Every home decor blog on the internet tells you to design your home interior based on your personality and lifestyle. And be it Feng Shui or Vastu, the significance of color and how they can make us feel makes it important for homeowners to select a shade that induces of sense comfort and serenity. 

Maybe you are an introvert and prefer subtle home decor products and relaxing colors to feel at ease in your home, or perhaps you are more energetic and have a bold design style, and prefer experimenting with your home decoration. 

Either way, choosing the colors based on your personality is a great way of creating a space that you will love. And MBTI is an amazing and trending tool that will help give you an insight into what you are drawn towards, what you like, and how you interact with the outside world.

If you don’t know your MBTI type, you can take a test on Google and read your type below and see which color you should paint the walls in your home next!




ENFP: Electric Kumquat (Upbeat Orange with Yellow Undertone)

If your MBTI type is ENFP, you are full of boundless enthusiasm and energy, so it's no surprise that you are naturally drawn to brighter, warm colors while selecting your home decor items or paint colors. You are not afraid of going all out or making a statement – making Electric Kumquat the perfect color for you. The energy of this color matches your sunshine-like personality and it also stimulates your creativity. Plus, the yellow undertones of this color make it very inviting, bringing a lot of attention, which you personally strive for. 


INFP: Breezy Beach

INFP type is often known to have their "head in the clouds," because you are always lost in your thoughts. You enjoy and prefer the peaceful tranquility of being alone by yourself; so why wouldn't you want that feeling in your home decoration? Choosing a Breezy Beach color on your walls will add the calming vibe to your space that you crave, while also making your space appear more open and wider. 


ENTP: Beautiful Blues

Your mind is always thinking a million thoughts, working a mile every minute. You often find new ways for sprucing up traditional mindsets. Hence, selecting a shade similar to Spectral Blue for your walls is perfect to boost your thoughts and energy.  

You aren't the one to take the typical route so neutral tones and regular shades won't blend with your persona; with spectral blue you will be able to push the boundaries while adding a playful pop of colors. We know how you love to flex all your creative muscles, so we have selected a color that will blend beautifully with a variety of trending home decor products online


INTP: Stone Quarry

People with INTP type are unlikely to make a big fuss about home decor design or home interior colors, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put a little effort to make your space more like yourself. Being simple you are drawn towards neutral colors on the darker side of the spectrum. Simple monochrome tones mesh well with your no-nonsense vibe. Incorporating Stone Quarry in your home will help bring a sophisticated balance in your home. This neutral color will keep the possibility for experimenting open allowing you to play with different home decor accessories.


ESFJ: Rose Power

You are incredibly welcoming and approachable in the most classic way. Selecting a color like Rose Power will allow you to radiate the same energy in your home. Its pale pink hue will create a dreamy and elegant ambiance in your home that anyone who steps in will feel as welcoming and relaxed as they feel in your embrace.


ISFJ: Minimalist Look

You like spending time alone, but that doesn't mean you hate the company, rather you like your close circle and want to make a welcoming environment for them in your space. Based on your MBTI type you need something traditional that doesn’t draw too much attention but is also functional that gives a clean, posh look – Making Minimalist Look the perfect color for you. 

This color fits right into minimal home decor and provides a muted vibe to the space in comparison to white color, which makes the place look like an office. This warm color will comfort you while also being welcoming to your friends.


ESTJ: Gravity Grey 

People with ESTJ type like things in order. Because of your traditional believes and firm thinking - classic aesthetics are best suited for you. The calming hues of Gravity Gray are ideal for your bold yet organized nature. You can pair this backdrop paint with neutral as well as colorful home decoration items to suit your moods. 


ISTJ: Winter Wreath 

You tend to like things in a certain way, but thankfully you are not so stodgy about your paint colors. You prefer a home that reflects your personality and is polished with an eccentric attitude. Winter Wreath is a popular color that will help display these traits. With a subtle hint of green, this color works well with pretty much all shades and decorations.


ENFJ: Lilac Sand

You are a default caretaker by nature, who thrives in a cozy environment. Choosing a color like Lilac Sand in your home will bring a balance and harmony of calmness that will also radiate peaceful and welcoming energy, inviting your loved ones to your door. 


INFJ: Moody Teal 

INFJ hates comparison and fitting-in with the crowd, but they also don't strive for attention. You are contemplative and reserved and you definitely love to embrace your individuality. The color Moody Teal is the perfect choice to showcase your bold persona, without drawing too much attention. Moody Teal's off-beat appeal will look sophisticated without being bland, and you will be able to decorate your space with bold and artistic home decor products online. Trust us, you will feel right at home with this shade on your walls. 


ESTP: Persimmon Orange 

Nothing resonates with your adventurous and rebellious personality more than this color. You are not someone who will look through the internet or magazine for home decor trends or interior inspiration while decorating your space. You prefer vibrant, energetic hues that flaunt your passionate side, making Persimmon Orange the perfect match for your taste. You are bold, spontaneous, and you want these things to reflect in your home and decor selection.


ISTP: Antique Teal 

You are artistic, creative and love discovering new things online and offline. This makes your home decor style very unique. So, naturally, the selection of wall color will also be quite distinctive. Antique Teal will embrace these traits of personality while making your home your favorite place. Despite your introverted nature, you do prefer being in an environment that allows you to flaunt your inventiveness. You like being surrounded by colors that inspire you. Antique teal is a very unique color that will likely take everyone by surprise as they enter your house, because of its outside-the-box appeal. 


ESFP: Wax Pepper 

You have a vibrant personality, and you use it to the best of your ability, as you make friends wherever you go. You are also not shy to shine in the spotlight, making Wax Pepper the perfect color to highlight your warmth and confidence. Plus, you get to add a variety of home decor products to this hue to neutralize its brightness. Being an open individual who likes making bold statements, you will love the way, people will praise, how you make yellow work on your walls during gatherings. 


ISFP: Cosmic Sapphire 

As an ISFP you are very artistic, a quality that comes with your dreamer trait, but you are also realistic and keep yourself guarded at all times. So, colors on the darker side of the spectrum with an eclectic feel suit your MBTI type. Cosmic Sapphire, being a great example – using this shade you can embrace the intense, deep emotional aspects in your personality without getting a vibe of being constrained. This color will also give you more artistic opportunity to experiment with different home decoration items


ENTJ: Cold Brew 

You are a true leader, always focused, goal-oriented, with a no-bullshit attitude. You lean more towards neutral shades that resonate with a sense of power and are also easy to play with. You are unlikely to like the complication of selecting a bold color and finding specific home decor accessories for decorating your home. So, it’s a no-brainer that Cold Brew would suit your taste.


INTJ: Matcha Green

You are analytical and introspective and prefer your own company but that doesn’t mean you don’t like entertaining. You can play the perfect host for your loved ones. While you like staying closed off from the world, you also gravitate towards nature; hence coloring your home with earthy tones is a great option. Matcha Green is a trending color that can help give your home a stylish makeover. Its green hues will make you feel stable and balanced, while also giving you the open feel of nature and the outside world. Pair this backdrop with nature-inspired home decoration online or bring some green plants indoors to make the display more meaningful. This setup will definitely stimulate your mind and curiosity. 


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