Beauty and function are good reasons for loving decorative hardware like knobs and pulls. Every surface is prone to get messy in your home, be it your dining table or kitchen countertops. Cabinets are the perfect solution for preventing the mess from piling up in your home. Can you imagine what your kitchen counters would look like if you had no drawers or cabinets? 

Knobs and pulls offer smooth accessibility and functionality to the cabinets, while also protecting their finish by preventing your oily fingers from coming in contact with cabinet fronts. They are essential for opening doors and drawers. Just look around your home, from your dressing table to bathroom and work desk, knobs and pulls are everywhere. Most of us don’t put much thought into these decorative hardware accents as they come attached with the furniture. 

However, if you are refurbishing your kitchen, or planning on updating your home decor, these minuscule elements can play a significant role; in bringing together your furnishing and making different pieces look like part of the same set. You can buy knobs online in a plethora of designs and finishes for enhancing the details in any room. 

In this blog we will be focusing on kitchen cabinets, however, some of these tips apply to any space. So, how do you go about this selection?

Important Tip: Whether you are building new cabinets or remodeling old ones make sure to choose the hardware last; after everything is chosen from color to material. Then use the tips listed in this guide for selecting the ideal cabinet knobs and pulls for your kitchen. 



  1. Determine what you want: Knobs or Pulls

Well, there are no rules about whether you should use knobs, pulls, or both in specific rooms. You can choose whatever you prefer. 

However, the standard preference is to use pulls on the drawers and knobs on all doors. For large doors, like the pantry section or trash pull-outs, you can use a pull, as it offers better operation and grip for opening bigger doors. 

Opening a drawer is much more comfortable using a pull in comparison to knobs. While using them you can grab it with the whole hand than just your fingertips. This makes them extremely functional for drawers as they are often filled with heavy pans, dishes, and other utensils. 

You can mix these hardware elements or stick to either one type. Knobs were mostly used in old kitchens when very limited variety was available in hardware. Right now you can explore an array of designs in both knobs and pulls online and create a contemporary or traditional kitchen based on your home decor style


If you decide to go with all pulls, plan in advance how you will be mounting them. You must have noticed that pulls are installed horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. Also, avoid using heavy hardware as it adds weight to the cabinets. 

CASA DECOR SHOPPING TIP: Knobs and pulls tend to wear off because of rough use in the kitchen. So, always make sure to shop for an extra set while making a hardware update in your home, so that you can replace the pieces which start losing their color or design. It can be quite difficult to find the same design; especially if you look for it after a year. So, it’s better to stock on an extra set. 


  1. Figure out the Shape

While selecting a design, take everything into consideration like cabinet style, lighting fixtures, countertop edge shape, and other design elements. 

Instead of looking for eccentric designs, choose hardware with consistent patterns based on the structure of the kitchen cabinets. You should select knobs based on the structure of the panel. Modern shapes and contoured styles will help you create a more contemporary look while curved style hardware will infuse a more traditional and transitional vibe. 


  1. Consider the Finish 

While brushed nickel and chrome are the standard choices for most homeowners, there an infinite other finishes available in the market that will help add more interest to your kitchen. You don't necessarily have to match the pulls in your kitchen with your faucet as long as its finish complements other elements. 

Color also plays a major role in the selection of the finishes. Darker cabinets look great paired with silvers and chromes while gold and brass look better on beige and white wooden cabinets. 


  1. Put your Comfort First

The kitchen is the most used room in your home, and cabinets being an important component of this space are opened and closed 1000 times a day, making it important that the knobs or pulls installed here are not only pretty but also sturdy and smooth. 

So, before installing knobs, test their feel around your hand, use it to open the cabinets a couple of times. You might order a beautiful set of pulls online with intricate design; and it might not be as smooth to touch. While aesthetic is important you don’t want it to be the dominant quotient in your kitchen and hurt your hand every morning trying to get some coffee out of the cabinet. 

Design-based knobs and pulls online can often have textured or sharp edges which might look nice but feel like a stab when you grab it unconsciously. So, always do a feel test. 

CASA DECOR has a beautiful collection of knobs and pulls online, however being handmade our design focuses on both functionality and aesthetic, be it glass, marble, metal, or ceramic, all our knobs have a smooth and soft finish. 


  1. Examine the Cost

Hardware accessories are quite feasible so keep in mind what you are paying. Although most companies sell them at a reasonable price, some brands can overcharge you and others can offer cheap-looking pieces at an inexpensive price. 

So, avoid shopping from the big-box stores, look for decorative hardware at your local cabinet showrooms. If you are shopping online – research the brand and shop from websites that have a return policy. 

Knobs and pulls are usually available in sets, if you buying it per piece, chances are you are paying extra. Usually, a four or six-piece set can range between Rs 300 - 800 ($5 - $12) depending on the design and material. 


Jewelry for the Kitchen

Decorative hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen. You can’t include accents or sculptures in your cooking space, but you can definitely coordinate it with designer and comfortable hardware accents and enhance its look.  

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