If we could, we all would add a big private outdoor space in our home decor design in a heartbeat. Having a cozy balcony in city apartments is a dream for most people—even if it's a small space. 

Enjoying your morning coffee or tea while surrounded by your outdoor garden is a great way of starting the day! So, if you have a balcony in your flat or apartment, consider yourself lucky and make the most of it, by drinking your morning beverages, doing yoga, or entertaining guests in this outdoor space. 

However, for doing all these things, you need more than a lawn chair. From natural greens to colorful flowers and compact furniture to cozy furnishings, these are just some of the essentials you need to get a fresh feel in your small outdoor garden.

No matter how small your balcony is, there are plenty of balcony ideas online you can take inspiration from, and use your home design potential to the best. 

So, if you are in search of balcony decoration ideas? Read this home decor blog to explore these 14 balcony ideas for transforming your outdoor space.




  1. Bring in a Small Table

All you need for enjoying your morning tea/coffee or weekend glass of wine on your balcony is a small table and a comfy chair. However, look for foldable or shape-shifting furniture on home decor online stores, like C-Tables or plant stands that can be stored easily, so that you have enough space to walk and do other things on your balcony. 



  1. Install Built-In Seating

Maximize the square footage with this balcony idea using built-in bench seating. This way you will never have to worry about your furniture knocking or flying with high winds. Plus you can also use this built-in sitting for decorating your plant pots and other outdoor home decor products.


  1. Bring in Greenery

Create a small garden in your apartment as an escape from the pollution-filled air in the city. Pack your apartment garden with air-purifying plants and colorful planters to bring a spring vibe to your home all year round. 

Explore different plants as you go but start with low maintenance plants if you are amateur – to create the feel of the lush backyard garden you always wanted. You can also grow some vegetables and herbs in your balcony garden to make it more functional and keep it smelling as amazing as it looks.


  1. Consider for Floor Pillows

There is no point or need of investing in outdoor furniture and home decor items —especially if you are renting. So, instead, get some cozy and funky floor pillows and let them do the double duty inside.


  1. Add Patterns with Some Outdoor Rug

Amp up the aesthetics of your balcony with a textured or patterned rug! Experiment with Bohemian or geometrical designs based on your home decor design to make each element stand out. Monochrome and neutral colors are great, as your plants will bring the colors, and the former will add structure and modern feel. 


  1. Use Your Wall Space

If you have a small foot space in your balcony, adding more plants on the floor will only clutter the space, so instead utilize wall planters and weather-resistant art for making it feel like an extension of your home decor. You can either hang these home decor products or install wall shelves for displaying plants and garden accessories



  1. Light It Up

Use this balcony idea for late-night hangouts and add plenty of light to your small garden by installing sconces and outdoor pendants. Or go for natural flickers and use candle stands and lanterns to infuse the perfect atmosphere for reading and mediation. 


  1. Hang a Chair/Hammock

Get the vacation feels on your city apartment balcony by hanging a hammock or swing chair in your space to create a very comfy laid-back vibe.


  1. Opt for Smart Furniture

Like we have recommended before, try installing furniture that can be folded and tucked in when not in use – as folding tables and chairs will disappear to free up the floor space! You can also use this setup while working-from-home and enjoy the view while answering your zoom calls.


  1. Design Cocktail Spot

What’s better than a balcony with a small bar area? Dedicate a corner of your balcony to design a bar counter with two low chairs and fill up the surface with snacks, cocktail and other the party essentials while hosting weekend gatherings so that you guests can enjoy an indoor as well as outdoor space with open seating or plan a cozy date with you partner in this area. Plus, you can bring in seats from your home for creating extra seating, whenever required.


  1. Surround the Space with Flowers

All balcony ideas are incomplete without mentioning flowers. You may not have space for creating a proper outdoor garden seating but you can definitely create a similar vibe in your balcony by planting some fresh four season flowers so that they grow all year round. Use Casa Decor's planters and install them along the railing to sweeten the view and add a fresh spring appeal.


  1. Add a Recliner

Whether you want to read a book in the open or soak up some vitamin D, an outdoor lounge chair or a daybed is a great addition for your home whenever you can’t apply for a day off for a restful retreat. Make the recliner extra comfy by adding some outdoor pillows to the mix. 


  1. Give Yourself Some Privacy

If you have a big family or kids in your home, you can use your balcony as your escape and cozy corner, where you can indulge in all the things you like for example, reading, yoga, or just meditating. For this make sure to include all the calming home decor items and comfortable chairs in this area. Use a fluffy chair, and surround yourself with tall plants for creating a natural wall and burn your favorite scented candle on our candle stand to spend a day full of serenity. 


  1. Add Some Shade

Enjoy your open space in any weather with retractable awning and protect yourself from shine or rain. If you get direct sunlight, you can hang bamboo shades in the balcony that can be lowered and raised as needed.

Also, make sure that all the home decor products that you use for decorating the balcony like planters, accents, furniture, etc, are sun and water-resistant. 


Hope these 14 balcony ideas will help you create a cozy and colorful garden in your apartment. Use our home decor products online to make your outdoor space extra colorful and functional. Explore our Outdoor Collection at https://www.casadecor.co.in/garden.html!