories merge gracefully with brand new accents creating a visually stunning layered look. In particular, decorative hardware accents like diamond and crystal knobs shine like pendants on the old furniture in Belgian rooms, giving a fresh modern appearance to the otherwise old-school design quality of this style.


  1. Natural Light

Belgian decor theme loves natural light. The colors, accents, fabrics, and other furnishings in this home decor style shine in natural light. So, make sure that your home and interiors get frequently awash in light if you choose to try this theme. 


  1. Cut the Clutter

Don’t let the abundance of organic elements and oversized furniture fool you – because clutter is not tolerated in a Belgian home. All home decor designs preach the no-clutter policy. You have to clear the clutter to refresh your home. 

Pared-back simplicity is the primary tenet of this decor design that allows all the aforementioned components to groove together beautifully without creating an overwhelming feeling in the space. Merge Hygge and Scandinavian minimalism decor themes to achieve this interior design to perfection. 

You can use home organizers, wall shelves, trolleys, etc for keeping your surfaces nice and organized. Wall shelves and trolleys would be a great addition, as they have an old-world feel to them, making them the perfect clutter organizer for your new Belgian home. 


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