Although the cold winter winds get us in the mood for cuddles, they can be quite alarming for our natural home decor accessories. Be it succulents or blooming greens, plants tend to go into dormancy during winters pausing their growth and in the worst case scenario, some get damaged beyond repair because of the weather. Here are some tips and gardening accessories from our home decor online store that will help you take care of your plants this winter. 

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How to take care of your indoor/outdoor plants during winter?

Avoid overwatering your plants, especially in Winters

Overwatering is damaging to plants in any season but during winter water tends to evaporate at a lower rate, locking the moisture in the soil that can affect its roots. Using metal planters is a great way to prevent yourself from overwatering the plants because you are always concerned about the risk of rusting and you automatically become cautious and use less water. Apart from this metal planters are also available in colorful and practical designs that make them more suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 


Use Watering Cans

There is a reason why water cans are used by gardeners for watering their plants. Unlike a garden hose, water cans, allow you to control the pressure of the stream ensuring a gentle flow. Plus this garden accessory also prevents you from overwatering the plants, using which you can also measure the quantity.  


Make sure they get enough sunlight

If sunlight doesn’t touch your patio during winters, maybe it’s time to move your plants to the other section. Make sure your indoor and outdoor plants get enough sun during winters. If your indoor planters are too small to reach the window, invest in our plant stands online to offer them some height.


Control the Temperature 

Most plants are very sensitive to temperature and sudden variations in your indoor space from vents, heaters, drafty windows, and induction ovens can make their stay very rough. Remember both too warm and too cold can cause the plant to die. So, if the heater is always on in your home, make sure to buy some plant stands online and keep these plants on them close to a window far away from the heater. You can also buy our wall planters and hang them on your walls. 

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