The festive season is already here, but are you feeling the festive vibes?  Well, looks like somebody needs help with their festive decoration

It is time to take out your colorful murals, decor accents and flaunt your collection of scented candles again in your home decor. October has come and with it the time for Diwali decoration and shopping has also started.

Indian festivals are all about colors, joy, and spark leaving homeowners with a multitude of ideas for creating a beautiful space with a joyous ambiance for entertaining guests and hosting parties.


We have listed some festive decoration tips that you can use for Diwali decoration, which will help you produce a magical vibe indoors!

  1. Make the most of the Diwali Sale

Along with festivals, October also brings festive sales across all fashion and home decor online stores in India.

Make the most of these sales, and buy new home decor accents, furniture, and other home essentials you have been eyeing. From designer sculptures to lamps, replacing old accessories with trendy decor will certainly add felicity in your dull space.

If you are shopping for Diwali decoration, don’t forget to check the shop for illuminating décor accessories like lampshades and lamps online.


  1. Pop Some Colors into the Mix

Indian festivals revolve around colors and lights; use these two elements while doing Diwali decoration in your home. You can buy a variety of art, artifacts, and accessories online from our home decor online store.

We have the perfect pieces that will help you revamp your furniture and add a festive mood in your home decor. Explore our collection of knobs and pulls, photo frames, and bedazzled Initials for adding a bright and sparkling charm in your space.

You can also use linens for adding color in your home decor using colorful bedding, vases, pottery, furniture, old photographs, decorative cushions, decor accents, etc.

And don’t forget to create rangoli for adding a beautiful blend of color for brightening up your doorway.


  1. Sprinkle Some Shimmer

Go bold with glitter and shimmer this festive season, and make your guest swoon over your Diwali Decoration.

This Diwali decoration idea is perfect for people who are hosting parties. We have a collection of bedazzled Initials, photo frames, coasters, knobs, etc., that you can use for bringing shimmer and glimmer in your home. You can also your brass elements and aluminum decor accents for including a bolder color palette.

Pair these shimmering accessories near candles, or lamps for adding a festive glow in your space.



  1. Create a Dramatic Visual Impact using Designer Ceiling Lights

Currently very popular amongst home decor enthusiasts, you can add a designer ceiling light setup for creating a dramatic visual impact in your home. You can explore chandeliers or minimalistic designer lights and give your ceiling a chic festive makeover, and garner compliments on your Diwali decoration.


  1. Scent your Home

Ditch the modern-day light strands and use candles, the classic Diwali decoration essential. Explore our home decor online store and check our collection of candle stands, for creating a fancy dramatic festive look. Place your favorite scents on our candle stands to set the mood for celebration with fragrances while illuminating your space with light. The mix of tradition with our modern candle stand design will make your guests go wow.


  1. Flowers and more

Marigolds are amongst the most popular festive home decoration flowers, but you can accessorize your home decor with any type of flower you like. The more the merrier! Use them for decorating entryway, balconies, doors, or staircases. This is the traditional Diwali decoration idea that has been followed for centuries.


  1. Focus on Table-Setting

Accessorize your table with elements that radiate a festive vibe. Explore Casa Décor’s collection of trays online, and order them to glam-up your table decoration. Make sure the table is set-up properly with the right cutlery. You can use a candle stand as a centerpiece on the table for making your Diwali dinner extra special with your friends and family.


Remember to shop for Diwali Decoration or any festival according to your style. Festivals are all about joy and celebrations. So, don’t stress too much about your home decoration.


Just do what you like and most importantly ensure that you are enjoying every second of the festive season.