India is globally known for its diversity, rich culture and festivals. We Indians love to celebrate even little things with lots of love and gifts. The global pandemic, however, has changed the way we lived life and celebrated festivals. Winters are just around the corner bringing in one of the most cherished festivals of India, Diwali.

Diwali brings with itself a long week of festive celebration that goes on for five days. This year these festivities will start on the 13th of November with Dhanteras, then Chhoti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, and Bhaiya Dooj. Usually, all of us used to be very busy before this festival, first shopping and then visiting everyone’s house to hand over their Diwali gifts.

If things were normal, we all would have been roaming around markets in search of the perfect Diwali gifts for our loved ones. Unfortunately, the numbers of cases are increasing and most of us are scared to step out and buy Diwali gifts from an offline store. Thankfully e-commerce stores are open and we can buy Diwali gifts online.


Buy Diwali gifts online

Don’t let Coronavirus take the fun out of these small festive joys, celebrate these festivals buying the best Diwali gifts online from the best home decor store in India, Casa Decor.

Instead of going from one shop to another and taking a risk with your health, shop from the comfort of your house by buying Diwali gifts online for your family, friends, and colleagues.

Buy Diwali gifts online and send it to anyone in India browsing through a wide range of unique selection. Casa Decor offers eclectic home decoration gifts for all festivals, which can help reminisce old memories via photo frames or share personal jokes and nicknames through animal decor accents.

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Stay safe and indoors, indulging in digital Diwali shopping, ordering Diwali gifts online. You can suffice all your festive gifting needs on Casa Decor online store.


PANDEMIC EDITION: Tips for Shopping for Diwali gifts online in 2020

Buy Diwali gifts online for Family

When it comes to buying Diwali gifts online for your family, you can just ask your parents and siblings what they want and purchase it for them. And they will gladly send you the link to the exact product and brand that they want.

But if you want to surprise them with something special, you can explore our online store and buy creative and aesthetic Diwali gifts for your folks.

Some of the gifts that you can consider for your family include candle stands, bookends, furniture, decor accents, kitchen accessories and lamps.


Buy Diwali gifts online for Friends

Buying Diwali gifts for friends can be complicated, this is a reason why the searches for ‘Diwali gift ideas’ are so popular. So, we recommend you focus on their interests while searching for a present for them online. If your friend loves wine but has a low alcohol tolerance and can’t go beyond one glass, you can order Wine Stoppers for them as a Diwali gift. And you can order any of our beautiful coaster sets as a Diwali gift for whiskey lovers.

We have listed some other creative Diwali gifts below that you can consider.


Top 5 beautiful Diwali gifts 2020


Most of us have discovered new hobbies during Quarantine, and gardening is amongst the most popular ones. So, we are sure you know someone who has turned into a gardener. Explore through our beautiful and affordable range of plant stands to find the perfect Diwali gift online for your beloved amateur gardeners.



Candles are a popular Diwali gift option; however, with our collection of rustic wooden candles stands, you can make your loved ones swoon over your gift. You can buy candle stands for decorating your own home and host a small Diwali party with your family and close friends.



Just like gardening, a lot of people have dived into the world of baking and cooking. So instead of buying chocolates for your sister, mother, or brother, gift them a cake stand or a chopping board or tray, as a Diwali gift encouraging their newfound talent because you will be the one enjoying those exotic dishes in the end anyway. You can also use this gift idea for Bhaiya Dooj. So, buy Diwali gifts online for your brother or sister and it will be delivered at your doorstep.



This festive season, instead of buying random home decor accessories and dinner sets, give something useful and functional to your friends. The majority of employees are working from home, and most of them have set up a home office. Explore our website and buy home essentials like wall shelves, letter sorter, and wall pockets, etc, as a Diwali gift online.



Showpieces have always been a popular gifting option amongst Indians. Instead of buying common designs and decor accents, invest in quirky and fun pieces from our collection.

You can select a variety of Diwali gifts online on our website when it comes to home accents like sculptures, bookends, animal figurines, and artifacts.


You can order all these Diwali gifts online and send them directly to the doorsteps of your loved ones putting a smile on their face!