In the last few years, the home decor and interior designing industry have seen rapid growth in mid-century, retro and vintage design trends, inspiring designers as well as homeowners to hop on these trends and rush to flea markets and thrift stores for scoring beautiful vintage home decor products at great prices. This has also led to the comeback of globes in the home decor scene

Are you a globetrotter or do you wish to become one? Unfortunately, most people don’t have a job that offers them enough leisure time or provide them sufficient cash flow to afford the joys of traveling the world. However, you can enjoy the information and the beauty of the globe without being well-traveled. Filled with a fascinating history and color – globes instantly add a vintage luxe and a layer of interest in the space. These home decor items are also perfect for decorating formal spaces like offices, receptions, study rooms, etc. 

Vintage globes look stunning perched on bookcases and office work desk. They are also a great home decor accessory for children’s rooms as they ignite the curiosity of young minds about the world. Additionally, these spheres can be used for achieving particular design themes or as seasonal decorations. 


Not to forget, vintage globes not only look beautiful on their own but can be included in a larger collection. And while globes are often associated with educational purposes, interior stylists and decorators love them for how they can be repurposed in infinite ways. Especially the vintage ones—since they are fun to up-cycle and can be turned into DIY light fixtures and objets d'art – all you need is a little inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. 

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So, now that these home decor products are back in relevance, and have become the most sought-after vintage accessory, it's time you also get on this bandwagon and introduce these rotating stunners in your space. 

 Read this blog to get some great ideas for decorating or finding the perfect use for your old globes.


Globes on Surfaces 

From floating shelves to coffee tables and plant stands, you can display a vintage globe as a centerpiece or side table accessory in any room or corner. Globes are available in different shapes, designs, and sizes; so, you can explore the internet and order the perfect globes online depending on home decor design and furniture structure.  




A World Full of Globes

You can buy vintage globes online from our home decor store (Noida). From classic table globes to tripod stand globes you can explore plenty of designs on our website

Or you can revamp your old spheres into a gorgeous lighting fixture! If you have tall ceilings you can consider hanging multiple globes on your ceiling like a chandelier with a light in the center to turn the heads of your guests and start some amazing conversations. You can also use the acrylic ball of your old globes as a lampshade and display it on your staircase or the entryway to create a beautiful light setting. Or you can simply turn your globe into a disco ball by painting it with silver glitter. 

If you are a collector of globes, you can also opt for a much simpler display, by dedicating a big bookshelf in your home and use it for organizing books as well as decorating globes and other home decor accessories. To complement your vintage globe collection you can incorporate a multitude of colors in your living area using photo frames and other antique home decor products online. Simple, classy, and understated; the classic design of a blue ocean globe with a silver or black stand can look stunning in your home if pair them with the right books.

Apart from these home decor hacks, you can also buy mini-globe balls online and fill a glass bowl with them (instead of keys) at your entry hall to create a unique visual. 


A Global Appeal!

People living in cold countries often like to include globes in their home decor to maintain a fall theme all year round – people also love pairing these spheres with books and wooden plaques to create a farmhouse aesthetic. But based on the design and structure of the globe, you can use these home decoration products in any room in your home be it your bedroom or living room – although make sure that you choose cool designs for these areas. 

If you have a home office stack in a collection of globes on the desk, side table or wall shelves in different sizes to make your video call conversations more interesting. You can also find telescopic stand globes on our website, which you can use for filling up the empty corners in your home. Or pair a candle stand with a giant globe and let the light of the candle create a vintage vibe in your interior. 


At CASA DECOR, our designers believe in creativity and multi-functionality, so we also have a collection of these home decor products online that comes with attached drawers for keeping your desk nice and organized. 



Make a Bold Statement

You can display globes in varied arrangements for adding an appealing and intriguing statement to your home. Since globes are available in different colors you can use metallic shades to give your space a nice shiny glow with these home decorations. 

Giant globes are great insertions for creating a colorful focal point in any room, as they attract plenty of attention from adults as well as children. The rotating feature of these home decor items is loved equally by all – be it a kid sitting on his study table or his parents sitting at their work desk. All the collections on our home decor website are handmade by local artists, which make our every piece one-of-a-kind. So, grab these rare pieces from CASA DECOR and add a trendy home decor aesthetic to your space. 


Casa Decor Style Tip: Because globes are available everywhere and are fairly affordable you can consider amassing a collection of these home decor products for creating an aesthetic visual impact on your mantel or shelf. 

NOTE: Scrolling through Pinterest, you might feel that you should introduce dozens of globes in your space, and we get it. But make sure that this arrangement doesn’t disturb the overall visual appeal of your room, because it can look cluttered. Simply balance these home decor accessories by investing in different sizes.

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