A living room is the most used and abused section of the home because of the multitude of functions that it has to fulfill: it is a place where we enjoy family time together, entertain guests, play games, watch TV and socialize. At some homes living rooms are also utilized for eating and working out. Every home decor piece in the living room is placed to impress the guests, but sometimes it can be too much.

Although the unfortunate arrival of Covid19 has locked us in our homes, it has also given us opportunities to not only follow our postponed home organizing schedule but has also made us aware of all the flaws in our living room. 

So, we have listed some ideas that can help you be more productive during home quarantine, so, you can redesign the home decor of your living room without breaking your bank.

Minor changes here and there can drastically transform the vibe and essence of the home, and that’s exactly what we want you to do.


6 Simple Ways of Remodeling Living Room without Spending a Fortune

  1. Rethink your Layout

Sometimes, all your space needs is a new layout. You can move your furniture around – or bring furniture from other rooms in your living room or similarly reuse home decor accents to give your rooms a new look.

The layout of a living room is centered-around either a television in most homes or sometimes a fireplace, so that’s where you should start. Create a layout plan of what you want to include or remove while deciding the placement of each interior accent before ordering any decorative piece of home decor online. We recommend you take inspiration from Pinterest boards of home decor online shopping.


  1. Main Step of Remodeling: Paint


Paint is the easiest and most cost-effective method of giving your room a facelift; whether you paint all walls in the same color or a different color on each, it will change the vibe. Currently, stripes are very popular on Instagram, which you can easily paint using hardware tape. 

Are you scared of doing a bad paint job? Well, you don't have to feel embarrassed about it; thanks to Coronavirus you haven’t been entertaining any guests since March 2020. So, let your creativity explode! But please don’t forget to watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to create different designs. We want you to do a decent job, not paint like a toddler.

All the things that you require to paint your walls are available online, so start planning the project.

Note: Make sure to cover your floor and all your home decor accents and expensive stuff before painting, because it will get messy. And you have been warned!


  1. Put Focus on Flooring

Its quarantine time, you can’t do much about the flooring, and also changing the floors can be super expensive exercise; which we don’t recommend here because it’s a budget-friendly blog.

Carpets are a great way of hiding the damaged tiles or change the look of the room and adding different patterns and colors in it. The right selection can do wonders for your space, making it look majestic. Carpets are available in different sizes, designs and price range that you can shop for based on your preference in the home decor section of Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Wooden laminates and vinyl tiles are also a feasible option that you can use for changing your floors which can be installed directly on the cement finish or existing tile. You can hire a carpenter when the pandemic is over to refurbish your floors.


  1. Revamp or Up-cycle your Living Room Furniture

Revamp your existing furniture using trendy and aesthetic knobs and pulls from our website to give them a new plush makeover. Consider painting them in contrast to your newly painted walls for creating a brand new piece.


  1. Accentuate your Living Room


Explore the home decor accents, photo frames, sculptures, initials, and signs on our website and enhance the decorative assemblage of your living room.

Replace your linens, like cushion covers, curtains and couch blankets, for making slight changes in the room.

These minor changes are inexpensive and will ensure to change the vibe of your space. You can also explore home decor India website to discover traditional hand-printed fabric patterns or shop for the embroidered fabric to match with your carpets.


  1. Add or Change the Lighting

You could have assembled the most exquisite home decor pieces on the planet, but their charm won’t be reflected if you don’t place them in the correct lighting.

Lighting can seamlessly add a warm and cozy ambiance in the room. Two or three well-placed lampshades or table lamps can add an instant elegance in your space. You can also shop for candle stands on our website and create a dramatic look in your living room decor. Picture lights or string lights are another option to brighten up your space.


As you can see there are infinite ideas that you can use for building your ultimate dream home without spending thousands of dollars, just look at Pinterest and Instagram boards of home decor online. All you need is some inspiration and time, and right now you have all the time in the world.