Winter winds are slowly getting warmer, and the temperature is slowly increasing reminding us that it’s time for a seasonal home decor update. From dark curtains to plaid fabrics, it’s finally time to add a little color and spark to your space. Spring is utterly rejuvenating and all about colors and gives off a fresh feel after months of dreary cold weather.  


A lot of people like to spruce up their homes and embrace the energy and vibe of the new seasons. However, it can be quite confusing to know where to start especially when home decor trends are changing every year. 

So, if you are itching to make some changes in your home decor without making a drastic update, here are some tips that will help you embrace the beautiful essence of the season inside and out.


8 Tips for Embracing Spring Season in your Home Decor 

  1. Sprinkle your Home with Bright Colors

Spring season is often seen as the rebirth/ renewal of the outdoors, with greenery and flowers blooming everywhere. Try to imitate this vibe in your home interior by switching dark colors with pastels or bold neon colors. 


  1. Decorate With Flowers

Flowers are everywhere during spring; bring in some fresh flowers in your home to add a burst of color to your space. Using artificial or natural floral arrangements in vases and bowls is the easiest way of incorporating a springy vibe. 

You can display a bunch of tulips or daffodils in your vases and place them in different rooms, like the dining table, living room, and kitchen. Between nightstands and stunning centerpieces –there is no room in your home that couldn't use some flowers.


  1. Use Lighter Fabrics

We all like to use dark and heavy curtains, covers, and blankets in the winters! Well, it's time to wrap them up and replace them with vibrant lighters shades and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. Bright fabrics will allow light and air to enter your space making it brighter and will also make your room feel bigger. Layering pale pink and blue with white can be a great way of adding a hint of color while retaining its neutral calming tone. 


  1. Add Some Greens

Plants are slowly turning into a popular home decor accent. Making a plant survive when the daylight fades away and the air turns crisp can be hard – so if some of your houseplants were sacrificed in the winters, replace them with new ones. And before you start searching for plants online, make sure to choose the ones that have flowers and a colorful personality. Also, ensure to do your research on them for making sure that they stay alive to see the next spring.


  1. Paint a Room

Painting some sections of the room is also a quick way of changing the look of the whole room. So consider repainting some areas of your home. You can experiment with colors, or go botanic with green for welcoming the coming seasons. 


  1. Switch Throw Pillows

Looking for a feasible and easy upgrade to give your home a quick makeover? Simply change your throw pillows and other fabrics around your home and swap them out with pastels and pinks. This trick takes minimal effort that will make your home feel brand new. 


  1. Switch Your Art

Big art pieces often become the focal point in the room, capturing all the attention to it. You can add more personality to a room by experimenting with different pieces that resonate with the elements of the season. You can hang a painting of beautiful scenery with a field of flowers to captures the colors of spring, a sunny view for summer, and ice-clad mountains for winter. You can simply switch these artworks according to the season in different rooms. 


  1. Add New Tableware

Another quick change you can consider in your home this spring is in your kitchen. Stock up on colorful dishes and take out the lighter-colored utensils as soon as the seasons change. You can also dedicate one color to winter and the other to the warm seasons, and display silver serveware in winters, and gold in spring and summer. This can include your coasters, cake stands, serving trays, etc. 


Hope these tips will help you bring the essence of spring in your home decor.

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