Jot down the story of every corner byadding inspirations in the form of accessories to your living space and complete the story by complementing it with ornamental pieces and handmade artifacts. It’s all about making life more meaningful when one has a dwelling place to be at. When the home becomes the most desirable place, then it becomes home. Accessorize it and cherish the each passing moment there.

Our day springs at the best corner on the earth; we call it “Our Home”.

Susan Clayton, an environmental psychologist at the college of Wooster, says that for many people, their home is part of their self-definition, which is why we decorate our houses and make them homes.

Everybody has an inspiration source from where one uses plethora of means to redo a corner. Some plays with metals and metallic looks, some likes to add earthy vibes, while others does it with patterns and textures, so on and so forth.

In reality, what counts is what you relish and hold on with. Just to do the trick, ART is the only way out, which is the sole way to runaway without leaving home.

For a better world and for a better space, use a whole set of management tools in name of 4 P`s which are Product, the perfect slice of art in whole magnificent range of artifacts in form of table tops in “Home accessories”.

Next is Position, choose the perfect place to let everything fall into their places. Leave no space without experimenting. Allow each work which tells your story to be a part of your home. Your home should define you.

Don`t just spend time at your home. Live in it and live fully.

Indulge into investments by investing your precious time and money for the precious YOU. Another important P is pricing. Go where you find value for money.

Accessories both complete and complement a home. Fill life in each corner and offer yourself the feel and comfort of Casa décor.

Share doting memories by displaying photo frames on the walls or table tops of your living room.

Showcase ornamental objects like handmade boxes to enrich décor.

Roam around countries, being at home by placing best suited globe.

Initials bear significance. A great example of this is the initials so skillfully made which start the story of YOU and the journey begins and goes on throughout your home. It is the best memento for an unforgettable story.

The metal trinkets and jewellery holders ask to liberate one from materialistic world. Preserve your precious stones in them and feel free until wear them again.

Table lamps are yet other magnificent things which leave a lasting impression to the living space. A table lamp is a great way to signify the style you are going for. Adding on more light in life, along with table lamps, hanging lights and candle holders play significant role to make day bright.

Hold on the magazines and documents organizer to justify the importance of documents in style.

Yet the story is incomplete until you bring them home.